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A Wake Up Call from Anne DeHart


A Wake Up Call

Anne DeHart

November 25 2012

This is not a solicitation to buy anything

I am writing you because you are in one of my group mailing lists. This is for your information only; there is no solicitation here for you to spend any kind of money.

In the coming weeks, Earth is in for some big changes. On December 21, 2012 our lives will change forever. Because I became aware of this 20 months ago, I have had unusual opportunities to develop contacts ... here on the surface of the Earth ... within our Hollow and Inner Earth civilizations ... and from those who live among the stars ... Beings in 5th Dimension, and higher.

And, before I go any further ... let us all step outside of our egos and remember this famous quote:

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.
Albert Einstein

Wise is the one who knows that... he doesn't know what he doesn't know....

So, in the best interests of you and those whom you love and care for ... let us continue.

For some of you, this information will be welcomed and devoured.

Others may at this point feel totally overwhelmed and so rigidly fixed in their present understanding that they feel they cannot even LOOK and investigate, as Einstein says above.

Which ever way this touches you, do not lose this information. In the coming weeks you may have a totally different feeling about this and then want to know more.

If at all possible, at least expose yourself to some of the links below to allow an informed decision. And if not an informed decision -- a degree of preparation and ability to accept and understand what is beginning to happen. Also, even it this is "not for you" - you most likely will think of the others in your own life stream who you know would LIKE to receive this information. -- Forward this to them!
Our Galactic messages have been asking us and thanking us for doing our part down here and GETTING THE WORD OUT! It will make the coming events easier on us and all those we know.

Why? What will change my mind in the coming weeks?

Whether you are casually aware, or already looking for answers ... December 21, 2012 will change our way of life forever. Ready or not, we are in for some real awakenings. The truth of all of this has been hidden from us by those who have managed and controlled our way of life by managing and controlling our knowledge base. We will soon be learning our true history which is all documented and will soon be revealed.

Who knows and will share our true history?

We have been prevented from knowing our true families ... those of the highly advanced civilizations living in a paradise world deep within our hollow planet (all planets are hollow and most of their civilizations choose to live within), and ... those now "parked" in high orbits all around our planet. They have come from distant star systems, even from other time dimensions, as well as our own galaxy. They are all aware of Earth's coming Ascension, which will be the kickoff of the ripple-effect throughout our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe.

Ascension? I have been hearing that word lately....

"Ascension," of course, means "to go higher." In 2006 Earth moved from 3rd to 4th Dimension ... more Love is now evident on our planet. And today, Earth is in the 11th - 12th levels of 4th Dimension. Mother Earth is knocking on the door of 5th Dimension. And that door will open on December 21 2012.

Also, 90% - 95% of the Beings now living on Planet Earth, Gaia, are eligible to ascend to 5th Dimension when Gaia does. That doesn't mean they all will. But, even those who are not aware of this, but, having lived a loving and compassionate life ... will be able to ascend.

You mean we will all die?

No! Death only occurs in 3rd and 4th Dimensions! We quickly use up these 3D bodies and drop them; then, start all over, reincarnating in new 3rd - 4th Dimension bodies.

"Ascension" means we will re-locate, with our bodies, into a higher vibrational environment, with memory ... a loving, clear, trusting environment, highly advanced ... no deceit, death, lack, limitation, hatred, greed, control... no wars and killing... no dependence on money. There is no death in 5th Dimension. I have spoken with a 5D Being from Hollow Earth who has made 150,000 trips around the Sun in his FIRST INCARNATED BODY.

Only in the harsh 3D environment is there death of the body.

Our young children, animals, and pets are already clear and ready to join us in 5D.

For those of us who have been exposed over time to the lower vibrations of Earth; we must do some work on ourselves. We must Lighten up our physical bodies and our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, as well.


By making  simple changes of lifestyle. Easy and peaceful changes. Even if this is hard for some to confront ... each day, take another step.

Raising Vibrations:  #1
I just learned of a wonderful way of negating accumulated negative energies ... in our bodies, in our food and water, in our home environments.  I just learned this from an individual who has studied quantum physics for thirty years.  As we all know, the word "LOVE" is the ultimate in high frequencies.  By writing the word "LOVE" on all food packaging, including meats if you eat them, water glasses, under water glasses, written all over a bottom bed sheet secured under our sleeping sheet, and ... on our incoming electric fuse box ... we can overcome low negative frequencies in our food, water, in our sleep, and in all of the electric appliances and throughout the walls of our homes.  And don't forget the car ... chair cushions, etc.  For those of you who know how to do kiniesiology testing ... just try holding LOVE-treated foods, water and an electric cord ... once you have applied LOVE.  It has been found that weakened microwaved food (try a cracker) can be hit again with the microwave AFTER applying LOVE to the electric fuse box and the cracker will test strong when held.  Time is short, diet changes take time, and we need all the help we can get. I will be busy applying LOVE labels all over the house, by permanent marker on incoming packaged foods, and on or under water glasses (with water in them). Or get a water pitcher and put labels on it ... LOVE, GRATITUDE, JOY, HAPPINESS, BLISS ....  Let's raise our vibrations!

Raising Vibrations: #2
One of the heaviest vibrations we carry here on Planet Earth comes from eating dead food... eating the flesh of a Being that had to be killed before we could eat it. And this is a custom built into us since childhood. But, it must be confronted. The vibrations of fear and pain that that Being experienced as it was slaughtered, went right into the flesh that became our food. And we wonder why we carry these vibrations of fear and anger.

As we let go of eating dead food and start eating the fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains of living foods... also egg white, cheese and dairy products... our bodies Lighten and start changing from carbon base to crystal base. This is happening to many who are here on Earth at this time. And we become more loving to one another. And our crystal-based bodies mesh easily with 5D. So this is the beginning.

And if this seems too much of a drastic change; the ostrich and buffalo have offered to be transitional meats as we move up in vibration. They have agreed to be a food source and released the fear, anger, and pain which are not carried in their flesh.

Raising Vibrations: #3
Enjoy "grounding" yourself by interacting with Nature. Walk in nature in leather-soled shoes ... moccasins ... so there is no rubber to insulate you from the loving vibrations from our Mother Earth. Get to know the trees. Talk to them. They are a library of knowledge. And when we cut them, they can be heard to scream (through a stethoscope). There is love all around us. Hug a tree. Share the love.

Raising Vibrations: #4
Let go of ego. We are entering Unity Consciousness now. Oneness. There is no more "ME vs YOU." We do not have to prove ourselves. We are loved and accepted, just for being Love. Enjoy the peacefulness of letting go. No resistance. As St. Germain has told us: Do not judge, criticize, or condemn. This is hard on us. By harboring these thoughts, we drop into low vibrations. We are not here to judge one another; we are here to improve ourselves. We are here to emanate Love. It is really pretty simple. Let go. Allow others to find their own way.

Raising Vibrations: #5
And of course, our meditation is our own personal connection with the Love of the Universe. As we meditate, we attract Universal Love and anchor it for our planet. Remember, we think with our Heart-Mind. This is where we think and make decisions. The space between our ears is a storage vault of accumulated reference data. So, in meditating, in talking with trees and our beloved animals, in connecting with the stars ... we go deep into our golden Heart-Mind.

And so it is. This is our work for our Selves.

Now, for those looking for "just the facts, Ma'am."

We have been getting information for many years now ... from Messengers throughout the globe. Many of us have been given assignments and some are here to act as "telephone lines" - channels - who are able to receive messages from Beings in other dimensions.

On my website: you will find many of these Messages from those in higher dimensions. When you land on the home page of this website you will see a picture of Kuthumi, World Teacher, Ascended Master. The Message on that page is a good place to start. On this same home page, there is also a very recent recording of Kuthumi and my own personal interview with him through the channel known as Michael Ellegion. Michael has been channeling the Masters for 32 years. The link to that recording is just below Kuthumi's picture.

And as we hear the Messages from other Galactics, which we will find on the ASHTAR page, we get a "feel" of what kind of Beings we will soon be meeting and knowing. Other written messages can be found in chronological order under ASCENSION, MESSAGES, and other tabs of named star systems.

Decloaking of millions of star ships will soon occur. Even now, they are making their presence more and more visible. Click on the tab, SIGHTINGS; not only for pictures, but for educational information.

To safely land, our Galactic Families need to overcome all those Hollywood movies that conditioned us into thinking that those from other star systems are invaders. If there were any ill intent, they have had many years for such happenings. These are our Galactic Families! They are here to collect the descendants of their original star seed and relocate us out of harm's way when Mother Earth has her "cosmic facelift." Because of their size, some of these vessels cannot get too close ... there is one between us and the Sun that is larger than Earth. It is from Sirius. With their light, added to the sun's, the sunshine has seemed very stark and bright this year. They will send their scout ships for transport. And we are here to welcome them with Love and remembrance.

This vessel from Sirius is "hiding" right in front of the sun. You can see it when the sun is at its lowest point. Wear sunglasses ... a couple ... and you will see the large gray disk, with the sun shining around its edges. And of course, when they choose to move to the side ... we will see "two sun's."

Now ... what about Hollow Earth (the large interior with its own sun) and Inner Earth (the subterranean cities located in the Earth's crust)?
My first introduction to this material, the whole history and education, was brought to me by Zorra of Hollow Earth. This was delivered through his son, Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, USAFA Ret. My introduction to Colonel Woodard and his father, Zorra, from Hollow Earth, is documented in all of our interactive calls over 20 months. I soon created a website for this information: . On the page, RECORDED CALLS, the story unfolds. People love to start with the very first call down at the bottom: April 2 2011 and just listen to call after call, as our education and history is revealed.

Why haven't we known? Why weren't we told??

THE DARK CABAL - The Power That Has Managed our World
Sadly, our only source of information has been mainstream media. Each night we all hear the same stories from all the same networks. No one steps out of line. They are all owned and controlled by those managing our lives. Those who control the news, control our minds. It is literally that simple. What we are "fed" on our evening news is what we consider our reality.

We have been prevented from knowing our REAL reality and from connecting with those who could educate us. After we were born, we were all taught the same lies by those who were also taught this false "history," and we all agreed with each other because we only knew what we were taught; and which we, in turn, taught to our own children... things such as "the center of the Earth is molten lava." And that is just for starters.

This is a wake-up call. There is so much to know, it will certainly be an overwhelm to many of you. But time is now running short. Those here to help us through this major transition have been working for months trying to establish direct communication; but it has taken much longer than expected to overcome the entrenched regime. Life can get better. And life WILL be better ... VERY SOON. But, let's make the transition EASY.

Our communication lines are open now to those highly advanced Beings living within our Hollow Earth and, in our Inner Earth's subterranean cities. They have been trying to communicate with us, but the world governments have blocked our connection. There are tunnels connecting with high speed transit all over the world ... with warning signs from our governments "not to proceed further." Obviously, if we knew of these highly advanced civilizations and had the opportunity to use their advanced technologies, it would negate the importance and technologies offered by surface governments. We would have allies and surface governments would lose control. -- And.... that is exactly what is very soon to happen.

Today, our brothers and sisters from distant star systems are here. Mother Earth is quickly coming to her pre-planned moment of "rebirth" ... she needs to break loose of the suffocating black asphalt and concrete ... the contaminated air and polluted oceans... and once again regain her pristine purity and beauty. This event will be explosive ... not a place we want to be when it happens. And that's why these magnificent star ships are here ... like "arks" - coming to pick up the descendants of their original star seeds ... and bring them safely home to their star families. And, we can "watch the show from up above, before we leave."

And some of us will be greeted by the Agarthians from Inner Earth and those, like Zorra, from Hollow Earth. We can learn more about their highly advanced civilizations by reading the books by Dianne Robbins. An excerpt of Dianne's writings can be found on / EXCERPTS FROM DIANNE ROBBINS

This Event will happen. And the more we learn about this now, the better. Leaders among us need to avail themselves of the following sources of information so that they can be of help during this rapidly evolving transition. People will look to family and neighborhood leaders to calm those needing reassurance. We must pitch in and do our part; not just wait for everyone to do it for us.

And most of all, we want to greet our returning star families with love. We do not want our military to make it appear as if this is one of those Hollywood "disaster" movies. It is not. Millions of star ships have been in orbit awaiting this moment for many years and if they wished us harm, that would have happened long ago. We must no longer allow ourselves to be manipulated and conditioned ... to be programmed into fear. We need to start doing a little thinking on our own for a change. We need to help one another wake up. We want ALL to KNOW and offer a Unity Consciousness of LOVE ... no hostilities!

Don't let all this information overwhelm you!
This mailing gives a complete spectrum of what we all need to know. Store it safely. It is very valuable. It has all the links. Just keep it as a "master." Yes, it took me 20 months to accumulate this. And, to be honest, I just do not have the time to make a series of emails. So ... you know how to eat an elephant! One bite at a time!

On April 2, 2011, I was first introduced to Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Ret. on a private conference call with six other people. Here is that Recorded Call (allow time to load). However, I was so excited, I forgot to hit "Record" so the call picks up midway and continues for 1 hr 27 minutes. We continued to hear and record these calls with Colonel Woodard and his father, Zorra from Hollow Earth, for 20 months. So I have had the comfort of growing into this knowledge for twenty months. I have also taken on the task of creating an educational website: And our first group of six has now grown into opt-in subscriptions to our free newsletter of more than 2,600, worldwide.

People have been searching for answers and are attracted to this website and its abundant information. They write and tell me they are so grateful to have finally found "the real answers."

Here are a few links ... each one to give you a small introduction to this
Grand Event that YOU will soon be a part of.
Some are from our Hollow Earth website and some are from our sister website:

As an intro, read and hear Kuthumi's messages on this home page.

* SaLuSa, from Sirius, November 23 2012
Recent info, Galactic Federation of Light

* Sheldan Nidle, November 20 2012.
Sheldan's weekly message from Galactic Federation of Light and our Ascended Masters.

These are the most recent postings from these Messengers. You will find regular postings on the tabs: FEDERATION, MESSAGES, and more.

* - BREAKING NEWS on the Home Page
Scroll about halfway down the home page to BREAKING NEWS.
These live links connect us directly to the latest postings. So easy! So fast!

Once people cognate on this, they want to listen to ALL of these recorded calls and learn, as thousands of others have, from the same base of knowledge.

* - Messages from our star families
This posts all the latest information from our star families. You will also see recordings from Ascended Masters and members of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar Command.


* Billie Faye Woodard - Bio - This wealth of knowledge began here.

* Billie Faye Woodard - Interview - 8 parts

* Our Earth Is Hollow - Rodney Cluff - Exceptional information

* Rodney Cluff Interview - Coast to Coast

* YouTube - I Know My Galactic Family is Here

And with that, I will close. I have been trying to put this letter together for a long time; and now time is getting short!


There is a lot of information here. Start somewhere.
There is nothing happening on this planet that is more important than this.

And if you still cannot confront this late-hour information; SET THIS ASIDE where you can bring it up later. In a matter of weeks, you may want all the information you can get. And I do not have the time luxury to spoon this out, one bite at a time. I know it is a lot; just begin somewhere.

I would recommend four things:

1. Go to and get in the habit of moving down the home page to BREAKING NEWS. Check the new posts daily. This is FAST!

2. Instead of TV and the evening news, start listening to RECORDED CALLS on the above website. You'll get more valuable information here, it's more fun and it lifts your vibrations!

3. Subscribe to our free newsletter. It is on the above website, the fourth page down: FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS - That way you are always in the loop.

4. SHARE THIS LETTER with as many as you can. It is easier to share a pre-written email than try to explain all of this verbally.

With my deepest love and greatest blessings,


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