Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you Imagine?

Imagine a world without problems, no diseases, no sickness, no hunger, no poor, no homeless, no pollution, no wars,  no greed, no hatred.

Imagine a world where everybody genuinely cares for each other.  A world where nobody will deceive another person, where everybody is honest and sincere.  A world where there is sharing of knowledge and information. 

That world is coming.  A world where peace, harmony and joy prevails.   And this will happen after ascension on December 21, 2012.    But before all that, the Galactic Federation of Light will grace the whole world and come down and mingle with humanity.  They will come as they know that the collapse of the corrupt worldwide banking system and various governments of the world are very imminent.  They will help by establishing a New Government where righteousness will reign.  And setup a new economic system where absolutely everybody on the face of the Earth shall be blessed with Heavens Prosperity and abundance program.

Have faith and hope that this time will come because it is as sure as there will be a new day tommorrow.

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