Sunday, December 2, 2012

Clarification About 12/21/12

I just want to clarify the notion that there will be a cataclysmic event that will happen on Earth this coming December 21, 2012.  I want to point out that there is no cataclysm scheduled to happen on Earth on that date.  Whoever formulated that idea is only out to cause panic, worry and fear among the people of this world.  This means no planet will smash to Earth on that date and cause havoc to the surface of the world.  There will be no massive tidal waves (or tsunamis), earthquakes, pole shifts or any plagues that was mentioned in the prophecies of the bible.  There maybe some mild ones to come but not as devastating as biblical proportions.

The reason for this is that the timeline for the future end time had been cancelled deliberately and or switched into a new timeline where its more favorable to the side of God.   Yes, I am here saying that majority of the prophecies of the bible both from the Old and New Testament have been cancelled!  All the plagues, cataclysms or natural calamities, falling meteors/comets, tribulations and etc. mentioned in the prophecies are not going to happen.

God through his magnificent grace have directly altered the course of the prophecies and or what he intends to happen in the end time.  I suspect more than 95% of the prophecies given in the New Testament about the end time scenario had been stopped and or cancelled.  So, instead of fearful events to unfold, God choreographed the whole thing so that it will be based on peace and joy as well as surprises! 

But there are things that we can expect for sure to happen in the coming weeks.  The world economy will collapse.  That includes the entire banking industry emanating from Europe and North America.  But its not at all doom and gloom scenario.  The entire host of heaven have prepared in advance for this thing.  Not only they know this will happen but also they already have a replacement when the economy of the world slide into nothingness.  They will shift the entire thing into a new economic system.  A system that's absolutely will benefit everyone on Earth.  I don't have enough time to explain everything but the capitalism that we are using was started and founded with the guidance of the so called Annunakis.  They came from another planet and they don't share the vision of the original creator God.  They came to Earth via the invitation of the people of Atlantis and created several bases some in Sumeria Iraq, South America and Europe.  Take note this happened way back in the ancient times; possibly beyond the 8,000 year period.  They made the people of Earth to go to war with each other by applying their principle called "Divide and Conquer".  As a result of their secret campaign both Atlantis and Lemuria wage war with each other and both of them lost in that war and their continents sank underneath the Earth.  This is the reason why it mentioned in the bible, in the book of Genesis the Hebrew words "Tohu and Bohu"  which simply means the Earth became formless and void.  Genesis was describing the aftermath of the war between the two great continents and civilization on Earth. All the major deserts of the world such as the Outback in Australia, Gobi desert, Sahara are the visible after effects of this war as they were both using thermo-nuclear weapons several thousand times more powerful than the present Russian hydrogen bomb.  

Mt. Everest is not the highest mountain in the world.  It is the Pacific region.  The center of the Lemurian Civilization is Hawaii with Japan and the Philippines the western region of this continent.  Easter island is the eastern part while Australia and New Zealand are the southern part.  These islands are just the top of the mountains of the great Lemurian continent as the rest of it are submerged underwater.  The so called Pacific ring of fire is the totality of the land that went under the Earth due to the powerful bombs used by Atlantis.  The sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria caused damage to the tectonic plates of the Earth, which is why the world is vulnerable to earthquakes.  The Atlantean peoples came from the Pleiades, Orion (both mentioned in the bible) Arcturus and etc. While the people of Lemuria came from planet Lemur also known as Nibiru by ancient Sumeria of Iraq.  The people of Lemur came mostly from planet Sirius and from other star systems. 

The war that took place on Earth between Atlantis and Lemuria is the reason why we don't have historical records of the past beyond 7,000 year period.  The Annunakis took over and hi-jacked the planet.  And they became the unofficial rulers of the Earth secretly.  Now this is where the prophecies of Daniel will come into play.  All those beast that he saw in his dreams do refers to empires that will rule the world beginning from Babylon and onwards to Roman Empire.  The truth is heaven knows what they will be doing and so they prophesied in advance what will happen by giving the prophet a summary or synopsis of what will happen with those empires that will rule the world governed by the descendants of the Annunakis.

Yes, all the empires that will rule the world starting from Babylon in Iraq until the end of the Age will be ruled by people who are descendants of the Annunakis.  Today, they are called the Illuminatis.  They are the owners of the biggest banks including Central Banks and biggest corporations on Earth and they put their controlled minions allover the governments of the world.  With their reign, they were able to suppress the truth including the true history of the Earth as they control the mass media of the world as well as most of the institutions of higher learning around the world.  Besides that, they were also able to edit some portion of the bible, removing some of the things Jesus said and things he did as well as adding some words to it. 

Rest assured that there will be no terrifying cataclysms that will happen to Earth in the coming weeks.  Instead we can look forward to the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Jewish prophet Daniel when he interpreted the rock or stone (not formed or shape by human hands) coming from the heavens and hit the high and great image of the giant/beast referring to this Annunaki descendants ruling the world.  This is figurative for describing that the Lord will come and replace the secret rulers of this world who enslave humanity for thirteen millenia.  He will put an end to this monopoly, greed and corruption.  The "New Jerusalem"  mothership of Jesus is coming and will appear in the sky on December 21, 2012, or shortly a few days after that date, because this signals the end of the age; the age in which this Annunaki people represented by today's Illuminatis are allowed to reign.  Their rule along with their associates are over.  Their time is up.  Heaven and all the beings in the higher dimensions shall not allow this present system which is based on greed and slavery to continue the way it is right now.   December 21 this year will signal that the long wait is over and that the creator God and all the ascended beings will finally intervene in the world scene.  And that will be the golden age, an age of righteousness.  Jesus from then on will rule the world and will be welcomed by the rulers of this world particularly President Obama.  

It was the Galactic Federation of Light who was the one who gave the knowledge to the ancient Mayans how to setup a calendar system, their civilization including their sciences to track the passing time that will indicate the End of the Age that was allowed for the Annunakis to reign on Earth.  The original end of the Mayan Calendar was December 21, 2011 which was last year.  The Galactic Federation allowed that to happen so that it will give people ample time to prepare and be ready.  And so they gave a one year notice, because the completion of the present Age will be over exactly this month December 21, 2012.  This means something from the Galactic Central Sun will be beamed to the Earth signifying a new Age has began.  Remember what Jesus said; that his angels will come and will separate the sheep from the goats (figure of speech).

The sign of the Son of Man referring to Jesus also known as Sananda originating from planet Arcturus will appear in the sky and will stay within the atmosphere for sometime (maybe for several days) and will encircle the Earth just like the light of the Sun flashes to east and to the west before eventually will touch down and hover just above the ground.  It will be spectacular to behold when this will happen.  The size and scope of the New Jerusalem mothership is about 2000 + miles in lenght.   But that is not the only spacecraft that will come as it is accompanied by a plethora of motherships each containing numerous fleet of spaceships coming from various star systems within this Galaxy and beyond. 

They may or may not opt to fulfill the prophecy of the SIGNS in the Sun and the moon.  But when they do it only symbolizes that once the Sun was interrupted from shinning for several hours it only means that the New Jerusalem mothership of Jesus is about to grace the atmosphere of the Earth.  Jesus which even before his incarnation is called Sananda, will return along with all the representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light from all sectors of the Galaxy and beyond, will come back and restore the Earth and its people to the way it used to be, before the arrival of the Annunakis.  So, I admonish each and everyone not to FEAR because God has prepared a bright future for all of us.

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