Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fiscal Cliffnotes

I was watching the video of US Senator Harry Reid about the looming fate of the so called "Fiscal Cliff" on BBC website.  (Link-click here). 
I think he has a point and I wondered what will happen in the coming days. So I prepared a few commentaries about the subject.  Here are some of the things that might happen when theres no agreement reach before the turn of the New Year of 2013:

In no particular order

1.)  President Obama might be forced to welcome the NESARA program.

2.)  The Republicans might be blamed by the Democrats and by the people for complacency and by not cooperating on something so serious as this coming Fiscal problem.

3.)  It seems that the Republicans are more enthusiastic in supporting war effort but not anything that concerns the American people.

4.)  The Republicans are clearly more concerned about the 1% who are rich and not the 99% of the average people.

5.)  It might trigger a worldwide economic depression.

6.)  This will give way to the complaint filed by Mr. Neil Keenan.

The Good Side Effects will be:

1.)  If no agreement was made then the Galactics will come into the picture and intervene in the world affairs as they don't want the world to enter another turmoil and tribulation.  They will fly by the White House / Capitol and President Obama will welcome them.

2.)  Worldwide Disclosure will follow as most world leaders are already informed about the presence of ETs on the planet as well those off world and just waiting for the right golden moment.

3.)  Announcement of the commencement of the New Age of Aquarius and that the people of the Earth are now officially part of the Galactic Federation of Light.  Isolation of the Earth is over.

4.)  New Governments will be in place.

5.)  President Obama will be allowed to stay in the White House.

6.)  Announcement of the Prosperity Programs a gift that will be given by the Galactics to the people of the Earth.


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