Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reflections on the Recent Ascension

So what was accomplished with the much anticipated event of December 21?  First of all, I think there was a surge of energies that I sensed did come and affected the Earth and the people of the world.  I really felt something strange in my body.  But, overall I feel a sense of peace and calmness in my being.  I really think something happened yesterday, it wasn't as grand and dramatic as we wanted it to be but it's undeniable that there was changes that took place behind the scenes (so to speak).  My intuition tells me that the Earth is indeed in the fifth dimension now as I speak.  This was done as part of the promise of heaven that Earth will go back to its former glory.

Now, in order to describe and explain a little bit what exactly has changed allow me to illustrate it this way.  Suppose, you are staring at various small pieces of dirt placed inside a glass.  These tiny pieces of dirt contains various elements on it including metals and etc.  As you introduce a magnet to the side of the glass you witness the various elements move as it follows the movement of the magnet.  And the movement of each of these small pieces of rocks and metals differs from one another.  Now, try to imagine having a much powerful magnet multiplied it a hundred times and it can alter the sequencing as well as the amount of the distribution of the effects of the magnet to those tiny specks can have.  Some of those will float in the air sticking to the wall of the glass while some are just moved to another direction or got closer to the location of the magnet.  You can intervene to separate the pieces that are more in tune with the magnet from those that are less attracted to it.

In the same way, the energies from the Central Sun of the Galaxy do dictates what sort of dimension a planet and its inhabitants can be placed into.  Those small pieces of dirt can be likened to planets as literally our planets existence in this part of the Universe is like a dust in the wind just like it said in the song of the band known as Kansas. Dimensional differences can make those in the higher dimension invisible to those in the lower dimension even if they are occupying the same space.  

I do believe that the dimensional changes to the planet have already began.  For whatever reason, they did it slowly and gradually.  They don't want the change to be too abrupt as it might cause unwanted consequences. But as a whole, the planet did ascend to the 5th dimension.  Now, in order to finalize the work that was done as they have already sent the raw materials to make the complete transition they (referring to the Galactics) should come and make the final 'tweaking' so to speak.  Yes, the Celestials must be here on Earth and land on our surface and do the technical things that will make this planet and its people ultimately change completely.  Just like the broadcast of a television channel and cable TVs around the world; the broadcasting had began.  This beam of energy have been cruising the space in this Galaxy. It finally reached the Earth.   The only thing needed now is to activate this reception to eventually be seen in our television sets.  To do this, they must visit us and do the technical work on adjustments.  This is similar to the television sets that we have that needs the special adjustment to be done by the official crew of the cable company to setup the TV so that it can start receiving the proper signals.  And once the adjustment has been done then and only then the planet and its people will enjoy the benefits of the 5th Dimensional status.

It reminds me of what was said in the gospels that when he appear (referring to Jesus) we shall all become like him.  This transformation is so fast that it said, "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye we shall be change".   This physical body shall put on incorruption.  In other words we shall have an upgrade.  And it will happen once the Galactics which was sent by the Galactic Federation of Light shall appear within our skies and land on our surface world.

I think they are waiting for the Great Creator God which is the Source of all for the "Go" signal as for the right timing of their arrival.  But for now, their allies on the ground must help finish some necessary details in order to bring this reality into fruition.  One of this is the needed changes amongst the various governments of the world.  They are looking for the completion of the key people in governments worldwide who will help and welcome the arrival of the Galactics in our world.  This is very crucial in order to soften the shock to the world about their presence as literally we have been brainswashed about the truth of other life out there in space.  These various governments who will side with the Galactics will welcome them and introduce the many representatives of beings from the stars in this Universe but mostly from this Galaxy. 

So far, we have seen leadership changes and or renewed in places like the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Burma and etc.  And soon in Italy and maybe China also.  Once the people that can be trusted by the Galactics are put in place then they can proceed with FULL disclosure and the eventual arrival of the "New Jerusalem" a mothership of Jesus.  Right now, this ship is stationed and parked infront of the planet Venus.  If you have a celestial telescope and focus on Venus at night; you will see several blinking lights on the surface of Venus as this mothership known as New Jerusalem is infront of it.

And so as far as future is concerned, we are indeed in for some good surprises.  Within now and before the end of this year we may see these events to unfold before our very eyes.  So, my message to those who were saddened and disappointed for the lack of visible changes for December 21 to cheer up and don't lose heart.  Change is happening.  The television set is already delivered and the broadcast have been aired.  All we need now is for the Galactics to come and fine tune the TV so that it will pick up the right signal.  Of course I said this in figure of speech.  I'm trying to illustrate it in words that is somehow similar to the subject matter that we can relate to so that it's easier to understand.  This vibrating signal from the Central Sun of the Galaxy in some way is similar to the broadcasting of television stations that we have on Earth.  That energy broadcast is already here!

Remember, the dynamics of the future can be shaped and affected by the collective mind of the people.  How we envisioned the future can either have a drastic or enormous effect to the overall picture.  We can do our share of the pie, and collectively we can make it sure and manifest them from happening as we are part of the Creator God.  The thought is the Creator.  Didn't Jesus once said in the gospel of John, "It is written in your scriptures that you are all Gods".  If my memory serve me right, I think he was quoting from Isaiah and the Psalm.  There's obviously some delay.  It is either caused by our thoughts (negativity) or simply by our freewill as they are honoring our own freewill.  So, if what we want collectively is the future of change for the betterment of everyone then let us envisioned and manifest them.  Dont stop believing.

Manny Pineda

PS.  A few days before December 21, 2012 I had a dream.  I don't dream very often and so I thought there must be some significance to this.  Maybe it's because I never remember any of those dreams once I wake up.  But this dream on that night, I was able to remember it clearly from memory when I woke up in the morning.  In the dream, It was early morning I went out of the balcony and when I looked at the sky there were so many spaceships hovering in the sky.  The sky was literally filled with spaceships.  People on the street were staring at those ships.  I went inside the house and tell people what I saw.   The impression it left on me was that they are not going to vanish anymore and that they are going to stay for a long period of time and will communicate with people on Earth.  I remember feeling amazed at the sight of those ships. 

Now that the planet have been transformed into the 5th dimension then it becomes more possible for beings from higher dimensions such as the Galactics to come and interact with us on Earth.  Prior to this changes, they could not deal with us as often as they want to; as they are operating from a higher vibration than what we have before as the differences in the dimension makes it very inconvenient for them to land in our world.   Furthermore, I think that once the New Jerusalem mothership of Jesus is already in our atmosphere they will begin a series of special broadcast meant to inform us about our true history as a people including the real history of the Earth.  A broadcast that cannot be stopped or interfered with by our own technology.  As a lot of the news that we have in this world particularly in the mainstream media are really pre-fabricated, custom made news meant to either distract, mislead or deceive. 

Here's a question:  (Something to think about)

Could it be that the ships mentioned in the book of Daniel are referring to these ships that will soon arrive?  According to the prophecy of Daniel that those ships he mentioned will pursue the people/person (the so called Abomination that causes desolation) who oppose the Most High God.  Those ships will hover above of Southern Europe and then reach Jerusalem in pursuit of the wanted people.   Could it be that they are referring to the Illuminati? If so, the prophecy is unfolding right before our very eyes.  Remember what happened in Libya several months ago?  It's interesting that even Libya was mentioned in the prophecy of Daniel and the Old Testament regarding the end of the Age. 

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