Monday, December 24, 2012

The Return of the Ascended Masters

As the Galactic Federation of Light is getting ready for full disclosure, I thought I should share some thoughts particularly to the Christians around the world especially those amongst the protestant denominations. 

What can I possibly say in order to convince the christian populace of the world about the changes that are sure coming into this world?  I thought about this and I think it is not easy to explain it in simple terms with just a few sentences.  Explanation do require an extensive and comprehensive detailed information; in which to some would be too much but nevertheless necessary in order to breakdown the long arduous history of the world were truth have been subverted and veiled and left us confused believing a never ending pile of lies handed down to us throughout the centuries and millennias.  How can I say the truth without offending someone?  People are naturally defensive whenever they hear something that is negative or opposite to what they had believe for so long.  How can I begin to say to them that some of the basic tenets of the bible are littered with added lies?  Although not all but some of it are not true.  This alone is a very sensitive topic.  And Its really difficult to spell it out for them the truth and nothing but the truth without them retorting a negative reaction.  But in time I know this will eventually be rectified.  And with the arrival of the Galactics this will open the way for a much broader explanations.  The ascended masters shall be around to lecture us about a plethora of subjects that concerns most of us.  There will be seminars in the near future where people can attend to as well as broadcast on televisions informing us of various things.

One of the things that I am sure will be very difficult for the people to accept is the fact that most religions including its early development through the ages were influenced by both beings from higher dimensions as well as from other star systems (from other parts of the universe) that are also of higher realms. 

For example: 
1.) How will people react when they found out that the so called "cloud of the Lord" that followed the Israelites and appeared in their camps and Tabernacle is actually a spaceship cloaked with a cloud that surrounds it? 
2.) The cloud that hovers above the Mt. Sinai in the time of Moses is actually a spaceship.
3.) The cloud that appeared in the Mt. of Transfiguration is a spaceship.
4.) The one that distributed "manna" from the clouds are spaceships.
5.) The angels that appeared when Jesus bodily ascended to the clouds are crew of the spaceship.
6.) There was a spaceship that picked up Jesus including his wife and parents (Joseph and Mary) waiting on a cloud that was standing by above them.

How can I prove this?  For now, all I can say are just pure logic in which you can ponder to examine.  But when the Galactics has finally arrive in our planet in the near future then they can offer the technicalities and proof that I cannot provide in this appeal.  In terms of logic let me extrapolate it with you just to give you a quick sample and allow your intuition to run its course.


And so here we go:

How high are the average clouds in the sky? Unless, you want to try and fly the stratofortress used by the allies during world war II we don't have to go to the stratosphere which is way beyond the average clouds.  The average clouds that we see is somewhere in the neighborhood of hundreds and into thousands of feet high and it varies in what type of clouds.
But when it comes to the clouds that operated above the sky in the time of Jesus we should consider the idea that the clouds he went into is highly "mobile" in nature.  Its ability to go and leave the rest of the clouds and get closer to the ground can ONLY be done by a cloaked spaceship.  This is true. 

When Jesus ascended bodily in heaven; it wasn't like watching the spaceshuttle ascends to the skies.  To those of you in Florida, Russia and some French Islands, you know how long it takes for a shuttle and rockets to reach the nearest clouds.  Imagine, if Jesus was to ascend to the nearest clouds it would have taken him relatively the same amount of time.  But, if he was ascending in a slow motion fashion it will make those 500 or so spectators which happens to be his students (disciples) in Jerusalem a long time to watch him and his family reach the clouds. 

All of this can be solved by making the spaceship cloaked with a cloud to get closer to the ground by reducing or lowering the altitude that way they don't have to watch a 30 minutes+ worth of ascension voyage to the clouds.  And if this ascension was done in a matter of a few minutes; then we have to consider that there was a number of similar techniques comparable to the present technology or theory that was used on this effort. One of it is teleportation (which is very fast and instantaneous) meaning they were beamed from point A to point B in a matter of a second or two.  Or a more dramatic method of an elevator type of elevation whereby they floated in the air while they were being carried by a magnetic levitation system until they reach the ship. 

The way it was described in the New Testament bible that it didnt take very long for Jesus and his family to reach and board the spacecraft.  It could be just a matter of minutes.  This means that the spaceship cloaked with
a cloud around it was lowered to the sky in order to pick up Jesus. Now, why I am saying all of this?  I want the christian people to at least get used to the idea or consider that UFO's are not evil beings; not all of them.  Rest assured that majority of them are benevolent and friendly to us humans.  And now that we are getting closer to the disclosure initiated by the governments of the world, we should then open our minds and consider the possibilities. 

Now that I have addressed that, I want to move on to the next phase.  As was said in the bible that the exact way we've seen Jesus departed from the Earth will be the exact same way we will see him come back.  He even said that we shall see him sitting in the right hand of the Father and coming in the clouds of heaven.  This means the New Jerusalem which is a mothership of about 2000+ miles in size will come down and lower their altitude moving slowly closer to land just enough that can be seen by most people through binoculars and eventually will just hover above the ground.  This is really very spectacular to behold.  And it will surely happen in the near future.  This mothership is not alone, they are accompanied by a plethora of beings from various regions of the Galaxy and the Universe.  A mothership contains thousands if not millions of smaller spacecrafts.  The biggest mothership that we know is in front of the Sun and its a ship coming from the Planet Sirius, it is twice the size of the Earth.   

Manny Pineda

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