Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Perestroika Operation

The gradual increase in transparency and openness amongst the people of the world must be a sign of the changing times just like in the days when Perestroika - Glasnost was first introduced in Russia a few decades ago.  Impossible scenarios being fulfilled can only mean that there is an invisible hand who are actively intervening for the benefit of humanity on the surface of the world.  And there's no doubt in my mind that the Galactics as well as the people of Hollow Earth are the ones who are busy ushering the changes in this world including stopping the possible World War 3 and etc. 

I know that there's a lot of talk about the recent news that happened in the skies of Russia a few days ago about a group of UFOs who were chasing a possible asteroid or bigger than regular meteor sized objects falling from the sky.  In Russia, most cars have cameras installed  infront which captures a lot of UFO activities in their skies.  But this one is unique as it captures a very benevolent work of a group of UFOs who stopped a small asteroid from hitting the Earth. 

I was not really intrigued about it because UFO appearances have been very common these days.  But what made me very impressed was when I found out the behind the scenes (so to peak) of the actual story of this incident involving the very person who did the operation of stopping the asteroid right before it can do much damage to Earth.  Zorra of Hollow Earth said that he was the one who stopped the asteroid by using a technique of morphing themselves and or teleporting that includes their ship as they hit the asteroid right at its center.  And while they were inside the asteroid they increase their force field and therefore it forces the asteroid to disintegrate into bits and pieces and exploded while it was burning in the sky. 

I dont think it was a meteor because the actual size or diameter of the UFO ship of Zorra is about the same length of the Titanic plus the force field that envelopes their ships which doubles the visible diameter.  And since the video shows the falling object is three to five times larger than the UFO ship of Zorra therefore the object in question must be a small Asteroid and not a meteor. 

I am really impressed by this display of benevolence coming from our friendly Earthly neighbor the people of Hollow Earth.  Many thanks to Zorra.  We salute your efforts.

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