Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Technology Used By Moses

Aside from hemp, crystals are one of the many natural things we have in this world that the scientific community is very silent about.  Hemp is already no longer banned in several countries around the world.  We now know that the fibers of hemp can be as strong as steel when processed properly.  But the silent treatment towards the use of 'Crystals' for power generation purposes is defeaning.  Some people who works for the military who recovered crashed spacecraft found large amounts of crystals inside the spacecraft.  Obviously, crystals is one of the main contributing factor that either powers the spacecraft or for navigation purposes.

In the time of the Pyramids there were technologies used that we as of this moment find it difficult to do with what we have today.  There were several machining techniques found in and around the Giza plateau.  In some cases they were using what seems to be done by large sawing machines.  But there are also instances where they were clearly using a technology in cutting stones with a much powerful heat source than the lasers we have today. 

I would like to say a few commentaries on what happened during the times of Moses and the Exodus.  I think that this particular story in the bible could have been slightly edited.  It was either Moses was using a "Power Rod" that was given to him or this rod was available for royal people in the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt.  I think that this kind of tool was also responsible in some instances for the cutting of large stones/rocks such as granite that helped built the Pyramids and etc.  This tool acts like a powerful laser cutting machine that draws a lot of energy when used. According to the bible, Moses was asked to point his hand to the water and it will divide the sea in two; creating a dry land for which they can pass through and get to the other side and escape the Egyptians.   But the point of contention is, why is it that the parting of the Red Sea or the sea between Saudi Arabia and Egypt requires the coordination of the hand of Moses in order for the sea to divide by itself?  If the lesson Jesus gave to Peter that the power in him was also available with Peter and that all he need is to believe and not doubt in his OWN ability to walk on water then why would it require for Moses to point his hand into the sea?  If the power to divide the water was not coming from Moses and that this power or ability is coming from the God who talked to him then why  would it need for Moses to initiate it by pointing his hand to the sea when all the while God can part the waters by himself?  It seems to me that the idea of waiting for Moses to act and do something in order for the God to start dividing the sea was unnecessary because God is capable of dividing the water of the sea by himself without waiting for Moses to point which part of the sea should be divided.  There's really no need for the God who talked with Moses to wait for Moses direction in order to start the division of the waters of the sea.  

Now, what if the idea of pointing a staff/rod which was either wooden or metal was actually necessary because the power and ability to divide the sea was really coming from the staff or rod it self and not from God?  Could it be?  This power rod could have been part of the Atlantean technology in which Moses was able to sample some of them as the entire Egyptian territory and resources was accessible to him.  This power rod is filled with bits and pieces of crystals that are strategically arrange on the surface of that rod or staff that harnessed the zero point energy source that creates a concentrated energy that's capable of either dividing the sea or cut stones with good precision like lasers today once it is aimed at a target. 

I think some portion of the stories on the bible had been deliberately edited in order to create a different story.  I think Moses was pointing his hand that contains the power rod in which he aimed at the sea and divides it, instead of what we read in the bible where Moses just point his bare hand to the sea and it divides by itself.   The energy beam that was generated from this staff or rod was able to create the separation of the waters but also made the ground dry.

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