Saturday, February 16, 2013

Updates for the Simulation - Hollow Earth

I thought I should post some progress about the Simulation - Hollow Earth.  Well, I already have the textures or photographs of various plants, trees, grass, flowers that are needed to populate the simulated Hollow Earth.  I also already have various 3D models of plants, trees and animals (present and pre-historic) and the photographs will be mapped to these 3D objects.

Now that I have acquired these materials, the next step is to edit the 3D models and aged them in such a way that they would look like they are thousands of years old.  This means that the various trees and plants will be very different from the way they look and appear here in the surface of the Earth.  Unlike the living things here on the surface, in the Hollow Earth plants and trees lived with 'infinity' imbedded to their tenure.  In other words living things there are suppose to live and be around forever.  And so this means the geometric structure of trees there have branches that are undulated, overgrown without someone cutting any of its branches/trees.  And neither the environment offers any harm on those plants as there is virtually no thunderstorms, hurricanes inside the Hollow Earth that can harm the population of the plant life.

Now the next concern that I have is the civilization there.  I assume that there are residential houses as well as gathering places similar to ancient places here on the surface world such as the pyramid, the temple of the Sphinx, and etc.  I heard that some of the houses there does not have a roof (which is cool!), much like the temple of the Sphinx.  I appreciate if some of the people of the Hollow Earth would communicate with me and share to me how their civilization looks like.  I am not after to make it look 100% exactly like they are inside the Earth but at least some similarity or resemblance will be sufficient.  One of the question that I have is:  what does it look like when people from hollow Earth look at the sky at various times of the day?  Here in the surface we see the sky/atmosphere during day time, and at night we see the stars and various star systems.  But this is not the same inside the Earth.  And so I want some input from those who are actually there to describe to me what they see when they look up above the horizon inside the Earth.  Do they see the other side of the Earth sphere inside?  How does the atmosphere or the sky inside look like?  These are some of the questions that I have that needs to be answered.

And so I call upon the people of Hollow Earth to communicate with me either in dreams or telepathy or in visions or whatever methods comfortable with them to share to me how their architecture and environment looks like.  The faster I can visualize the look of their architecture the better it would be for me to develop this gamelike simulation.  Once again I invite the people of hollow earth to either visit me or communicate with me with whatever method they choose to reach me and describe their world and surroundings particularly their dwelling places and etc.  So don't be shy and contact me.  I realized though that if I meet any of them that we will be like "David and Goliath" (in terms of size) not in a confrontational situation but in a cooperation and harmony. 

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