Sunday, April 28, 2013

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure 2013

Among the Europeans it was Germany who first developed a UFO type of flying disc.  And majority of their scientist and engineers involved on those projects openly admit that they received help from outside our planet, meaning from other worlds.  The secret societies of Germany were having contacts with extra terrestrials for so many decades even before World War II.  The design, propulsion and how to create them were inspired to them by the off world contacts.  But when the US got their hands on this technology, everything became a secret; especially into what happened in Roswell, New Mexico the place called area 51.  According to the people from Hollow Earth that the craft that were shot and recovered by the US government was from the greys.  They were here on Earth invited by the Hollow Earth people and when they temporarily turn off their force field shield, they were shot by the US army.  And that's how the story of the area 51 developed and was covered up from then on.

Once again, I invite everyone to watch this "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure" which will be streamed online coming from Washington DC.  This will start on April 29 up to May 3, 2013.  People from various fields of expertise will testify in front of the former members of the US Congress  and discuss once and for all as to why there is an embargo against the truth of the alien presence here in this planet.

And for those who are curious about people from Hollow Earth; Zorra and his son will be there and will gladly share their own testimony to the public.  Sign up now and spread the word.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Galactic Federation of Light - 4

Manuel:  With the release of the movie "Sirius" and the upcoming conference and gathering called "Citizens Hearing On Disclosure" in Washington this will definitely make the official disclosure closer than ever.   When there's enough number of people in the world learned that UFOs and ETs are real then the Galactics can then come down and mingle with humanity.  This is called 'Mass Landing'.

I will talk about the many benefits of the mass landing will bring on my next article but I want to mention some; one of which is the sharing of technology.  They will give us the ability to transition from fossil fuel reliance (pollution oriented) into that of clean energy source.  Mode of transport will be upgraded.  Not just instantaneous travel will be possible ( to and fro - as prophesied in the bible - book of Daniel) but also the ability to visit the nearby planets  (in the hollow interior section) within our solar system and the other star systems traveling in a matter of minutes.  These and many more, I will enumerate in my next article regarding this same topic.

Compiled Messages of Sheldan Nidle from the Galactics 

From March 19 to April 16, 2013

Sheldan Nidle - March 19, 2013

11 Lamat, 16 Ceh, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come again! Your world continues to teeter on the brink of a new realm. The dark's minions are very aware of just how close your reality is to a most significant transformation. We are monitoring several developments that are being staged by the dark ones in an effort to somehow change their looming fate. The Anunnaki's 'children' have ruled your lives with an unchallenged hand for nearly 13 millennia, but this prolonged unpleasantness is now drawing to a close. Until now they have always found a way to escape from serious predicaments and are still hoping for some means of reshaping their current situation. We have news for you dark arrogant ones: This time, what you have planned is not going to save you. We are monitoring your recent clumsy attempts to stage incidents designed to spark a wide-ranging series of conflicts. This time, dark ones, you will not be allowed to shake up the world. Our sacred allies are now occupying positions that can effectively limit what you are planning. We have also created a network that can intervene against when so required. The time your predestined removal from power is indeed approaching rapidly!"

Heaven has decreed your future and our task is to carry out these sacred decisions when signaled to do so by our heavenly advisors. When Atlantis fell into its fiery and watery grave, the Anunnaki emerged and were given a special dispensation by Heaven, and, as we have often reminded you, this dispensation possesses a predetermined time limit. This grace-filled moment for your exit is here. Shortly, a glorious event is to take place! This Light will permit us to come and secure a great victory for not only the Light but also for the long-suffering people who live on the surface-world of this sacred globe. Your dark and dreadful technology can no longer prevent the inevitable. This living realm, and indeed this entire solar system, is in urgent need of a series of sweeping changes which will constitute a most fitting prelude to ascension into a new 5-D reality. Our specific task is to facilitate these transformations and dispatch you from power. This we fully intend to do. We await the heralds of this new reality, and then a thorough accounting will be made of the old outgoing paradigm and those who perpetrated it."

"This period of waiting is swiftly coming to a close. You know this, and yet you continue to bumble about and compel your misguided alliances to keep resisting the unavoidable. The time for the removal of your personnel approaches. Our allies are busy adding names to the already lengthy lists of detainees. The special courts, convened to conduct your trials, are in situ and their dockets are waiting to be announced. The sacred events spoken of by Heaven are happening and are building to a most amazing crescendo! The termination of your lunatic reign is close as this sacred 'clock' tick-tocks inescapably toward change. Above you, dark ones, lies a vast fleet which guarantees your prophesied end, so do not think for even a minute that what little activity left at your command can in any way prevent this divine turn of events! Meanwhile, you are assaulting the atmosphere and drastically altering the very nature of Gaia's ecosystems. These actions of yours further confirm the need for you to go and go now.

The Galactic Federation Main Council summoned us over two decades ago to carry out what Heaven now commands of us, namely, a mass landing of our personnel on Gaia's sacred shores. The dark cringes at the mere thought of this eventuality; nevertheless, this moment us nearly upon us. After countless drills and myriad adjustments and adaptations, we stand very ready to come and visit you en masse. This mission has undergone many incarnations, and we are ready to bring our beloved siblings of this world a great gift: the final stretch of a now fully opened highway to full consciousness for those living on Gaia's surface realm. Each of you is destined to experience once again the joys of full consciousness. Even the dark's most die-hard minions will eventually reconnect with this most glorious state of Being! This is a truly planet-wide shift! Your solar system and each and every one of you are to become members of this new star-nation. Then you can rejoin your Agarthan family and return your beautiful homeworld, united, to the Light!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with Joy in our Hearts and a most brilliant Light to guide us! Our grand Administrators in Heaven inform us that a most auspicious time is at hand! The Heavens are beginning to move in a way that reflects the sacred intentions of the Supreme Creator. This means that this time is on the threshold of the changes. If you consult your heart knowing you will sense that something truly immense in scope is happening. The Heavens are a vast interdimensional realm. In the lower vibrational realms, Heaven begins to form a physical aspect which, as it descends, becomes physicality. We are now moving an aspect of physicality upwards, and in retrospect re-forming how physicality is to unfold. As this operation proceeds, we are able to assert our blessed grace and thus act as a divine proxy co-creator for physicality in general.

We mention this now for a purpose: you need to see that what is happening here is not just some "flash in the night". Developments here possess a high spiritual and physical purpose. You are being returned to your natural state of full consciousness so that you can properly assist us in a most special and sacred service. This is the time when your hard-earned wisdom can be put to good use in re-forming physicality and by assisting in its unfolding. This future mission was anticipated by Heaven back when she permitted the dark to perform a series of drastic adulterations to your consciousness. This explains why these times are so vital. This is when you not only recoup your original abilities, but enhance them greatly as a result of the wisdom garnered during your long sojourn through the shadow-realms of the dark. This grievous stint so valiantly endured is now to provide great dividends in how physicality is transformed in the time ahead.

This process of inner and outer change is the reason why this great collection of souls that you are had this special dispensation conferred upon it. You are a most promising motley group of spiritual energy. You are in fact the cream of the crop of humanity! The time you spent on Gaia was to prepare you, first, by having you care for one of the most sacred Beings in physicality. Out of this group came us, your Ascended Masters, and shortly now, each one of you. In addition, there is the sanctuary realm of Agartha. Once we are all conjoined, we, with the grace of our sacred Heavenly Administrators, are to carry out a wondrous assignment for all of physicality. This behooves you to think grand, and draw on your divine qualities of patience and fortitude. Hold steady, perceive what is already emerging around you, and help create this most exquisite gift from the Creator: full consciousness. We will be there to guide you to your destiny. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today we talked about how your realm is to be transformed. Much is happening that will quite shortly change the world as you know it. The dark's time of supremacy is almost over and the time for the Light is now to manifest around you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Sheldan Nidle - March 26, 2013

5 Men, 3 Mac, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! We come to explain what we are currently doing and why it has not yet manifested. As you can clearly see around you, the dark's minions are still in power across this precious globe. We have worked hard to create a working alliance between our sacred secret allies and ourselves, and this union has produced a new monetary system and secured huge amounts of unaccounted-for gold and silver to back the new financial system. In addition, we laid the foundation for a new banking system and set up the legal instruments that terminate the tyranny of the large private banks, as it is vital that this global, octopus-like institution be no longer able to suck the life out of your world's economies. Furthermore, a new international system of governance is shortly to be in effect. The final arbiter of all things connected to this scenario is Heaven. The agreement between the Light and the dark that was put into effect some 13 millennia ago is winding down and a series of celestial events will terminate that agreement, taking with it the conditions which hold you in thrall to limited consciousness. This sequence of events is now underway and will shortly allow a new era on your world to begin.

We do not speak lightly to the dark when we state that its time in power is about to end. Our appearance around the planet in ever greater numbers heralds that time in the divine plan when our personnel are to conjoin with our sacred allies and ensure the detention of those who have kept the brutal reign of the dark in power for millennia. Those who have kept you trodden underfoot in so many ways are finally to be held accountable. We inform them daily that a list has been drawn up and passed on to our various allies as we wish them to be fully cognizant of all aspects affecting their immediate future. Above all we emphasize to them that the final countdown on Heaven's clock is shortly to begin and also that the global conflagration that they so determinedly seek will not be permitted. And still these men and women persevere with their stratagems for triggering just such a deplorable scenario. They are still as resolute as ever to use every means at their disposal to gain their ends. Because of this utter recalcitrance they leave Heaven with no choice but to remove them from further involvement in Earth affairs. This will allow all that is being prepared to finally see the light of a new day!

Neither Heaven nor we have announced these times of disclosure and change, but this divine event does not need to be known in order for it to happen. Indeed, this series of heavenly proclamations is to happen suddenly and will remain unannounced by Heaven's grand champions. Long ago, the dark threw you, biologically speaking, in chains and made you believe that its rule over you was permanent. But this is not so! The sacred purpose for this experience was for you to acquire an excellent memory about the nature of the dark. This knowledge is to stand you in very good stead when you come to meld it with your soon-to-be-reacquired innate abilities to transform the various members of the dark Anchara Alliance into the Light. It is this specialty of yours that makes these once-dark star-nations anxious to get you started on this exceptional and sacred assignment, one that is to bring a true, permanent peace to the Milky Way Galaxy. A large array of Alliance craft sits just beyond the outer confines of your solar system awaiting your return to full consciousness, so be ready and know that a grand shift in your reality is at hand!

There is so much for you to wrap your heads around in the times ahead and we wish to prepare you as much as is possible at this point. We monitor the dark governments and watch the way they use their bag of tricks to manipulate you. Their sleight of hand has become most refined over the millennia: their news media proclaims an economic recovery while their associates arrange for an economic crash intended to thrust you into war, dictatorship, and other assorted miseries. Each of their politico-economic instruments is a tool for pulling the wool over your eyes, and the joint effect is like a shadow play where all the action is orchestrated and sticks to a predetermined script. You believe the performance to be real, which entrains you into beliefs that are of most benefit to the dark and its minions. Because of these beliefs, many of you may be shocked when the new governance ends this contrived economic oppression. Moreover, you will need to be open to what our sacred allies have to tell you as it will lead to liberation and a new state of permanent prosperity!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with some wondrous tidings from our heavenly directors. Events are beginning which will shortly lead to a new era of Love and Light for your world. The dark drew you into their realm nearly 13 millennia ago, bringing you misery, slavery, and an ever-increasing amount of despair. Now these times are over! A new period will bring about your release from the dark realms and your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This transformation will formally begin with the injection of new, beneficial governance on your world. Heaven instructed us to look at the selected days ahead and prepare a message to be given by our sacred associates. They are now setting them up and will announce them shortly. As always we cannot give a specific date but we fully intend to announce this to you on the date we have selected. Until then we watch the heavens in glee knowing that your time of freedom gets closer each day.

As we have told you before, our associates are to broadcast a series of special messages that will set the stage for our appearances before you. We will appear all across the planet and begin a range of general teachings which will expose the huge lies and distortions that deliberately produced the dogma used by the dark to prevent you from knowing many sacred truths. These truths, which we shall elucidate, will be wide-ranging, beginning with the nature of Spirit and Love and proceeding to introduce the knowledge that will prepare you for the wonders of the state of full consciousness. Basically, we are humanity's wayshowers, and our messages are the keys to a divine destiny that each of you possesses. At the duly appointed time, Gaia intends to join you in your moment of transformation and integrate herself into a single, unified, magnificent realm of Light!

It is this brilliant, unified realm of Light that you will awaken into in your fully conscious state. At this point our sacred role changes and we become, initially, your heavenly supervisors. We are to guide you lovingly through your first days as sacred Beings of Light. At this time we are to divulge to you the immense realms that are found in the highest regions of physicality. You will reacquire the wisdom of these realms which will prepare you for your first assignment of divine service to the Light. Your galaxy is in need of special exercises and miracles which are to transform it forever. Galaxy upon galaxy wait upon your immense talents and abilities! You are to co-create the instruments that will help Heaven in unfolding the Supreme Creator's plan for this creation. What we describe is only the merest beginning of the wonders which lie ahead for you!

Today we talked about what is shortly to happen. You are a great collective which has been encouraged by the guile of the dark to temporarily lose its way. Now you are to be given the truths which will return you to your sacred paths. Together we will remake this reality and forge a true realm dedicated in all aspects to Love and to Light. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun!


Sheldan Nidle - April 2, 2013

12 Ik, 10 Mac, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We arrive! Your world is advancing toward the dawn of a new epoch for all of Gaia's surface humanity. The specific good works of Heaven are ushering this positive movement in! We come here to verify this and give you a better knowledge of what is happening. The dark is thoroughly enjoying its last moments of power. Their arrogance is so high that they collectively have decided to ignore the consequences of their final actions. The key target point remains any trumped up situation that can lead to a global conflict. Our Agarthan cousins are at the forefront of our liaisons that are working relentlessly to prevent this from happening. This effort is to be a successful one since the dark does not realize how we can continue to prevent them from achieving their most heinous goal. We comprehend the nature of what the dark is doing and understand the best ways to prevent this from occurring. Besides these serious efforts, we are as well setting up the scenario for how your global governance morphs into the one that we have been describing to you. This is something that now requires your attention.

Changing the type of governance is something that runs counter to what is occurring throughout your world. Normally your globe's governance is influenced by the actions of your branch of the dark cabal. This group follows the agreement made among themselves globally on how your coming history is to unfold. There is no provision for any interference in this ongoing system of intolerance, extreme wealth and a continual feeling that they remain omnipotent. What we are doing is not only going to disrupt this process, but more importantly to transform it. We have supported groups that are challenging this system and using many legal proceedings to bring it down. Thus, a network of subtle victories proved the facts that this governance outstepped its bounds and became blatantly illegal. Our friends have thus given us the weapons to push this governance from power and replace it with a temporary one that can set the stage for what are indeed fair elections, and governance that is true to your real needs!

Added to this is a system of special global trusts that are under the auspices of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germain in the West. These immense financial organizations intend to release funds that are to permit the setting up of a new financial system. This system has been secretly hammered out by a group of individuals tied to policies that are to bring an end to the present illegal banking system and allow for a permanent prosperity to manifest across your globe. This new reality is to be enforced by a world-wide disclosure that is to lead to the arrest and detention of the leaders and minions of this dark cabal. The trials that follow are mainly done to emphasize that this new reality is here and that it cannot be so easily set aside by the dark. Our point here is simply that once Heaven so directs us, the reality that you have lived under is most dramatically to go away. A different history based upon the ways and decrees of the Light is to be established upon this realm.

This new realm is to be the Loving environment that is to set the stage for your final journey back to full consciousness. This path is to be travelled by you with mentors who are to instruct you in the wonders of full consciousness. This operation is to take only a few months and then you are to go through the grand metamorphosis that makes you a "physical Angel" Then you are to be trained in the day-to-day etiquette that socially governs this most heavenly realm. Heaven has set aside a series of special tasks as your first divine service. The Light is to embrace this galaxy and forge a grand set of sacred alliances that are be the forerunner of expanding the Light throughout physicality. You are to remember why you are here in the solar system and how this new star nation is to permit a permanent peace to become part and parcel of your new reality. This is something that you sense and realize. All of us are part of the Creator's divine plan! As physical Angels we are here to co-create this new wondrous realm!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you with some signs that sit in the Heavens and are harbingers of your new realm. The Sun has recently increased its hyperactivity. These large ejections of solar plasma are a sign by the Light that something extraordinary is shortly to happen! The stars in your night sky are moving in ways that point to the very edge of your galaxy. This direction is where an amazing event is occurring. Your stargazers and others who follow the paths of these multitudes of stars know that a new set of stars is preparing to reveal itself and add to the collection of sacred ones that nightly ply the heavens. Within these changes are others that we cannot yet reveal. They are forging the symbol of a grand harbinger who promises to terminate the dark's rule on your world. These odd things are largely unknown to you. Yet they are a way by which Heaven is showing us in physicality that a new epoch is indeed on the horizon for Earth's humanity. This new epoch is Heaven-sent and is already starting to manifest physically! The grand shift is quite near!

The blessings that we refer to are ones that promise to alter this realm forever. Inside you, you daily feel the aches, pains and signs of a new body. These alterations are simply another indication of the numerous changes that are the forerunner of your new reality. We sit here in joy and watch as you change like some unknown butterfly into something that is truly magnificent! There is to come a time shortly when our various space and heavenly families are to manifest and permit the divine Will to become known to you. When each of us chose to Ascend and put your well-being into our hearts, we took on a path that is to take all of humanity to its destined salvation. Your blessed hearts have endured vast discomfitures along with great disappointments for untold generations. This is now to stop! Heaven has a plan and this plan is to manifest the pushing of the dark from its perch of insult, arrogance and punishment. Their point is to be challenged by those who are greater than them. This time is now!

You are on a sacred path that we daily use our prayers and energy to maintain. This path can no longer be delayed or have irreverent obstacles put in place by the dark. They have a final grand moment that is simply permitting them to display the total disregard they inwardly possess for each of you. This last show of power is written on the Creator's "blackboard" and demonstrates why they are to be thrown en masse into the dustbins of history. These final acts are in reality pushing the proverbial noose around their respective necks! They are thus to be found guilty of these various heinous acts and are to be incarcerated within a special series of energies that are to be a means for showing them what they have done and provide them a way to make a needed forgiveness to all. We are all one and there is a need to secure such an acknowledgement from those who so swiftly used their advantages to rule in such an unforgiving and unkempt manner. Humanity is soon to come together and share the wonders that are full consciousness!

Today, we have shown you what is happening in the Heavens and on this world to shift us all from the tyranny of a dark realm to the joys of one forged by the Light! We rejoice and wait for the Light to manifest its wonder upon this realm. As Masters of the Light, we wait in joy for this new day! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Sheldan Nidle - April 9, 2013

6 Muluk, 17 Mac, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come again with more to tell you. Your reality is extremely close to its major shift in consciousness. The secret sacred societies of your world have entered into new alliances which are to serve them well once your new style of governance comes into being. We have assurances from several governmental organizations that once Heaven gives the green light the new reality can begin without further delay. We continue to monitor the dark cabal as it is clear that this group remains determined to pursue its willful and destructive course of starting a widespread military conflict. This will not be permitted. We also continue to add names to the detention lists and watch closely those who are the guiding hand behind the ongoing nonsense of keeping your globe burdened with contrived, groundless confrontations. This global modus operandi will shortly become a thing of the past and your ascension path will cease to be interfered with or sidetracked, as it has been in recent years. Your new epoch is inevitable and our formal arrival will shortly be announced. To this end we have drawn up a rapid-action schedule for our arrival so as to be ready at a moment's notice.

The new epoch will be characterized by more than just the removal of the dark's life-crushing agendas, for you are to be presented with a cornucopia of new information and truth. Those who have worked hard to establish the global segue into your new epoch have already liberated you from the reign of the US Federal Reserve. This illegal 'bank' is now bankrupt, and is seen to be operating only because its new caretakers do not yet wish to impose the reality of the situation upon the general public. They intend to maintain this illusion of 'stability' only up until the formal changes are allowed to happen. And so we monitor this ruse, knowing that an entirely new financial and monetary system is in place and awaiting the magic moment when Heaven gives us the official go-ahead. Until then we remain in our holding pattern. All we can say at the moment is that we are in a holding pattern until Heaven formally decrees that this age of spiritual darkness is over.

Nevertheless, the new spiritual age is upon us and this means that the dark, in reality, can no longer 'rain on our parade'! Those in the last dark cabal do indeed know that basically their time is up. This extension is giving them a respite between the outgoing and the incoming ages. Meanwhile, there is no letup in the progress of moving you toward full consciousness: your angelic body guardians and other spiritual Beings are establishing energy fields and patterns which are returning you to your natural state of Being as ordained by the Creator's divine plan. This plan also calls for the surface realm to be rehabilitated, and this is to dovetail with your own final DNA rehabilitation to be carried out in Agartha; you and Gaia both move upwards together. Also, all animal and plant life will be safeguarded by their respective Devic kingdoms which daily nurture them. These kingdoms will move their charges to special holographic environments to prevent them from having to endure the upheaval that is an inevitable concomitant of the surface realm's reconfiguration and transition to its 5D state. This dimensional reunion ends the current dysfunctional split between the surface world and Inner Earth.

What will emerge is a new, physically unified Gaia, not unlike the one of 13 millennia ago. She will then be capable of restoring not only her own reunified Spirit but also that of her entire multidimensional solar system. Her rehabilitation will enable her solar system to also return to the state of unity that existed prior to being rent asunder by the perfidy of the dark some 13 millennia ago. The state of dimensional separation that followed is now to be healed by the formal disclosure of your space family, who intend to place this realm firmly onto the final leg of the journey to full consciousness. These developments are planned to take place as the dark's long hegemony at last comes to a solemn conclusion. The Agarthans have long anticipated this prophesied time and we too come now to explain to you in detail the meaning of all this, once the Heaven-decreed time arrives. What then follows will demonstrate dramatically what this wonderful turn of events signifies for humanity. It will be a time when much will be laid before you, including the revelation of what lies in store for you!

Blessings to you! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a message full of joy and hope! Everywhere upon the surface realm there are celebrations between the Devic and Angelic Presences who are in charge of transitioning Gaia's elemental and animal kingdoms. New species are planning to take up residence shortly in the multifaceted, fully conscious milieu of Gaia's surface, once it is restored to its pristine state. Naturally, the same holds true for the diverse plant kingdoms which are to mirror the brilliant ecologies of Inner Earth. Gaia's newly resuscitated environments will begin a series of shifts to prepare for the Lighter, clearer, more crystalline diversity of life that befits this most unique and precious living orb. She is to return to a way of being that she possessed before her surface was downgraded to its present savage 3D state. The affect of her transformation is to flow out through the solar system, triggering similar ecological rehabilitation there: returning flora and fauna to Mars and Venus as well as stimulating a complete reconstitution of the large water-planet, Pax.

Our sacred duties include providing you with spiritual teachings about your most unusual living home world and how to become her primary land-guardians. The cetaceans are to extend their spiritual influences as Gaia's primary aquatic guardians, and together, you are to become a team whose purpose is to ensure that each of Gaia's living environments attains its fullest potential. Gaia is to become reunited within herself and serve as a template for life as it exists throughout this soon-to-be resurrected solar system. Your new star-nation will take on the environments that were planned initially for the various daughter worlds that comprise her. We come to teach you who you are to become, and to instill within you a great love and respect for the spiritual essences that reside deep within you and which are to be manifest everywhere in this new star-nation.

Our mission then requires us to become formal guides for your future activities. This stunningly beautiful collection of worlds is to be your future home. We are receiving instructions from Heaven regarding how to evolve the divine plan for the Sun and her transformed daughters. This inspirational mission will be a blessing for all! The instruction and training you receive will prepare you for what is expected of all fully conscious Beings of Light. You are to rejoin the ranks of a magnificent array of Spiritual Hierarchies and Life Streams which, in the name of Heaven, are to change this sector of physicality. This prepares the stage for the events which are to secure a permanent galactic peace, and provides the backdrop where entire galaxies can join together in the Creator's holy Light. These new unions will form the foundation for spreading Light throughout physicality!

Today we focused on what is planned for your solar system and all of physicality. The ongoing changes are a prelude to a great epoch of Light, especially for the whole of Mother Earth's long-suffering surface humanity. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Sheldan Nidle - April 16, 2013

13 Cib, 4 Kank'in, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return! Let us begin today by reviewing what has transpired so far. As you know, our Earth allies have set up the basis for a new monetary and financial system and the Agarthans have used their diplomatic skills to establish the nucleus of the new governance that is to be run by a coalition under the auspices of your Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters under the guidance of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germaine in the West have ensured that a new system of banking and monetary policy is emerging. These changes are intrinsic to the sacred decrees which are preparing this world for our mass landing. These divine directives are guiding us as we establish a way to set up the new reality for surface humanity. Freedom is a necessary condition for all that is planned and your realm is on an accelerated path to creating those prerequisites for your return to full consciousness. Our many liaison teams are monitoring everything and meeting every day with those who are to forge your new governance. As of now, these many programs have put all the necessary elements in place.

Our personnel are overseeing the schedule of projects which are to produce the results we have long discussed with you. Meanwhile, our Galactic Federation medical teams are continuing to collect the data needed to update your individual Light chambers. When called upon these Light chambers will be the means for returning you to full consciousness. At present, all of you possess certain key blocks, both emotional and physiological, that prevent you from returning naturally and under your own steam to full consciousness, and it is for this reason that throughout the millennia various methods have been attempted to bring about this wonderful state of Being. However, the results of these complex technologies were haphazard at best, which is why we have been permitted to create a simpler means of achieving this goal. At the right time, each of you can access your individual Light chamber waiting for you in Agartha, and during three days of slumber be returned to your original state of full consciousness as physical Angels.

Once you have secured your glorious new state of consciousness you will be eligible to rejoin the Galactic Federation by re-creating your former star-nation. In this the Agarthans will be your main guides together with your various Ascended Masters. Your first challenge after returning to full consciousness will be to set up your own galactic society, and part of this includes relocating those whose life contracts provide for this to the reconstituted worlds of Mars and Venus, and also the reconstructed planet of Pax (aka Maldek), which now lies in fragments between Mars and Jupiter. Your new star-nation is to become a herald of change for the former Anchara Alliance as these many new star-nations need a template for expanding their consciousness to its fullest levels. In accordance with this, you will be assisting many Galactic Federation members who are fully conscious versions of the multitudes of Dinosaurians, Reptilians, and Amphibians who now deeply desire to develop full-consciousness Light bodies. Heaven has mandated that this become your first mission as you begin to spread Light throughout the galaxy.

These first tasks which you will be carrying out as physical Angels are fundamentally vital as they will make the galactic peace permanent. It is a sacred task which will prepare you to be a most welcome addition at Federation conferences. We fully expect your new star-nation to provide the core of many Space & Exploration fleets which are to explore the far reaches of this sector of physicality. In this capacity you will carry out many of the mission objectives that are part of first contact. In effect, you will be doing what we are now doing to accelerate your transition into the wonders of full consciousness. In fact, we see you shortly becoming masters of a first-contact mission, and all that that implies. In this way, what we are accomplishing here with you will be reciprocated by you many times over. The primitive 3D realm you now occupy is shortly to be transformed into one that allows you to return to the stars, and this fulfillment of your divine destiny will bless you in ways that are well beyond your present abilities to envision!

Blessings, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! Many wonderful events are ready to happen. Gaia is prepared to step up the energies that she daily disburses among all her living creatures and ecosystems. These additional energies, which further accelerate your consciousness shift, could be seen as divine proof that you are being blessed by Heaven! Your sacred world has long been hidden within an especially manipulated shadow realm controlled by the dark cabal. Now, however, these new energies are ready to push you out of this dark dwelling space and into the Light. We are very pleased and Heaven is continuing to use her blessings to move you ever closer to the Light and toward your new more-conscious reality. Know that these shifts are inevitable! A series of events is upon you which will move you to the brink of a new reality. These events are celestial in nature and are harbingers of truly amazing circumstances! They are to bring you prosperity and freedom!

The Agarthans are assisting us to prepare a way for us to be introduced to you. These introductory announcements will be made by the secret sacred societies and many vital Truths will also be elucidated at that time. The dark has long packed your minds and your societies with half-truths as well as outright lies, and these need to be corrected. You will shortly be in the company of those who have long known about your true origins and your real history. The divine plan requires that you be apprised of these facts and that you learn how you became reduced over time, and no longer able to easily converse with Heaven. This broken connection of yours requires our immediate attention. You are in a transitional stage and our purpose now is to use our abilities to shift you easily into a new reality. Your reality is scheduled to be swiftly upgraded by the introduction of a vast range of Truths which you are required to assimilate. The time has come to do so!

Each day Heaven sends us great blessings. These 'blessings' are intended to make us more aware of where we are going and how quickly the divine plan intends to get us there. We are jubilant and wish to say that all of you have the innate ability to shift swiftly to higher states of consciousness. We are just waiting for Heaven's 'go' signal. The final series of events is ready to happen and bring us into a new Light. This Light will unleash an unending prosperity and bring a raft of new responsibilities for us all. Societies do not tend to change rapidly unless a new set of beliefs is taken up and readily espoused by a group of dedicated and passionate Beings. Our mission with you is to guide you, at the right divine moment, to the point where this passion, combined with sacred Truth, forges your new world. We would remind you, peace and Truth lie within. Be Aware. Be Wise. Be Love.

Today we reviewed the progress being made on your world. We ask you to continue to be ready to accept the new manifestations as they come slowly, yet ever more swiftly, into being. Amazing things are ready to happen. Despite its power, the dark is to lose. It will lose because of your great collective Love! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be it! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recommended movie for this month: "Sirius"

I would like to invite everyone to watch this movie entitled "Sirius" which is showing on April 22, 2013.  According to Zorra the alien featured in this movie is found mostly on the other side of the 'black hole'.

It's time for us to get serious about the subject of other life forms from other planets.  And this movie will give us a good introduction as to why the world is being prevented from being exposed to the realities of alien existence in and around our planet.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eye in the Sky

In response to what happened in Boston.  I just want to share some ideas that might inspire our American friends especially in solving the crimes in their nation.

If I am one of the advisers of President Obama I will suggest to setup an Eye in the Sky.

This will be a group of 24 hour satellite cameras not pointed into space (which half of the existing satellites are already doing) but instead it will be pointed towards the Earth. These kinds of cameras will have the same capability of Hubble Space telescope lenses that can zoom into very far away areas of the Galaxy. With this camera positioned in the outer space it can read the newspaper on earth with great clarity even if it has a font size of 0.4 pt.  ( as font size use by most newspapers and magazines today are mostly size 9 to 11 pt. ).

It will be like a security cameras stationed in space. Once these cameras are installed in space then the President will assign a group of FBI agents who will have access to the "Eye in the Sky cameras".  It will record everything that is happening on earth that is within the range of the frame of the camera viewing angle. The space cameras will be capable of recording at least 2 to 3 months worth of videos and photographs with HD quality. And the ability to send these videos to the special team/group FBI for them to look into the areas on earth where there was a recent incident which can either be crime or missing person. Real time search is also possible. With this technology in place they could then study the place where the crime took place by seeing everything that happened within the location and backtrack several days ago, before the incident took place. This will speed up the investigation and able to pin point to a much more accuracy as to who are the perpetrators of the recent incidents.

When its night time the cameras will switch to "Night Vision" mode that even if its dark it still can see everything on the surface of the earth. No one is allowed to access the space cameras but only the selected FBI agents and the President plus the US Congress.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Message from Ashtar - 2

Manuel:  This second message from Ashtar channeled via Athena is hinting on the imminent "Harvest".  For those who are familiar with the biblical references, the word harvest meant it is the end of the Age of Pisces.  And will shift to the New Age of Aquarius.  The cycle of ages with its predefined seasons are a Galactic Eras that are observe in this galaxy.  Each age or era has its own theme that somewhat defines the prevailing order that will happen on any given world. 

Since we are now in the current age of Aquarius the ways of this world are gradually fading right before our very eyes.  It will not be long now when changes to this world will become very obvious to everyone.  The forces of good who belongs to the light will come into this world  and will assist humanity onwards to the advancement of the Age of Aquarius.  


Channel: Ashtar/Athena
April 10 2013 11:46 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves The Most Radiant One (the Christ) on His Mission of Love.

Greetings Beloved Family,

In every part of all creation are periods that fall into lessons. There is a time to plow and sow, and a time to plant, and a time to reap. This is the way all life is organized throughout the Plan of Life. This is the Plan of our Creator. There was a growth period; a learning period for all experiences to manifest.

Dear Ones, you chose to be chosen and volunteered. This is your last incarnation, to help and enlighten all creatures large and small, every living seed, to encourage and to blossom into a beautiful sight for all Nature and Hue-man to admire and find glory, just from the mere beauty to your whole being.

Dear Ones, yes you're precious ... you are precious seeds from other star systems, and are the beautiful little caterpillars wrapping yourselves in your cocoons. Your cocoons... not knowing what you are really to become. But having Faith, you do so because it is to be from your Spark of the Divine Flame of all Flames, and the Divine Spark within every one sentient being.

Come into yourselves, your real Self, now knowing who you really are, and are to emerge into... this beautiful butterfly with beautiful wings to fly. Fly joyously! And are you willing to allow your consciousness to expand and rise without attachment or fear? Are you ready to go on to your Higher Existence, to be the real "You," to experience into the Divineness of your God Selves and be One with All?

Sweet Ones, have joy, peace and harmony and unconditional love for all your brothers and sisters, for that is your goal and only Reality: the beauty of the New Earth and Her ultimate glory.

Your Season of Harvest is upon you, and last but not least, BE LOVE.

I love you beyond words.

Your beloved Galactic brother, Ashtar.

Friday, April 12, 2013

St. Francis Alias St. Germain

It's already official that St. Germain is back! And this time he decided to walk - in to the person of St. Francis the Pope in the Vatican. Which means the Pope is indeed St. Germain. And I think St. Germain will revolutionize the Catholic world from stagnation into that of genuine concern to the poor of the world. He will definitely outshine Santa Claus from giving away gifts to humanity. If Santa Claus gave away gifts to children then St. Germain in the person of St. Francis will be extremely generous that will bring joy and happiness and put smile into countless peoples faces.   He will give gifts to the masses even if it is not the Christmas season but instead its because it is the season of the New Age of Aquarius.  I can already foresee in the future, a lot of Catholic will shed tears of joy as they receive the gifts coming from St. Francis.  And thus people will return the favor and will be generous to everyone around them.  They will exchange gifts to one another as though Christmas have become a whole year round of celebration.  And because of this the masses of people will become very attentive to everything he has to say.  As he have a lot of message to say and teach as well as some beings he needed to introduce to the world.  He may also correct the many errors found in the bible and put people at peace with God.  All of these gifts are made possible by the work of St. Germain that he did in the past, way back hundreds of years ago.  As they from the higher dimensions detected what the Dark Ones will do and so they prepare in advance.  

The Vatican for thousand and thousands of years is home for various foul spirits and from beings who were members of the other team which is the Dark Forces. In addition to that, it was also a habitation for the Reptillians who were the remaining descendant of the Annunakis. The Annunakis started in the Middle East area particularly in Iraq. They were instrumental in the setting up of various World Super Powers beginning from Babylon and then shifted to Persia, then Greece and finally with Rome. Their descendants are scattered around the world and mainly occupy most top positions in governments and big corporations or companies. The style of those who are in the top positions of the Dark Forces is to create a deception to make people believe something that is not true and to pretend they were something they are really not.

The rumour that the Vatican contains vast ancient library could be true. As many people throughout the centuries and milleniums had expressed that they saw some books in the Vatican library that are books that have been suppressed to the public. One example is the man named Mahan. According to him he went to the Vatican sometime in the 1800's and they got a copy of the letters of Pilate which Pilate sent to the Roman Emperor to report what was happening in Palestine at the time especially the news surrounding the life of Jesus and his students. Others have speculated that the Vatican also have copies of the "Unedited Version of the New Testament" meaning a first century manuscript written by Christians at the time. Because the bible that people have today  is a copy from the 3rd and 4th century.   Not having the original could mean that the present copy of the bible have gone through various magical abracadabra editing. They said they dont want to release these copies because if they do so then people will realize that they were lied to as the bible contains lots of added words as well as deleted words and sentences. One of the many things that needs correction is that Jesus actually taught people about the Ascension and the Reincarnation.  These subjects were removed from the original compilation of books that became the New Testament Bible. This discrepancy in the bible is the main reason why there are so many interpretations of the bible and people could not agree on many issues about the exact meaning which is why theres so many denominations and various churches having their own versions of interpretations. But that problem can be solve if only the original copy of the New Testament bible written in first century AD will surface and came out of the well guarded closet of the Vatican.

Now, this is where St. Germain aka St. Francis will come in. He can intervene and let the public get a glimpse of the Vatican library once and for all. Allow people to see the collection of books and be able to read them or study them and interpret them if they are in Latin form. He can also shed some light on morality and correct some of the beliefs of the Catholic faith that is either not based on truth. Many of the priest inside the Vatican either Italian or from elsewhere had expressed that they actually saw Reptillian people walking around the Vatican. Those who have seen them are so shocked and terrified. They thought that the Devil is present in the Vatican. I actually thought before that maybe the Vatican is the hiding place of Batman and Robin (just kidding).

With St. Germain in the Vatican he can definitely do a lot of changes to the Catholic church. He can slowly nudge them into observing genuine concern for other people by showing examples of his own life. He can also deliver and teach them about the existence of other life on other planets. The Vatican for many years have access to land based space observatory one of which is on a mountain in the US. And so, the future is really bright; filled with very positive possibilities. And last and not least, I am sure St. Francis which is now occupied by St. Germain will usher and help to lead the world in transitioning into the New Age, an age which is very much different from the previous one. As the Light take the center stage, while the darkness will take the backstage as a shadow creating and forming a distance between the two opposite spectrum. The Light will shine and will prevail.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Message from Ashtar

Manuel:  This Message from Ashtar verifies what was said in effect by the Mother/Father God through Kathryn May that indeed the End is Near.  It is not the end of the world but rather the end of the WAYS of this world.  The Earth will continue as it is but this time there will be a transition from that of darkness into the Light!  The time when God allowed evil and dark intentions to fluorish is over as the Host of Heaven as well as various star beings are now intervening in our behalf.  The title of the message of Ashtar is "The Beginning of the End"  which mirrors what was said in the New Testament bible about the end time scenario.   Eventually, there will be a separation of those who are evil and have embraced darkness from those who belongs to the light and strive to remain in the light.  


Channel: Ashtar/Athena

 April 7 2013, 1:49 PM Mountain Daylight Time

This is Lord Ashtar who serves The Most Radiant One (the Christ) on His Mission of Love.

My beloved family, this is the time for joy for all to keep their promises; the promises you all agreed to when you signed your contracts before taking on this incarnation on Mother Gaia.

The road was not easy, as you all know, but you wrote your scripts and you acted out your parts ... like St Germain wrote in his Shakespeare plays ... to awaken upon your paths or journeys and help with yours and others' Ascensions.

Most have not awakened from their deep sleep and have gotten off of their paths. Go, my dear ones, into your Stillness daily, and ask and you shall receive; knock and it shall be opened unto you. That is the promise Mother/Father God has given to you, Her Children.

Now, to focus on the activities at hand. We are almost at the beginning of the end, for we must open up the last door (or wave) to complete all Light Beings' Ascension with their Planet Earth.

One of these doors is the premier movie, SIRIUS, that will be shown, or held, in Los Angeles, California. Steven Greer has dedicated most of his life to getting all of the research on UFO's ... extraterrestrials ... to get this information out; to make this Disclosure happen all over your globe.

Another big event is the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the 29th of April through, or to, the 3rd of May. You all can really help, dear ones, if you could spread this good news out to all you know and then it will make a huge splash, bringing Disclosure into manifestation.

We up here on the ships are so excited and are so proud of you and appreciate all of your faithful work to make this happen. It couldn't have taken place without you, dear ones.

We need you, as well as you need us. We can't thank you enough for your Love, Light and dedication to us, your brothers and sisters, who are longing to join and assist as you set up a whole new society of Oneness. The new Golden Age.

We are surrounding your beautiful planet and want to salute you, humbly, and bow to you with love, gratitude, harmony and peace.

I love you beyond measure. Your beloved Galactic brother,