Sunday, April 28, 2013

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure 2013

Among the Europeans it was Germany who first developed a UFO type of flying disc.  And majority of their scientist and engineers involved on those projects openly admit that they received help from outside our planet, meaning from other worlds.  The secret societies of Germany were having contacts with extra terrestrials for so many decades even before World War II.  The design, propulsion and how to create them were inspired to them by the off world contacts.  But when the US got their hands on this technology, everything became a secret; especially into what happened in Roswell, New Mexico the place called area 51.  According to the people from Hollow Earth that the craft that were shot and recovered by the US government was from the greys.  They were here on Earth invited by the Hollow Earth people and when they temporarily turn off their force field shield, they were shot by the US army.  And that's how the story of the area 51 developed and was covered up from then on.

Once again, I invite everyone to watch this "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure" which will be streamed online coming from Washington DC.  This will start on April 29 up to May 3, 2013.  People from various fields of expertise will testify in front of the former members of the US Congress  and discuss once and for all as to why there is an embargo against the truth of the alien presence here in this planet.

And for those who are curious about people from Hollow Earth; Zorra and his son will be there and will gladly share their own testimony to the public.  Sign up now and spread the word.

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