Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eye in the Sky

In response to what happened in Boston.  I just want to share some ideas that might inspire our American friends especially in solving the crimes in their nation.

If I am one of the advisers of President Obama I will suggest to setup an Eye in the Sky.

This will be a group of 24 hour satellite cameras not pointed into space (which half of the existing satellites are already doing) but instead it will be pointed towards the Earth. These kinds of cameras will have the same capability of Hubble Space telescope lenses that can zoom into very far away areas of the Galaxy. With this camera positioned in the outer space it can read the newspaper on earth with great clarity even if it has a font size of 0.4 pt.  ( as font size use by most newspapers and magazines today are mostly size 9 to 11 pt. ).

It will be like a security cameras stationed in space. Once these cameras are installed in space then the President will assign a group of FBI agents who will have access to the "Eye in the Sky cameras".  It will record everything that is happening on earth that is within the range of the frame of the camera viewing angle. The space cameras will be capable of recording at least 2 to 3 months worth of videos and photographs with HD quality. And the ability to send these videos to the special team/group FBI for them to look into the areas on earth where there was a recent incident which can either be crime or missing person. Real time search is also possible. With this technology in place they could then study the place where the crime took place by seeing everything that happened within the location and backtrack several days ago, before the incident took place. This will speed up the investigation and able to pin point to a much more accuracy as to who are the perpetrators of the recent incidents.

When its night time the cameras will switch to "Night Vision" mode that even if its dark it still can see everything on the surface of the earth. No one is allowed to access the space cameras but only the selected FBI agents and the President plus the US Congress.

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