Friday, June 21, 2013

Mass Landing 2013 - Part 2

The future of the planet is really bright. Although, the arrival of beings from other star systems will bring positive and beneficial effects to mankind, it will also have significant effect not just to the present way of life but also in the way we do our business and commerce. There will be changes in the banking system of the world. For some of us are not aware that behind the scenes of the world stage, the allies of the Galactics had been working tirelessly for decades to bring this about. And now is the time for the eventual introduction of this new system into the world. As I have been saying for quite some time now that there will be a new banking system that will be backed by precious metals such as silver and gold.

And since we are dealing with star beings who have been monitoring our world since time in memorial they know firsthand how difficult life we have here on earth. And one of the most contributing factor that shape the way things are is in the financial sector. Needless to say we live in an economic system that enslave most of us. We all have a very limited lifespan and we know so much of our time is consumed just to work for a living; we barely have time for other things in life. And this has to change in order to improve the quality of life on Earth. The prices of everything food, clothing, housing and etc. they continue to rise non-stop but the increase of incomes does not match with it as it always falls behind.

Imagine for a minute what the world will be like if we are to use electricity abundantly with no worries we always associate with it of having an enormous amount of electric bill? Can you imagine a world where we are no longer relying on pollution oriented fossil fuel from petroleum and nuclear? And best of all it does not have a price tag on it and its there (24 hours a day non-stop) for our consumption and use and it's totally FREE! How would you like to live in a world free from bills that gives us additional thing to worry about?

Here's the thing, we are going to benefit from their generosity as they will give us portable equipments that we can use to tap and access zero point energy without relying on the power companies anymore. This means we can convert all our electrical appliances at home to start using these devices that they will introduce and give it to us free of charge. Each household will be given a free energy device that will make peoples lives easier and better.

The goodnews is they will be here to bring gifts to humanity. Once the precious metals backed currencies had become standard worldwide then it will be easy to distribute financial gifts to humanity; as there is an abundance of precious metals hidden on Earth as well as from other worlds. The mothership that was sent by the planet Sirius is twice the size of the Earth and is now parked in front of the Sun (by the way our sun is not hot as it is powered by cold fusion. the heat we feel is from a certain radius of our atmosphere. And the fiery display we see from its surface are just visual fence/holographic to deter people from Earth from going there.) That ship in front of the sun is the representative from Sirius but we are dealing with a host of other motherships from allover the Galaxy and beyond majority of them are cloaked but some are not. And so I estimate the population of beings who are here within our solar system surpass the current population of humans on the surface of the Earth. This is why the worldwide network of shadow governments are having difficulty in executing their plans and schemes as they are either directly or indirectly being challenge and stopped from their activities around the world. This shadow government is a combination of ancient secret society such as the Illuminatis and some other factions which I will not name as I don't want to offend them as they are secretly notorious in avenging their cause. The visiting people from various star systems are here to assist in the Ascension and to bring abundance to humanity as well as to challenge the secret defiance of the worldwide network of secret governments. We have to thank these beings for it was them who stopped the plan of the shadow governments from starting world war 3. As we see from the mainstream media as they sensationalise the news prelude to a war a global war; as we all know the owners of these mass media are the shadow government who operate around the world.

And for the sake of the Christians let me tell you this in relation to the scripture. The prophet Daniel mentioned that in the last days something will happen in Libya and some other middle eastern nations that includes Syria. This prophecies of Daniel as for the end time do include the words as "In the days of these kings, the Most High God of the Universe will setup a kingdom that cannot be shaken". And I tell you this PROPHECY is happening before our very eyes! The most high God is challenging the spirit of defiance of these kings (rulers) that composed the network of alliance of secret governments. They are being stopped in their tracks by beings they could not see but are operating around them. Have we forgotten that the planet Pleiades and Orion star systems are mentioned in the bible? Have we forgotten that the prophet Ezekiel vision was actually a vision of star beings getting out of its spacecraft?

And most of all have we forgotten that the book of Genesis do mentioned about the "Mother and Father God" that was already present even BEFORE Adam and Eve was created? And did you know that the story of Genesis concerning the creation did not originate in Israel but actually from Egypt? The original Egyptian land was inhabited by the Atlanteans who are mostly composed of beings and people from various star systems. Moses had access to the ancient library of Egypt and there they found the story of original creation. And when the planet was taken over by Reptilians from Orion and so on, then the records of history had been deliberately edited to make it seem like that the worldwide secret governments does not exist.

The other goodnews is that the new banking system is already underway. Meaning the "RESET" and revaluations of currencies around the world is "IMMINENT". Just like what Jesus said in the gospels "Even so when you see these things happening then you know it is near, right at the door!" So imagine in the near future, all of our new banking system will be showered and flooded with endless supply of precious metals that the only way to cope with it is to share and distribute them to every woman and child, boys and girls, young and old - money for the entire humanity! From a world of greed (controlled by the secret government), slavery, and lack, instantly to be converted into a WORLD of ABSOLUTE ABUNDANCE! This is not an exaggeration, this is real. Of course you are entitled to not believe but trust this upcoming miracle as this is as sure as the sun will rise the next morning! I tell you this is unstoppable! As there is no known force in the universe that can stop the forces of "LOVE". Yes, the beings that are gathered here within our solar system are beings of love. And they are doing these in our behalf not because they are paid to do it but because they loved us dearly that they are willing to travel very far away from their world to assist us.

And to make the long story short we are all not from this planet! The human body is an avatar form. The real "YOU" is inside the body whether it be male or female. The real person inside you is an energy form that can also be called as spirit. It is not a matter or physical but is immaterial. We are all spirit beings assigned to a physical body.  And all of us came from various star systems in the Galaxy and beyond.  Which is why there are so many motherships surrounding our solar system.  They gathered to not only witness the planet ascension from darkness into light but also they are here to pick up their own incarnate people who were living as humans in the world society having experience to learn what it is like to be under the influence of the dark intentioned secret rulers of the world.  There is an ancient prophecy in Tibet which says that sometime in the late 2014 there will be a teraforming of the planet where everything will be wiped out, just like rebooting and reformating of the windows operating system to wipe clean all of the files and start afresh from the beginning.  The teraforming will take place in the future but before they start and remove all the industrial pollution we pasted allover the planet; they will temporarily relocate every living beings from the surface of the world.  This include animals and not just humans.  It is said in the prophecy of Daniel that knowledge (consciousness) shall increase and people shall travel to and fro.  In the near future not just worldwide travel will be done through spaceships but also from planet to planet.  And we from Earth will receive their assistance as the planet has to go through a rigorous cleansing, removing all the industrial mess we have made on Earth.  This relocation is one of the reason why there should be a Mass Landing to happen in the near future.  They will land en masse to mentor each and everyone of us.  And once the Teraforming is finished then Jesus (also known as Sananda in the ancient times) will start to rule the Earth along with those who have awaken.

Jesus was not the only one who went through the process of incarnation it was all of us humanity we are all incarnates!  Which means all of us (no exceptions) are not from this world!! We were sent here as spirit beings and they transfer us into a fetus of a baby inside the womb of our mothers.  And we have had many lifetimes of incarnations throughout the 12 thousand years allowable time for the planet to undergo the ways of darkness before the forces of Light will officially intervene in behalf of the Heaven and God.  The planet went through this experiment to see if beings of Light which is all of us when under the rule and influence of the dark rebellious beings will find themselves (voluntarily) back into the Light of God despite of the fact that they were stripped of their powers and became limited beings and still REMAIN true to WHO they are as beings of light.  I have a goodnews for you.  There are lot of people on the surface made it back to their true selves (a self of Light and Love).  Though, there are still vast amount of people on Earth who have not awaken to the truth.  It is therefore important that we wake them up from sleep. But for those who will not awaken, it only means it is not yet time for them.  So when you see them in their selfish, and immature attitude you know that they need more time for their development and so we need to give them understanding and not condemnation.  Instead, lavish them with compassion, patience and generosity.  For we too once upon a time in the past lived in ignorance because we were not yet awake to the truth.

Our original essence is spirit which can be encased inside a physical body.  But it has some connections to the air as we know the air is invisible but not completely similar to air as it is only one facet of its spiritual outlet. Just like where is fire when we cannot see them? Remember in the bible it said "For God is a consuming fire". We are all pieces of this great Prime Creator God. We are all a spark of light of this Immaterial God who created everything that is physical called matter. And now we were assigned to a physical body in which we call as "human form". But just as the baby Jesus who incarnated, he was also from other star system who was born on earth to experience humanity just like all of us who lived on Earth. We also came from other various star system. One of the early alliances in this Galaxy and beyond is called "The Galactic Federation of Light". They exist even before the creation and the foundation of the physical Earth. They were here including the Mother Father God during the ground breaking ceremony of founding the Earth. Elohim is only one of the many students of the Prime Creator God. They emphasize the word light because eons of time ago there were rebellion that took place. And so by mentioning the word light they are the people and beings who are faithful to the Mother Father God and the Prime Creator God. But the secret governments on Earth are in alliance to the cause of darkness who rebelled against God. Their ancestors are the original people who took over and rule the planet many thousands of years ago.

The next article, part 3 will be about the "New Jerusalem" that will appear as the SIGN of the times we are living in.  It will not land, but only hover above the Earth.  But smaller fleets will be coming over the surface to mingle with us.  Absolutely, no one on Earth will miss the spectacle of this magnitude as it will be seen around the world encircling the Earth.  Quoting from the bible: "Just like the lighting (the Sun) that flashes to the east and into the west, so shall the coming of the Son (on board the New Jerusalem.)" This mothership is the sign Jesus was referring to when his disciples asked the question: "What is the SIGN of your coming (return)?  Jesus also answered by describing his return as something that can be observe from the sky/atmosphere.  "And you shall see me coming in the clouds of Heaven". Then the sign of the Son of Man shall appear in the sky. (paraphase-quoted from the bible).

Today, is the sixth month after the planetary shift of December 21, 2012.  We are now on the third level, on its way to the fourth level of the 12 levels transition before the planet completely shift to the 5th dimension.   And when the Mass Landing occur it would mean that the gradual planetary shift have reached beyond the sixth level or so.  And that will signal the appearance and descend to our atmosphere the mothership called the New Jerusalem.  Take a look at the sky at night, use some telescope and look at the spot where the planet Venus is located.  The bright light that covers Venus is no other than the New Jerusalem itself.  The glow of light beaming from this mothership is so bright that it practically covers the planet Venus from our view.  Yes, the New Jerusalem (as stated in the book of Revelation) is parked in front of the planet Venus. It is a two thousand mile wide mothership.  I will reserve all the details about this on the next issue of this article - part 3.