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A Message from Ashtar July 29, 2013

Quick Introduction:  
In this message from Ashtar he continue to give us some good wisdom and very useful advise regarding the use of our thoughts, feelings and attention and how it relates to the "I Am Presence".  



Channel: Ashtar/Athena
July 29 2013 6:00 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Dear Ones,

You are the leaders and the awakers, God's children are learning and seeking and must proceed. You are relateable and synchronistic with your own emotions, feelings, and thoughts - and needs. They must be able to say "Yes, this person understands."

You must see clearly that it is possible to live the Human lifestyle in an awakened and enlightened manner, and that in so doing, one can be the "In, but not of, the world." They shall come to you then for guidance and with many questions.

Dear Hearts, this will come from watching as you go about the same daily tasks as they do, but in such a manner which bespeaks honor and compassion for Gaia and her inhabitants.

Endeavor to keep your thought removed from the negative, catch yourself each time your mind strays towards uncharitable thoughts and deeds - stop and breathe - breathe deeply and with intention - feeling full of your soul's golden light upon the in-breath and casting loose upon the outbreath whatever parasitic attachment that you locate within your field of energy - inbreath, and outbreath.

Dear Hearts, at this time and place, there are many things you must learn with your Ascension and Post-Ascension, when you arrive in the 5th Dimension. Lift consciousness - and I would like to share with you this Cosmic Truth. The average person thinks it impossible to live in a state of perfection - a state with no discord, because the conditions of Earth are in such discord. Yet, the first two Golden Ages, which are referred to as The Garden of Eden, were without discord.

Dear Ones, how is that possible? Everyone has the faculties of attention, thought and feeling. Although you do not see them, you know you have them and they are real to you.

You have the power of attention, thought or vision, and feeling, which is the power of qualification. These are your creative faculties and are in constant action, creating every minute either good or otherwise; while awake and during sleep, they function at inner levels.

Each individual is a Creator - a being with free will, given (endowed) by the Creator, or Father.

You, Dear Ones, are at liberty to direct the attention to whatever you will, good or evil, think and feel as you choose. Attention, vision and qualification are the creative faculties by which creation takes place. These three are your creative faculties by which is created either perfection or discord, every moment. Attention is the first faculty of the law. Then comes the mighty power of the "I AM." You are victorious or a failure by the power of attention.

What you think, you create. Where your attention is, there you are - and you are becoming that. What you meditate upon, you become.

Attention is power of light in action. Life is a compelling force. Your attention to a thing compels life to flow there. What sets one afire may, by attention to the same thing, put another into despair.

Remember what your concentrated attention upon a given object means. Your human, or outer self, is the means by which you hold the attention for accomplishment. Your concentration is your focused attention. Concentration is an inner force held; of course, the attention is used.

Your attention is your success, or failure. It takes your acknowledgment, acceptance and attention on a thing, to have its blessing.

There is no one thing that can change your life (lifestream) like the attention. Then, there is another discipline; you may focus your attention on discord out here, but not accept the discord in the feelings.

As you connect by your attention to things in the outer world, you make it a part of your world. Nothing can enter your world but that which you invite. How? By your attention, by discussion. There is no human creation that has power in your world except by the power of your attention. The shadows and discord live by one's attention - feeding your life into them. Where your attention is, there you are - what your attention is upon, that you become. It is imperative to make effort to control the attention. Mastery is attained by controlled attention.

Limitation is caused by your giving power to something outside, instead of to the I Am Presence. When you feel not sure, you have allowed the attention to be divided between appearances and The Presence. Attention is like a wire. Dear Ones, I will give you an illustration: wires are placed at four points for a telephone; now, you are connected. When the wire is cut, that is like taking off the attention. Disconnect your attention from the disturbing thing. Turn the attention from discord - also in the feelings. Every discord, or human thing, must drop away when you stop giving attention to it.

Your attention to The Presence, one minute a day, will do much for you. Feel The Presence... the light of The Presence enter your flesh body. Attention to The Presence is the most powerful thing in the Universe. Give attention to your Presence, constantly, every time you have a few moments. Fix your attention upon the harmonizing and perfecting of yourself.

When you turn on the switch, you have light., You do the same when you give the attention to The Presence.

One's power of attention will reverse energy. In your feeling world is your Divine Memory. How are you going to bring it forth unless the attention is held on it?

And this, Dear Ones, completes Part 1 of Attention, Thoughts and Feelings. Today, we have learned of the powerful tool of Attention, and how to use it.

Watch for Part 2 of this vital teaching. Soon to follow.

Your Galactic Brother,

Lord Ashtar


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