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A Message from Ashtar - Part 2


Part 2

Channel: Ashtar/Athena
July 29 2013 6:00 AM

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Beloved Ones,

In the last message, Part 1, Attention, Thought and Feelings ... we went into great depth on Attention. Now, Beloved Hearts, we would like to go into Part 2 on Thought and Feelings.

Dear Ones, there is only one creative power in the world - thought and feelings. Thought and feelings are your creative centers. Can you do anything without your mentality and feelings?

There are teachings which teach thought power and stress right thinking; but the power of feelings has never been understood or taught until recently. Since there is three times or more energy in the feeling world as in the mental world, it is necessary to control the feelings first. The greater power is in the feelings, which run rampant with most of mankind, which accounts for so much unrest and disturbed conditions. It is the feeling that energizes and motivates the thoughts. The feeling, or emotional world, being the power-house, should concur with thought; that is what produces results. That is why many prayers have not been answered; being only mental. The thought creates the form, or cup. The feeling energizes it, which makes it a thing. One has to hold the form (thought-form or pattern) until the substance fills it.

To gain self-control is not a matter of mind, only, but of the feelings, wherein is the greater amount of energy. No one will ever control thought until he controls feelings first; thought is produced by feelings. You never have a thought, that you didn't have a feeling first. Every individual is constantly picturing what is in his feelings.

You are never bound by conditions, Dear Ones. You are bound by your own feelings. You think the wall shuts out the air? It is your feelings that shut out the air! The only thing that stands between the Ascended Masters and you (us) - between beauty and perfection and us - is thought and feelings, and we can change both instantly. That is demonstrated so clearly in a child (or adults, too, for that matter), that may be crying and, by the attention being drawn to something else, he is laughing the next moment. Also, in actors, which is done at will. They have learned to control those faculties and cause them to respond at their will.

What is meant by the expression, "... up against a stone wall"? That "stone wall" is a human accumulation which is mostly misqualified energy in the feeling world. The Presence can be called into action to dissolve and transmute it.

Train yourself to bring your feelings to bear, to bear forth that which the consciousness knows.

Your feeling world is the release. Watch what feeling is operating in you.

You must accept the things, Beloved Ones, (that you call for) in your feelings. To get greater feelings, use a greater determination. Your determination will change your desire. Your feeling world is the magnetic pull. Why aren't we free? Because, knowingly, or unknowingly, we have accepted the appearance world. In the present stage of consciousness of mankind, much of the power of qualification acts unknowingly through the outer conscious mind of the individual. Therefore, the need is to again come into a state of consciousness - a point of control of these faculties.

Your world is just as far as your feelings extend.

A powerful, strong belief, charged into your feeling world, will be there... embodiment after embodiment.

The light pouring down through the ray from the I AM Presence can be requalified. Only your feeling can affect this energy. You cannot requalify the energy the Ascended Ones pour into your feeling world, but you can requalify that which you call forth from the Presence... you have been doing it. The energy comes pure and perfect to the heart, and on its return, illumines the brain; that is where human qualification takes place. You clothe the energy coming through the ray of light from The Presence as it goes out into your world with whatever feeling you have. Just your power of qualification, acting in your feeling world, stands between you and your freedom. In great calm, you will find that your power of qualification is not acting. Qualification means... the feeling released within you that charges the energy called forth from your power-house; the attention being the activity. We do not qualify with the intellect; power of qualification is a feeling. Everything depends upon your use of it.

Your power to misqualify can't stop until you stop accepting discord in your feelings. We should not discuss with each other discordant things. When you listen to discordant things, you are anchoring in your feeling world some discord that must act there. There is not one destructive thing that can reach you, unless you feed your life energy into it.

Charge the feeling to repel discordant things. One can then see or listen to discord without accepting it. Feel such a great outpouring from The Presence, that discord cannot register. It is not that you may not see destructive conditions, but you may not let them enter into your feelings. When you can look upon a thing without a feeling, then you are Master.

All feeling is one according to the qualities manifest there. This power and force going forth - this power of life called forth by great intensity of feelings, goes through the mental and feeling worlds of all mankind, in an action similar to hydraulic force.

Dear Ones, keep an iron grip on the feelings. The easiest way is to visualize the luminous presence of an Ascended Master enfolding you (or your own Presence).

Strong desire, held over a long period of years, becomes a compelling power.

The first activity in mankind is desire. Desire must be constructive desire.

There is hearing and feeling in the sight - sight and feeling in the hearing - sight and hearing in the feelings.

The imperative need is harmony in the feelings; until we maintain harmony in the feelings, we will stay in chains. We must get balance by self control in the feelings. The only waiting required is for you to determine to hold harmony in your feelings. You have got to make effort at self control. You must balance the powers of The Presence called forth in the human realm - and that is where attention, power of qualification, and vision come in. One can control the energy at the solar plexus by raising it to the Golden Flame in the Heart. That enables you to hold self control.

The feeling world is what produces beauty in the flesh.

In order to have quick action, you must release energy by feeling. It is the feeling that releases the current of energy from The Presence that fulfills your call. As long as there is an uncertainly in the feelings, you do not settle down into a firm knowing.

There is the motherhood and fatherhood of God; the intellect represents the fatherhood and the heart, motherhood. Thought is the masculine element - it creates form which only becomes a thing when combined with the feminine element for activity, feeling.

One must be sure in the feelings that The Presence is the doer. There is the need of complete cooperation in the feelings with The Presence. Once you can release your feelings in the hands of The Presence, what freedom that will bring!

A criterion one can go by is a feeling from the Heart... is an action of The Presence; a feeling from the solar plexus is the human or outer self, acting. One must distinguish between intense human desire and the pressure of light through him.

Disturbance in the feeling world enters through the solar plexus. That is the main door; sight is very closely connected. It will also enter through the ears, and gossip is the most destructive thing. For control, draw in the solar plexus and call in to your I AM Presence to hold control of your feelings. The solar plexus is the door to the emotional body. The point between the eyes is the door to the mental body. It is well to visualize a miniature luminous presence of Jesus over those spots. On the forehead, see it in a sphere of dazzling white light about three inches in diameter; at the solar plexus about the size of a large dinner plate. In the disc of light, can be used the luminous presence of any Ascended Master, but, it is particularly well to use Jesus' luminous presence because His Ray, the Sixth Ray, is the ray connected with, or governing the emotional body. The solar plexus, being the entrance to the emotional body from the outer world is why, many times, one becomes suddenly nauseated for no apparent reason. That is because hate, or discord, from the outer was allowed to enter, or it may have been consciously projected. When disturbance tries to drive in, or when in a crowd, one can fold his arms which helps close the door. You can draw in the solar plexus and say: "My Magic I AM Presence, you hold control of my feelings."

It is not realized that 75% of the feelings are discordant in the average person in the outer world, who makes no effort to control his feelings. Out of that destructive quality acting, they are unaware of 35% of it. It is those conditions which are the most difficult in one's attainment.

Discord acting in the feelings is what has prevented happiness. What holds the desire of mankind? The substance released from the feelings of mankind. We have to stop accepting discord into our feelings.

Every constructive desire is God in Action. To every constructive desire, there is an opposing force outside, and even within yourself. Viciousness from human beings comes from desires unsatisfied. And those desires, being human, can never be satisfied. That is the bottomless pit.

Your human vessel is still subject to these ups and downs of emotion, regardless of how far along you are on your Ascension journey. It matters not a whit, for as you continue to occupy a human body, you shall not be subject to the effects of Gaia's cleansing. It is the way you choose to handle such emotions, thought and feelings, which clearly distinguishes the leader from the follower.

Dear Ones, when beset by feelings of hopelessness and dismay, a good trick to instantly dispel them is to offer blessings - bless the flowers and the trees, the rocks, the people and the animals ... and even cast your blessings unto all of man's creations. Dear Hearts, it is perfectly easy and effortless, as you are a child of Mother/Father God, and this is simply your natural way. Dispensing blessings promptly shifts your vibration upward to the upward spiral, negative to positive. Suddenly, it shall be as if a large weight has been lifted from your weary shoulders and in its place an angel's loving hand gently rests.

Dear Hearts, use your good energies of good intentions on attention, thought and feelings.

You are unconditionally adored.

Blessings and Love,

Your Galactic Brother,
Lord Ashtar


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