Monday, August 26, 2013

Explanation for the Name: 'New Dimension 2012'

You maybe wondering why I have not change the name of the site that would reflect the current year 2013 as we are no longer in 2012?

The reason for this is that I want people to understand and or realize that the change in our planets dimension changed into the fifth (5th dimension) exactly on December 21, 2012.  On February of 2006 our planet shifted to the fourth dimension coming from the 3rd dimension.  These are all done by the electromagnetic vibrations and energies coming from the Central Sun of our Galaxy - the Milky Way.  Many of you on that day back in 2006 were feeling some discomfort like slight nausea, dizziness and so on and this was caused by the shift that happened that year.  And our planet continue to progress to the 12 levels of the fifth dimension.  Currently we are now in the 5.5 levels bordering now the 5.6 level.  This is the reason why the "Reptilians" who came to the planet from Orion star system many thousand years ago; they are what the bible calls as demons, are unable to stand the changing dimensions of the planet.  They inhabit various people as host for their worldwide domination and they were given warnings coming from the Prime Creator that these reptilians should repent and turn to the Light of God otherwise they will be dissolved by the rising energies of the Planet Earth including the peoples vibration.  And so these judgement of the Prime Creator eventually took effect last August 22, 2013.  Almost half of them returned to the light while half of them were dissolved and became molecules in which they will not come back ever again.  These reptilians have been reincarnating over and over again into the thirteen families who own the biggest banks of the world and largest corporations.  While the rest of them are assigned to wreak havoc in the life of several people in order to stop them from doing their assigned work on Earth.

Right now, the reptillians for the vast majority of them are all gone.  A few, maybe just handful are remaining.   The next individuals and group of people  that will be dealt with are those who are minions of these reptilians which are scattered around the world.

As the planet continue to rise in its vibration, once we reached the 5.6 level and above, this will trigger massive action by the Galactics.  Appearances of spaceships will not only increase but also will become visible to our eyes.

And so the name New Dimension 2012 reflects the fact that our planet shifted into the fifth dimension which started last December 2012.  

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