Sunday, August 18, 2013

Introducing Sananda - Part 2

It's been two thousand years since the last time Jesus was here on Earth.  In Christianity, a lot of traditional beliefs, practices are now in question of whether the term 'Christianity' and the culture and custom that were associated with it are indeed genuine.   With these new messages from Sananda also known as Jesus it opens the possibilty that the entire tradition including the religion itself was in fact a "Fabrication", a fiction.

In other words, Christianity and all its hype through the ages could have not really been divinely inspired but instead a by product of a group of people who after Jesus had long been gone out of this world came up with a concept of creating a branch of Judaism that is completely distinct and separated from it but a continuation of its premise.  Christianity seemed to be with these new revelations from Sananda a "Branding" formulated to create followers in the form of deception.  Whether the intention of the man called Saul who became Paul to deceive people or not, it is now very clear that Jesus did not asked him to create a fanatical group of people that will be called Christians.  As history unfolded numerous beliefs had been invented to create a fancy, illusion filled religion, and Jesus in the person of Sananda is now here to correct those beliefs.

In no particular order
1.)  Jesus never asked people to bow down and worship him
2.)  He never said that he was the only child of God.
3.)  Judas was not a bad person.   He actually did not betray Jesus.  The story of Judas betraying Jesus was a fabrication added to the list of fairy tales stories to the compilation called "New Testament".
4.  Paul was never asked nor commisioned to be Jesus apostle.
5.  Jesus actually taught his disciples about reincarnation a subject that was deleted from the New Testament.
6............. to be continued

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