Saturday, August 24, 2013

Introducing Sananda - Part 3

I will now continue from part 2.

As history unfolded numerous beliefs had been invented to create a fancy, illusion filled religion, and Jesus in the person of Sananda is now here to correct those beliefs.

The following are some of the points on how I understand those beliefs should be corrected.

In no particular order:

1.)  Jesus never asked people to bow down and worship him.

2.)  He never said that he was the only child of God, meaning he is not the only son of God.

3.)  Judas was not a bad person.   He actually did not betray Jesus.  The story of Judas betraying Jesus was a fabrication added to the list of fairy tales stories to the compilation called "New Testament".

4.)  Paul was never asked nor commisioned to be Jesus apostle. 

5.)  Jesus actually taught his disciples about reincarnation a subject that was deleted from the New Testament. They edited the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus.

6.)  Jesus was indeed against the marketing activities in and around the Temple.

7.)  Jesus was really against the sacrificing of animals.

8.)  Jesus did not want animal sacrifices to continue as these activities were not really given by the True God.

9.)  Animals are not meant to be human food.  They are not designed for human consumption.

10.)  Animal killing/sacrifices can be considered as an "Abomination".

11.)  Jesus went back to the Temple after the resurrection and he drove away those who were doing all kinds of marketing of not just animals but also merchandise for the worship and sacrifices. This story was removed from the original written testimony.

12.)  Jesus taught people that they can heal themselves "If they only believe they can".

13.)  Jesus emphasized the fact that each and everyone of us is a part of God.  He quoted the Old Testament and said "It is written in your scriptures that you are GOD!".

14.)  Remember what the Prophet Jeremiah said (in effect) when he was inspired by God; "I did not ASKED your fathers to do the sacrifices". Meaning the angel who asked and taught Moses to do the sacrifices was someone pretending to be for the Light.  It must have been from the enemy of God.

15.)  Jesus emphasized: "For God desires Mercy than Sacrifice of animal life".  For sacrifices does not take away peoples sins. A lie was added to the bible when it said: "Without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness/remission of sins.

16.)  Remember, Jesus declare forgiveness and grace to people long before the crucifixion.  Forgiveness can be given even without the need for an actual sacrifices of animal or human life.  All it takes is a truly repentant heart  to turn from evil ways and back to God and there's no need for sacrifice of animal life to cover and pay for what we've done wrong.

17.)  The truth that Jesus and all his students/followers (men and women) are all "vegetarians".

18.)  Jesus cared for the animals even for a small kitten that he took some time to care for the cat. This is also another story that had been omitted from the original testimony.

to be continued.......... 

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