Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Comment and Additional Insight In Support of the Message from Ashtar

I find the teaching of Ashtar which was given in two parts - really full of wisdom.  I can really tell that the message is spoken by someone not from inside our Earthly mentality but from outside our perspective.  He is speaking from a vantage point of someone who have studied and observe human activity/habits, psyche and so on for thousands and thousands of years.  Which means that the message of Ashtar is really genuine as he spoke as someone who have had eons and eons of knowledge and experience about this subject and practiced it himself.

I myself have tried to perfect the mastery of oneself for many years that includes the managing of being in control of faculties such as: emotions/feelings, thoughts and focused attention.  Though I dont claim I have reached the level of absolute perfection.  I still make mistakes sometimes.  But with Ashtar he is light years ahead of progress in this respect.  In my own personal efforts I tried to manage my own spirit; as the scripture says: "He who control his spirit is greater than he who control a city".  The argument is: "What good is it if you were a leader of a nation, CEO of the largest company, owner of the biggest bank in the world or the supreme director of various secretive spy networks but unable to lead your own self?  How can you lead a group of trillionaires who have a never ending desires to have trillions and trilions of cash if you yourself cannot tame your desires for excessive wealth?  Allow this to go out of control and you will have a never ending worries to patch up and cover up ALL your immoral activities due to insatiable, uncontrollable desires to have more than anyone could ever need.  Greed, selfishness, covetousness are just some of the many aspect of this and definitely this is true not just for the subject of wealth but for other things as well.

It is better to be just an ordinary fellow and have mastery over the affairs and operation of your soul and heart than to live a life of having so many regrets wishing you've never said and done those things.  We are all in the learning process regardless of the amount of reincarnations we have had in this world.  There is something to learn from our mistakes whether it be what we've said and done.  The good part is once that we learn from them then we can move on and have a better awareness that will yield in a much better personal decisions in our journey.  Because the heart/self is made better with experience.

For me, if there is one thing that can define those beings from another fence of consciousness (referring to the Dark Ones) and pin point one aspect that strike the most, is the part of lack of self control.  One factor that divides a being who dwells in the dark from the one who is in the love and light is the management of his thoughts, feelings and attention.  In other words those who are in the dark had lost the connection to their hearts because they allow it to happen.   Simply put, carelessness and complacency in governing their own selves while they allow pride of life, greed, lust, arrogance and etc. to go wild without restraint whatsoever.

We are all captains/pilots/drivers of our own soul but when the captain remove his hand from the navigation wheel and did not push the button for auto pilot then the boat/plane is headed no where.  We are all on different levels of learning whether we are in the light or in the dark.  Whats important is that we learn from those things and determined not to repeat the same mistakes again.  Through persistence in either side - darkness or love and light can spell either disaster to a persons life and those around him or it can mean harmony, peace and joy if they choose the path that is lit with the light of God in us.  And thus, a persons evolution is determined by his willingness to set his feelings, thoughts to the right focus and attention.  Because we can have all kinds of thoughts and feelings that can go beyond the level of love and light into the territories of the opposite of the light of God.  And we are all vulnerable to that.   So, cultivate our own thoughts and feelings because whatever we think and feel - more likely that is what we are going to be.

Why I highly commend the words of Ashtar?  It's because we can learn valuable lessons from it, things we will never find anywhere in the street, school or churches.  As the bible said; "In the company of good advisers there is safety".

Ashtars explanation gives additional perspective to the subject which is a good advise and helful for our further development as people who have the spark of God in us.


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