Friday, August 16, 2013



Channel: Ashtar/Athena
August 10 2013 - 7:00 PM Mountain

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

We all here, up above your world, are watching and observing all of you going safely toward your Ascension with Love in your hearts. You are Love. You are working very hard, Dear Ones. You are disciplining yourselves. It causes your globe to shine and it is glowing with Love. Dear Ones, we know, now, how seriously you are working and striving to make your Ascension.

Okay, since we are talking about Love, I would like to talk and express what Love is. Divine Love is intelligence, energy, substance - life in action. Love is a self-luminous substance and in personal activity, in essence, it is kind consideration.

Love is the motivating power of the Universe and all therein. It is the fundamental principal of all creation.

Divine Love is a seven-fold activity - seven things we must have for perfection. Divine Love is a Presence, Light, Principal, Intelligence, Power, Substance, and Activity.

The heart is the focus of Divine Love in you. The sun is the focus of Divine Love for this system of planets. The Central Sun is the focus of Divine Love for our system and those others around it.

Harmony of Life is Divine Love. When you have Harmony, you have an out-pouring of Divine Love.

Force is qualified energy, charged with a human quality.

When a force is to be governed, it must be positive Love. If Love is not real, it becomes repellant. Love is proved by action, not words.

Divine Love must be governed by wisdom and released by power. Power alone, without Love, creates fear. Wisdom alone, becomes cold. Love alone runs into human qualities. Where there is fear, there is not love; if we love God, The Presence, there can't be fear.

One should rest like a child, when he gains confidence in The Presence.

Divine Love can be tangible substance. Dear Ones, Mother-love is the closest to pure, Divine Love and has many times given protection. For example, boys in war were protected by their mother's Love, enfolding them, which is a tangible substance.

Physical contact is not necessary to love one another, but instead it is poured out from the heart, one to the other, through light rays.

Birds and animals go to a Master because he is an outpouring of Love through devotion to his Source. It is that, and not attention to them, but on the Source, that draws them to Him.

Master Peter said to change your expectation into anticipation... Love. And, Father God said, "When you put your faith and trust in Love, you will rise up... you will find the wind under your wings."

Look inside of yourself for all patterns. Hold fast to Love, above everything. The title of one of your songs, "Love Makes the World Go Round," - we couldn't have said it better ourselves. Dear Hearts, the reality of all realities is LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Love you, unconditionally,

Your Galactic Brother,

Lord Ashtar


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