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Transcribed by Ashtar/Athena
October 3, 2013
3:53 AM Mountain

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One
 (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Beloved Ones, Greetings,

Your world has changed and traveled so far into her Ascension.  You all look beautiful and bright and glowing like the noonday sun.  We all here on the ship are cheering you on and are very happy for you all.

I would like to get to the point today. My purpose of transcribing this through my beloved twin flame was to help ease everyone's questions about your own, individual Ascension and a little history that has happened with those who have ascended on your Mother Earth.

Your journey from out of the Sun to the Ascension must be made in a certain space of Cosmic Time.  When you waste time in one embodiment, your experiences in another must make up for it.

Much assistance is being given to mankind at this time, never heard of before on Earth. That is because we are at the close of a great cycle, not only at the close of the Sixth Ray and entering into the Seventh, which becomes the action for the next 2,000 years, but also a cycle of Cosmic Import which the planet Earth has never reached before.  That is the cycle in which our Universe is to move forward. This is our system, the Sun and its planets around it, as well as the other systems around a greater Sun are to move ahead in the scheme of things. The Earth with its destructive activities has for long retarded this progress, but the Ultimatum has been issued and all must move forward, or be removed.

Therefore, the Great Law is permitting dispensations during this great Cosmic Push, not heard of before. There has been given a New Dispensation for the attainment of the Ascension.  The Ascension is the purpose, or Goal, of all embodiments.  The Goal is to not only free one's Self from the human creation one has drawn about him and perfect himself, but to make the Ascension. This Dispensation is giving the opportunity of making the Ascension at the close of the embodiment to hundreds of thousands of people (and perhaps millions).  If the Ascension is not accomplished at the close of this embodiment, an earnest person making conscious effort towards that end would attain it in the next embodiment.  That means that the individual never again has to come back into a physical body, but can finish his course on Earth, the school room, and be forever free, ascended as Jesus, Himself.  In the Ascension, one takes all his achievements with him.

The principal of the Cosmic Law, in making the Ascension now, is the same as formerly, the way Jesus and others obtained theirs; of course, it is not necessary to go through a similar crucifixion as Jesus did. The reason for His was to show the Victory of Light over the human form.  At the time of passing, those who would not be able to make the Ascension, as of formerly, now can, under the New Dispensation.  The Ascension is completed at, or after, so-called "death."   Every particle of Life Essence is withdrawn while the physical body remains there on your Earth; only the chemical part is left... the shell.   There will have been drawn into the Etheric body the purified essence of the physical body, while the remains of the physical body, are, or should be cremated.

Through this understanding of the Law, as is being taught now, is how Jesus performed miracles and attained the Ascension.

The Ascension is practical and scientific.  It is the same principal in operation as a fan or airplane propeller.  When it  spins fast enough, you see through it and it seems not to be there, but, get in the way of its action, or field of motion, and you will know soon enough it is  real.

Also through a Dispensation, there has been special assistance given to those in military and naval services which has enabled thousands to complete the Ascension.  Of course, every individual has to know his or her I AM Presence in order to make the Ascension.  Then, how is this done by those who do not know their I AM Presence?  The action is -- when they are catapulted out of the body, (or otherwise pass on), they are assisted and taken by Beings on the other side - at inner levels in their Etheric bodies and given the understanding of their own I AM Presence.  Then, through the use of wielding Light Rays, they can transmute their karma and make sufficient balance to life to enable them to Ascend.   Everyone, when making the Ascension, has the assistance of the Ascension Flame and some brother or sister from the Ascension Temple.

Physical constructive release is the only way you can release energy enough to draw you into the Ascension.

As you come nearer to the Goal, everything in your life speeds up; your good accumulated around the Presence becomes an electrical magnet that draws you into the Ascension.

Today, you have the opportunity to make the Ascension into your everlasting body of Light; to draw enough purified substance from the physical body to enable you to make the Ascension.  You cannot take anything from the Earth in the Ascension except purified substance of the physical body.

Everyone must make their Ascension individually and usually, it will happen in your sacred time and place when you are alone.  You will somehow be told beforehand.

At the moment of the Ascension, all destructive records whch have not been erased with the Violet Flame are consumed or transmuted.

One can only make the Ascension by expansion of the three-fold flame in the heart.  When one ascends, that flame moves to the center of the body.  The three-fold flame expands the light in every electron of the body which becomes the forcefield around the three-fold flame.  At the Ascension, the electrons expand, transmuting or raising all lower vibratory rates; the electrons filling the forcefield of the three-fold flame.

When one becomes an Ascended Being, he carries the human qualities in their perfected state and the purified physical substance.

Individuals in the outer world now have the opportunity to make the Ascension through application and the great assistance afforded by the Cosmic Law at this time.  There is now an opportunity never had before.

Each one that makes the Ascension raises everyone else on Earth to some extent.  For illustration, as you would take hold of the center of a tablecloth and lift it, all the rest of it is lifted to some degree.  When one ascends, all human creation not of perfection in that life stream is transmuted.  So that much is removed from the atmosphere of Earth.

Your Ascension is assured if you call your Magic I Am Presence into action daily and live accordingly.  Your application is the only thing that will enable you to make the Ascension.  You can be given a wonderful assistance, however.

You can make a daily call for your Ascension which will stand in good stead when the time comes and I will repeat this again, brothers and sisters:

    "My Magic I AM Presence, you direct my activity, world and affairs and take full command of me.  Guide, protect, illumine me every step of the way and see that I render the greatest Service possible.  See in your wisdom that I make the Ascension at the close of this embodiment.  I AM The Ascension, manifesting.  I thank you, Beloved I AM."

The Ascension is complete balance of the masculine and feminine.  After a man or woman is Ascended, that One can work and appear as either masculine or feminine, having had both masculine and feminine embodiments.  The Ascension is attained in the gender body of the one when one was created.  

And so, my Family, I do want ... or should I say ... we all want to wish you all love, harmony, peace, compassion, joy, and in all fairness, we are there with you every step of the way.  Congratulations, for you have worked so diligently and disciplindly towards your Goal. You are to be congratulated, Beloved Ones, towards your Ascension.

Love you beyond all words,


By Ashtar/Athena

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