Thursday, October 3, 2013

Upcoming Articles

I don't consider myself as I writer but when I was young my English teacher taught and trained me to write like a journalist or someone writing for novels and non-fiction.  She was my English teacher for two years.  She was so serious and wanted me to write like a pro and I am not so sure why she wanted me to be like that when I was still at the time very young.  I felt like I was in a Boot camp for the English language.  Although, I already forgot most of what she taught me but the essence and the basics on how to write and express ones thoughts and feelings in a literary form is still very much with me.  I owe her my ability to write and express myself easily in writing though I'm not completely good or perfect when it comes to grammar and etc.   I have seen a lot of people who struggle when it comes to writing and I am glad I was blessed to a have a teacher like her.  

But when it comes to spelling; I can spell just about anything in the English language.  I came from a class of kids where everyone can spell, read, write so well and most have good grades.   All the best and brightest kids in school were joined together in one class and I was one of them consistently during grade school only until when I reached High School sophomore when at the time I was slowly losing interest in academics and school work seems not cool anymore that's the time when I drifted apart from the 'best' students class.  

My reason for writing this note is to inform everyone that there will be new articles coming up in the following days.  And I think my higher self is nudging me into this direction.  And also I will post another article about the 'Introducing Sananda'.  I was a little bit cautious about posting this upcoming articles the reason being is that it is 'controversial'.  And so to those who are not prepared to hear and learn about very controversial topics about the temple in the time of Jesus and what people came to believe versus what Jesus actually stood for and what he taught them to take some precaution.  Truth must be said.  And I will try to debunk the misguided, misrepresented words, teachings that we thought of as Christian beliefs that became part of tradition and mindset of people, which we are now realizing were founded on error.  Of course this will be based on what we learned recently from Sanandas New Scriptures as I expound on what he said.

And I might offend some people, particularly those in the religious side.  But since we are already in the New Golden Age and so people needs to know the truth in order to wake up. Otherwise, they will be uninformed about what's going on.

1.)  Iron mixed with Clay -
I think it's time to re-interpret the Prophecy of Daniel that is already happening right now as we speak.  Unlike what we were taught in Sunday School and Sabbath School, today we can have a much more in-depth and a more accurate interpretations as to the real meaning and actual relevance of those prophecies of Daniel as they relate to what is happening to our world today.

2.) Evolution Redefined -
Most of the ideas we have about the word evolution came from Charles Darwin and how Christians throughout the last several decades regarded his theory as a threat to the Creationism.  But now, I think its high time that we give an update to this subject; especially now in light with the teachings and impression we have received from the ascended masters, Galactics as well as Mother/Father God on how we should view the subject of evolution.

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