Monday, November 11, 2013

Congratulation Message from Ashtar - Nov. 10, 2013

The Galactic Federation of Light


November 10, 2013
12:40 PM Mountain

Transcribed through Ashtar/Athena

Ashtar was speaking to his beloved Twin Flame this afternoon...

My Dear sweet Athena,

Good Afternoon!! Oh! ... sooo much is happening on your world at this very moment ... all of your leaders are talking in a conference call to negotiate for the Announcements. Your President Obama is talking now, planning when the date will be ... my darling. It is happening now, in fact, as I am transmitting this to you!!

All of the countries have been taught and given information on what they are to take part in, as to planned travel to the US for the Announcements!! There are exactly nineteen on the panel to attend and support your President, and maybe some will have a speech, also, for the country which they represent!!

OH!! My darling, the time is upon us ... we have been waiting for thousands of years for this great event!! Get your party clothes on! We have all our uniforms clean and ready to jump into! Don't think this is just going to happen on one day of your timeline... it will go on for days, and even weeks! I promise!!

Maybe you can write this up and put it on Anne's site ... the two of you can write it up the way you see fit ... I trust you will do a great message!

Close it like this:

Dear Beloved Ones, our great adventure has finally come upon us to dance and sing in the streets and even on house tops!! Remember, you stand to be Congratulated... "CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU ALL HAVE DONE ALL OF THE HARD WORK! YOUR VIBES ARE UP AND GAIA IS AS BRIGHT AS THE STAR SHE IS!"

Dear Ones, it is from all of your cells, that are as bright as the noonday sun, that is causing your mother to glow ...
we wish you could see her from up here where we are!!

There just are not enough words to express how proud we are ... and the words are filled with LOVE for you, our Brothers and Sisters! You have done it from all of your HEARTS! You accomplished it all ... your "lonesome's collectively." You honored your signed contracts to assist Mother Gaia to complete her Ascension. Bless you!!

Love to you all,

Your proud brother,




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