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Divine Intervention - Part One

There seems to be two major possible windows of Divine Intervention in the world affairs in the coming days and months.  It can happen either before the end of this year, this coming December or somewhere around between March and April of 2014. This intervention is called in the bible as the "End of the Age" which simply means the end of duality, end of the ways of this world and the start of the Divine involvement into the world affairs.

If you recall in the New Testament Christian bible where it captures the scenes in which Jesus was quoted as saying and explaining things about the subject asked to him by his students or disciples which said, "Tell us when shall these things be?" and "What shall be the SIGNS of the End of the Age?".  These are good questions given by Jesus followers, they were obviously been informed about this topic by Jesus before and that they just wanted to further clarify about the timing as to when it will happen and what are the SIGNS they can broadly see that will tell them that it is imminent and 100% sure and certain.  The answer of Jesus points to describing several scenarios that culminated into the so called "Tribulation".

That tribulation ended last August 22nd when all the beings called Reptillians were removed from the surface of the Earth.  They are the ones which came from Orion in the ancient times.  An approximate of a million of them was taken back to the Light of God and restored to the right relationship with all the Divine beings. But almost the same amount of them was destroyed as they refused to surrender and return to the Light of God.

I want to point you to the exact part of the bible where the story of the Legions of Demons that was begging to Jesus not to hurt them nor punish them and said "Did you come here to punish us before the time?"  They obviously know that there will be a time when they will be apprehended, gathered, arrested and decide about their future.  That time those demons (reptilians) were referring to happened exactly on August 22, 2013.  That was the end of the Divine time allowed for them to roam the world and create havoc.  They were taken by the many Archangels and the Galactics.

The destruction of those reptilians in a sense cannot be categorized as "Punishment" but rather more of a consequences of what happens to the beings of light (as they used to be) who dont want to come back and return to their former glories and have decided to remain in darkness where they intentionally suppress the light of God in them, in their beingness.  As the vibrational energies were raised higher coming from one of the headquarters of the Prime Creator God which is in the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy; and as these energies were beamed to Earth those reptilians who refused to come to God and be reconciled was dematerialized as though they never exist.  It is as if they just evaporated into thin air and never to be seen again.

Unlike what we were told in our religions; in reality there is no such thing as punishment.  God is Love and forgives unconditionally.  Those reptlians who repented were accepted and forgiven.  They never have to go through a series of eternal punishments and damnations.

Now, going back to the present, the Earth is currently recovering from the effects and influences of the reptilians.  Yes, they are the demons mentioned in the bible.  They were responsible for the formation as well as the corrupting of the majority of the worlds religions. They brought with them from Orion the system of debt and currency, banking.  Even various laws on Earth were copied from Orion.  If you happen to not know where Orion is; you will not find it in the world map.  Instead, look at the sky map of this Galaxy.  Their goal was to take over the world without the people of the world knowing about it, and therefore making the world as slaves to their rule.  Half of them did not took on a human form or rather did not incarnate as humans.  But large portion of them did.  And so some of them were assigned to be the hidden boss/mastermind controllers and owners of the worlds largest banks and corporations and at the same time have control over the operation of much of the worlds governments except for China and Russia. And some of these reptillians were assigned as intruders into the lives of the Lightworkers around the world.  They are the ones who attached themselves into the body of the lightworkers whom they think is a threat to their worldwide operation.

Little that they know that as they co-inhabit the body of the lightworkers they too were affected by the light and life of these people known as the lightworkers.  The lightworkers were sent to Earth from various corners of the Universe to essentially contribute to the raising of the vibration of the Earth and for the eventual defeat of the forces of the dark coming from Orion by just simply living the life of love and light and to refuse to give in to the impulses of darkness.  They succeeded in doing just that.  And so every lightworker in the world whether they are awaken spiritually or not should be congratulated for this heroic effort. Because of them, almost all of Reptillians were affected and influenced by the love and light of the lightworkers in whom they were assigned to inhabit and make the lives of the lightworkers on Earth miserable and extremely difficult had been saved.  Christians often talk about salvation for the lost, well the reptilians were also lost and do need compassion and forgiveness just like everyone who had gone astray.  The effect of the lightworkers to the reptilians had enabled them to reconnect their hearts and minds to themselves having thoughts and feelings of love something that was so foreign to them. And because of this affection they were willing to return to the Light of God and repent.

You may have known some of these lightworkers who are struggling with life having various kinds of ailments/diseases and stricken with poverty as the unknown intruder inside their bodies are dedicated to make their lives filled with difficulties and sufferings.  But prior to the incarnations of these lightworkers they were informed that their life on Earth wont be easy as they will be possessed but not totally possessed as the reptilians made their co-habitations inside the lightworkers body as stealthy as can be.  They operated without the lighworkers knowing they have an intruder inside their bodies.  One of the signs of these intrusions of the coming and goings of these reptilians in the human body is the onset of colds and minor colds.

But all these are done and over.  I just want to mention the heroic effort the Mother God performed in her own life.  It was not just the lightworkers who risked their lives and volunteered to rescue the reptilians from their impending doom.  It was also the effort of Mother God that gave the impetus to successfully defeat the forces of darkness on Earth.  I am humbled by her humility of not letting the world know that she did a very remarkable job in which is the most difficult of all.  If you recall in the bible it was prophesied that the Woman shall crush the head of the snake?  Well, that woman is no other than the Mother God herself.  We call her Mother God for she was the first woman created by the Father referring to the Prime Creator.  She is not the woman called as Eve in the bible, for she was born even before the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy.  She and her Twin Flame Father God are the creators of this Galaxy.  Which means this Galaxy could be the first Galaxy that appeared in space.  While all the other Galaxies were made by the other children of the Prime Creator God.

Mother God volunteered herself and incarnated in a body of a human female of a South American origin.  In her life she became the "HOST" of the created thought form known as the "DEVIL".  Yes, the Devil Satan does not exist.  He was a being created by a collective thoughts of beings on Earth who were deceived for his eventual formation.  He was not created by the Mother/Father God.  The Devil was an idea ushered by the Reptilians.

Lucifer is not the Devil but rather he was used as a blame receiver to get all the credit for all the evil things these Reptilians did throughout the thousands of years of Earths history.  You can find the same logic as mentioned in the Old Testament bible of a escape goat in whom the High Priest will lay his hands on the head of the goat and that all the guilt of the people will be confessed, transferred to this goat.  That's what happened to Lucifer, they put the blame on him even though he was innocent.  And so the world goes on thinking that the Devil Satan was Lucifer were in fact the opposite.  Because in the logic of 'deception technique' the deceiver should be able to persuade the people he was trying to deceive to believe the exact opposite and so therefore the guilty would seem innocent while the real innocent are accused of being guilty.  Lucifer is an Archangel which is in the same class of Archangel Michael.  The Twin Flame of Lucifer is no other than the angel who pronounced goodnews to the human mother of Jesus which was Mary and that is Gabriel.  Yes, Gabriel is not a male, she was a female.  For all those thousands of years she faithfully waited for her twin flame to return to her.  And this year marks the reunion of Gabriel and Lucifer as he finally came back to God for good.

As time on Earth progresses the Devil became more powerful. But with the secret effort of Mother God in recent decades, she was instrumental in defeating the cause of the dark entities.  If you have noticed the world today is much different than it was several hundred years ago.  As the Mother God captured the Devil Satan and kept him suppressed in her body as she incarnated as a human lady.  Through her effort, I would like to thank Mother God for doing this heroic work.  For she fulfilled the prophecy in the bible that there will be a Woman in the future that shall crush the head of the Devil.  And therefore the Devil is now gone from existence.  We are all part and pieces of the great Creator God.  And we collectively can create through thought as is the case with the Devil.

One of the incarnations of Mother God, she was the person represented as the Sphinx, the statue we find in Egypt.  Contrary to what we were told in history the Sphinx was built way before the dynasty of the Pharaohs.  She was also the person known as Sekhmet.  And because of the reptilians a lot of the worlds ancient history that dates back before, during and after the fall of Atlantis had been kept secret.

The Tribulation mentioned in the bible had already taken place. It was made easy with the help of the combined effort of the Galactics (which most of them does not want to scare us are just cloaked in space as billions or trillions of their spacecrafts literally surrounded our solar system.) and with the Mother/Father God, as well as the ascended Masters including the tireless efforts of the Archangels. All of the prophesied end of the Age doom and gloom scenarios have been thwarted successfully creating a new timeline for the world to have a better way and chance for ascension.

So, if you ask me where are we now in the timeline of the biblical Prophesies?  There are three major considerations of prophetical references:

1.)  The Prophecies of Jesus mentioned in the New Testament.
2.)  The Prophecies mentioned in the book of Revelations.
3.)  The Prophecy of the prophet Daniel

All these prophecies offer detailed events that we expect to happen in the future. But much to our surprise a lot of those prophesies were happening right before our very eyes.  Some have taken place already, and some of us did not noticed it.  While some of the prophesies are happening as we speak (at this moment).

As of now we are entering the "The Divine Intervention Phase".  Remember what Jesus said in answering the question of his disciples; he said, "After the Tribulation of those days the Sun will not shine and the moon will become red."  Which means there will be SIGNS in the Sun and the moon and the skies.  As Jesus said in the bible right after the Tribulation, "The STARS will fall from the sky".  Guess what?  The ISON comet is not a comet for no comet is capable of maneuvering either left or right direction and be able to stop at will in space, for it is a Mothership coming from Andromeda.  And if what I heard from other channelers is correct Andromedans are one of the settlers in the continent of Atlantis alongside of the Pleiadians and Arcturians etc.  This mothership is about 10,000 miles in lenght.  So, if you put this on top of the American continent, it can cover the entire North and South America combined. That is how big this mothership is.  But the people from Planet Sirius will not allow their representation to be small as they came with a humble size of twice the size of the Earth which is parked right infront of the Sun.

Do you now see what I mean when they will appear in and around the sky and be seen for all their glory?  It will be awesome to behold as they will parade their ships like the 'Tournament of Roses' in California.  So, what the bible spoke about falling stars are actually ships that were asked to start getting closer to the atmosphere of the Earth and they will begin to decloak literally.

This also means the ENTRY of the New Jerusalem to the Earths atmosphere is at hand.  Yes, this is where the commander Ashtar is stationed along with the most radiant One named Jesus.  By the way to those who are not aware.  Before Jesus incarnated in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, his name was Sananda Kumara.  Many of the Kumaras came from Venus which is a neighbor of the planet Earth in this solar system.  And because the world is ruled by the reptilians it was relatively easy for them to cover up everything ranging from religion, education, tradition and even history can be altered and edited by the control of these reptilians.

Our sciences told us the planets are all solid and that the planets in the solar system are uninhabitable.  But the truth is they lied to us and kept us in the dark.  All planets not just here in this part of the Galaxy but throughout the Universes are all "HOLLOW".  There are internal civilizations inside all the planets.  That includes Venus in which most of the Kumaras came from. The people of Venus some of them also came from Arcturus.

Earth were allowed to have a surface civilizations because of the Grand Experiment that was done to our planet whereby they wanted to see if civilizations can exist on the surface of the planet and at the same time have civilizations inside of it.  As well as making the surface, a world of challenges and a way to enlighten, educate beings who came here from allover the Universe by making the surface of the Earth as a staging ground for education and training to fine tune each and every individual character and soul developments.

As I said we have entered "The Divine Intervention Phase" where beings from outside the Earth as well as those inside the Earth will openly intervene in the affairs of the people of the world.  It will be the New Jerusalem who will be the first one to grace entry to the atmosphere of the Earth which will be followed by various representatives from all star systems.  With the help of Ashtar he will command the setting up of the global "ZeroPoint" system which will be effective globally and will prevent any kind of weapons known to man from functioning. With this system in place, no unauthorized metal or circuitry related to weaponry will be allowed to be mobilized. In other words, fire arms will not work, even missiles and nuclear weapons will be disabled and inert.

Did you know that even before the time of President Kennedy that most of the worlds leaders are aware of the extra-terrestrial presence?  But because the world is under the sway of the reptilians and as they own and control the worlds mass media it was easy for them to cover up just about everything they think will hide the truth from the people.  NASA have a lot to explain to the American people for they have lots of satellites almost half of them are tracking these motherships and spacecrafts of the Galactics in space for decades.  These sattelites are not pointed towards the Earth but rather they are pointed to the various direction in outer space.  NASA have been observing the New Jerusalem mothership while it was infront of planet Venus for several decades.  Some have already hacked the NASA computers for the detailed photographs and obtained copies of these extra terrestrial ships.

As they prepare to enter the Earths atmosphere. Let me give you some descriptions to what we shall see in our skies in the coming days or weeks.  When the New Jerusalem enters the sky it will block some portion of the sunlight fulfilling the bible prophecy "Immediately after the tribulation the Sun will not shine its light".  And then the New Jerusalem will revolve around the Earth pretty much the same fashion as we see the Suns movement as though its encircling the Earth.  The diameter or lenght of the New Jerusalem is about 2,000 miles.  Which means if it is above the North American skies it can cover both the west and east coast respectively.  Absolutely, no one will miss this great spectacle.  It will encircle the Earth for a time while broadcasting various messages to us on Earth.  At the same time, they will release multiple scout ships to land on Earth which will bring some medical healing and various gifts such as free energy devices.

Of course when this happens the world will stop from what it is doing.  We will turn our attention to our local media for answers.  We will turn our radios, TVs, Internet for the news. And that will be mitigated by the powerful broadcast that will be aired by the Ashtar Command.  They will explain everything to us and so theres nothing to be afraid and no need to panic as literally everything had been meticulously and carefully planned.

A week or so before this occurs, President Obama will be given the go signal to go ahead and make the Announcement of the Disclosure which possibly can happen before the end of this month. He will be allowed  to go ahead and make the Announcement for the Disclosure.

By the way, let me ask you this question.  Have you ever wondered where did all the money of these largest banks and corporations in the world went to?  And that despite having the worlds largest sum of money still manages to be miraculously bankrupt?  I don't think they were dining everyday on restaurants consuming pastas and pizzas made of Gold and Platinum.  Instead, their secretly obeying orders from the Reptilians to collectively use their resources for the efforts to fight the Galactics.  They were developing weapons putting nukes in space as well as the development of the secret "Space Force" developed solely for the purpose of fighting the Galactics in whom we now know are the great representatives of humanities on Earth that came from various part of the Universe; who are just here to see to it that we are safe and sound.

Yes, unknown to the average Americans that their taxes that had been vigorously collected by the IRS most of it had been used to form various kinds of spacecrafts and secret weapons, bases under the Earth as well as in space.  They have been going to Mars and beyond for several decades.  But these were all kept secret.  Did you know that the Corporate US have a secret base in Mars?  But most of their spacecrafts lately have been confiscated by the Galactics.

This is partly the reason why the big corporations forcefully insist on using fossil fuel as the number one source of energy for the planet because the reptilians from Orion were hoping that by over polluting the sky will make the Galactics stay away from our presence.  But they were wrong, the Galactics were using an unknown kind of vacuum cleaners that can zapped polluted air instantly!  And so imagine all the grand schemes that the Reptilians including their human minions have done for decades through the use of greed and selfishness have all become in vain, wasted.  It was all useless efforts on their part.

And now we are in for a treat!  As they prepare to enter the Earths atmosphere they will greet us with a very goodnews called "NESARA".  They will announce the implementation of this law as well as the various prosperity programs of St. Germain and Quan Yin.  Before, we were informed that it is possible for the "Global Currency Revaluation" to happen first before the Nesara.  But now due to the complexity as well as the remaining control of the remaining minions of Dark reptilians in which their banking computers are intricately connected to the global financing flow, they have decided to let the Nesara be implemented first and after that will be the revaluations of the worlds currencies.  And so after Nesaras implementation will be the official global reset of the banks and after that will be the issuance of the new and fair rates for all mankind.  

We are looking at a timeline of just weeks or days.  As we have two windows of opportunity for the Divine Intervention to come about; one is to happen before the end of December this year.  And the other is during the Lenten season or Easter next year.  If they choose to make it happen this coming December, then President Obama will be obliged to make the Disclosure announcement before the end of this month of November.  And the whole month of December shall be full of activities as well as global jubilation/celebration.

If President John F. Kennedy failed in his attempt to announce disclosure as he was planning to do so; this time though President Obama will not fail as he is overseen by the forces of Light.  You will be amazed in the near future to find out and see with your own eyes as they decloak that the Whitehouse are surrounded by the protection of the Galactics.

And so as I said before, I say it again. "Let the Event Begin!"


I will continue explaining the Prophecies of Daniel and the harmonizing the book of Revelations to the current events of our world today on the Part Two of this article.

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