Saturday, December 21, 2013

An Appeal for Kathryn May

Kathryn May is the most generous person amongst todays channelers.  She is the main channel for a variety of Ascended Masters, Galactics, Hollow Earth people, Mother/Father God and even for the Prime Creator.  We owe a great deal of service for the selfless work she had been doing for a number of years.

Through the inspiration from Mother/Father God they gave her a series of messages which became the manual for ascension.  And now for almost six months she have been giving out FREE copies of this manual in a book form to everyone who requested for it.  She was willing to give all her lifesavings for the publication and distribution of this book entitled "Who Needs Light" so that people can have copies of it and spread the message of God to as many people around the world as possible.

For the last several months shes been traveling to several parts of the United States and Canada doing the ministry that God called her for.  And shes doing all these work not for profit but instead for the joy of serving God and helping those who needed to have the light of God in their lives.

Confident of the coming abundance; she went on serving more people to as many places as she could possibly reach.  Just like all of us we were waiting for the coming abundance and the Global Currency reset and revaluation.  She too was hoping that the abundance is soon to manifest but because of the delay she ran out of funds to operate her service to humanity.

I then call upon everyone who have a golden heart.  May we collectively share some blessings to Kathryn May.  I know most of us are not rich.  But if we together share a little,  that little thing we share when combined together with the rest of us can be significant in itself.  Let us return the favor that this mighty woman of God cared to give her best with no intention of getting something in return.  Let us return her kindness with our own kindness and generosity.

And remember she will be the main person that St. Germain had assigned as the one to decide and distribute a portion of the Global Prosperity Funds to everyone.  While there is still time, let us show her we care and that we too can be generous as she is.  Kindly donate:

Find the Donate button at the top left corner of the page after clicking the link above.  Thanks!

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