Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ashtar's Christmas Message


Transcribed by Ashtar/Athena

December 26 2013
10:46 AM Mountain

I Am Ashtar, Commander of The New Jerusalem, who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Dear Hearts,

As we all looked and watched down over your beautiful planet on the day you celebrate as a holiday which you call Christmas; we observed the love of giving and laughter, joy and happiness, as a golden glow of light came radiating from Gaia.  We felt the LOVE and could notice the change that has come over all peoples!!

Dear Hearts, my message today is to solve a question or answer a question that my Twin Flame presented; and in answering her question, she has requested that maybe I could present it to all of you, my brother's and sisters. Yes, through many channelers, a message came that Jesus was going to appear ("Second Coming") on Christmas Day. Well, something did happen on that day, and although it was not visible for one to see, it could be felt!!

Beloved Ones, there is much controversy over the coming of Christ, or the "second coming of Christ;" but it is seldom understood correctly, especially by orthodoxy. There are so many concepts about it, as is also the case about the "end of the world" coming and the "dead" being resurrected. Those dead physical bodies will never be resurrected. In most cases they were buried and are disintegrated or in the process, so without question they will not be resurrected. The "soul" that is the individual, is functioning in another realm. And the "end of the world" really means the end of all discord, or the time when it will be removed from the world:  Peace on Earth!!

Dear Ones, The "Coming of Christ" refers to two actions. In the first place, it should be understood that Jesus was the physical man, and when he was Christed, He became "Jesus, the Christ." Then, He was fully conscious of His Oneness with His I AM Presence. Christ is a state of consciousness.

When one becomes the Christ, or is Christed, that simply means that the outer self has relinquished its activities into the control and actions of its own Christ Self (Higher Mental Body) and the will of the Christ is in command through the outer or physical form. That is one way of the " Coming of Christ" and is most important.

The two "births' are the physical and the spiritual. While in this physical body, "to be born again," as spoken of, means a spiritual birth. The spiritual birth means the communion and unity of the outer consciousness with God, the I AM Presence. Becoming the Christ Self, in outer form as Jesus was, becoming the Son - a Sun - in your terminology, the Christ Self takes full command of the outer self. That is really the "second coming of Christ." That is the supreme attainment in operating the physical form, and naturally, from there one enters the Ascension which is the Goal of all embodiments.  

The other "Coming of Christ" is the reappearance of Jesus, The Christ. He will come and has already appeared to many people, either in His luminous Presence or Ascended Master Body.  At the present time He is the King of Swords (KOS) on your planet, assisting with your Ascension (that's another story/subject).

Any Ascended Master is the Christ, but Jesus took embodiment for the purpose of manifesting the Christ through the physical form for mankind;  their state of consciousness required that. At that time they thought in terms of form... the physical aspects. Jesus, the Christ, presented to mankind the Christ Activity of His own Christ Self or Higher Mental Body.

My Beloved Twin Flame, this may help answer your question and others' on "The Second Coming of Christ."  Much was misunderstood about Christmas Day, thinking it meant, literally, that Jesus was coming again, in His physical body (including you, my dear).  I apologize for the misunderstanding but... Jesus will make His appearance soon, as He promised.

Dear Hearts, from now on there will not be just a day having the name "Christmas." From now on, you will know Christmas Love, for when Jesus comes again, it will be a world of only LOVE and Joy... flooding New Gaia with her gift of Golden Joy-bubbles and the sprinkling of Magic Gold Dust, bringing Potential, Purity, Clarity, and New Beginnings. 

For the change is in Unity and Christmas Love!!

Blessings and Love to All,

Your Brother Ashtar


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