Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ison's Itenerary

There is really something peculiar with the supposedly a comet called 'Ison'.  Ison was being observed from a variety of instruments on Earth as well as those in space including the NASAs SOHO in space.  Ison have already reached its perihelion and have moved away from the Sun.

Astronomers and astrophysicist have been comparing Ison with all the comet that have entered the solar system in the past.  One of that is the comet 'Lovejoy'. This comet once it reached the perihelion and is about to leave the vicinity of the Sun it left the Sun in relatively the same speed as it was when it was heading towards the Sun.  The tail of the comet lovejoy maintained its tail in relation to the Sun.

But with Ison, things became different.  Unlike Lovejoy comet, Ison miraculously stopped near the Sun and some of its parts went to the Sun and after a while it departed the Sun and joined the group that make up the Ison.   Not only that it did this unusual movements but also the tail is no longer following the Suns orbit as it is pointed to another direction.  Ison is really very different from all the comet that had entered the solar system.

The question is: what kind of comet can stop near the Sun and then send some of its parts to the surface of the Sun and then this part that went to the Sun after a while departed and joined the rest of the group of the Ison?  Why is it the tail does not follow the same movements as other comets did in the past?  Could it be that the tail is not really composed of dust and vapor from its ice because it is not Comet?

      Ison is indeed a group of celestial body.  According to Zorra, Ison is a ship coming from Anrdromeda.

A closer look of Ison right after it left the Sun and stayed in Suns orbit for a while.  The tail DEFY the known scientific explanation.  No other comet has done this in the past.   There is only one explanation that will make all this to make sense is that Ison is a group of "UFOs".  A team of motherships banded together emitting some kind of energy in which we thought was just dust and vapor trails were infact a beaming energies aimed to bathe the solar system. Its movement definitely indicate that there is some sort of intelligence with Ison.

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