Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ison's Progression

As Ison streak into the sky it created tails that trails what seemed to be thousands of miles across.  Closer examination especially when it reached the observation lens of SOHO it appears that the initial estimate of the actual size of this object or group of objects was inaccurate.  As seen from SOHO the object/s in question its nucleus is almost the size of Venus.  Which means the tails that exude from Ison even before it reached the Sun could be around 900 thousand miles or so.  What kind of comet can emit such vast amount of dust and vapor trails?  Some scientist are now suggesting that those tails could be a combination of electrical discharge and vapor.  And that is interesting, which makes this object/s contains more than just rocks and ice, there must be something else included in the journey of this celestial object/s.  

 Ison when spotted by Hubble in April

Close up view of the supposedly Comet.

 By adjusting the camera lens and clicking the 'Darker' button it slowly reveals the three major light source of the object/s.

 As seen from the image above it reveals the three major light sources. And if this is a comet or group of comets then what kind natural propulsion that enabled these objects to have a sense of trajectory that doesnt follow the normal motion of other known comets in the past.  Folks there is an undeniable evidence of "Intelligence" with this object called as Ison.  And if it has an intelligence of being able to maneuver right or left and stop momentarily beside Jupiters orbit this could only mean that this is not a comet at all.  It is a group of mothership dressed like a comet to conceal and camouflaged themselves so that we will watch them and track their movements in the sky as they fly by the Sun. 

Ison as seen from Earths sky.

Ison as it just came out of its perihelion to the Sun.  The object remains intact.
SOHO captured Isons movement a few days after it stopped for a while infront of the Sun while some of its parts went to the Sun.

 December 4 and its still going strong while maintaining its not so distant space from the Sun near planet Mercury's orbit.   Now, if the Sun is really a giant ball of fire and if Ison is nothing but just rocks and ice; with the amount of time this object/s spent near the Sun this comet would have not survive at all.

 In fact, as of December 4 considering it stayed that close to the Sun for several days, it is really surprising that Ison is still going strong.  The main nucleus and its other parts are still visible.  During these days according to Zorra Ison began sending messages contacting NASA about their presense.  Immediately NASA shut down the operation of SOHO on December 6 and onwards.

But now Ison is headed towards the Earth. 

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