Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa Claus Disclosure

Original Photograph of Santa Claus

Just like the UFOs in the sky, Santa Claus have been spotted allover the world by various airline pilots.  The real origin of Santa Claus was from Norway; as a child he was found on a doorstep and then he was adopted by that family. Little that they know, that child will become the embodiment of the Spirit of Giving that will be known as "Santa Claus".  Just like Jesus, a Spiritual Master was assigned to the baby Jesus that was born in Bethlehem, it was the same with this baby that became Santa. 

He then grew up and traveled to Germany and eventually became St. Nicolas.  At that time, his clothing was green and gold and then later on added some other colors like red and white.  The location of his workshop where he build and manufacture his various gifts is a land just near the entry to the Hollow Earth at the North Pole.  He also occasionally receive additional gifts contributed from the two civilizations namely:  Inner Earth (which is the 800 mile thick crust of the Earth) and the Hollow Earth people.  This is why Santa Claus are able to give gifts to millions of children worldwide.

In the North Pole, because of the curvature of the Earths magnetic field that bends at the pole the temperature there is not the same as those around northern Greenland and the Northern territories of Canada and Russia.  Surprisingly, the land of Santa Claus beyond the North Pole is not as cold as we thought.  The same thing apply with water there, because of the bending of the Earths magnetism inwardly; the sea water there is fresh water and not salty as the magnetic phenomenon prevents the salt from entering that region.  This phenomenon was proven by a lot of Norwegian travelers and fishermen that the water inside the North Pole is really fresh. 

Santa Claus is real!  He give gifts to children around the world.  He along with the people of Hollow Earth do have what we call as UFOs.  In addition to that he do have a group of reindeers on a sleigh that fly.  Yes, the Santa Claus that we know for decades is actually equipped with a technological advancements of levitation allowing him to fly allover the world to deliver gifts.  He can teleport his gifts without the need to go inside the house of the child.

So, the next time you see either UFOs or Santa himself flying in the sky do not think they are hostile beings instead they are very friendly benevolent beings, who wants nothing but peace and joy for everyone.  

For more information listen to the actual witnesses.

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