Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tornado Solution

 The following is a technique given by our friendly neighborhood "Hollow Earth" person by the name of "Zorra".  

If there is one thing that hasn't happen in the land of Egypt since the known historical time and that is, it has not been visited by violent Tornados and Hurricanes.  Storms do happen there even thunderstorms but not as destructive as we've seen on other parts of the world.   A combined effort with the Earths magnetic field as well as the electricity can repel tornados from visiting your town and neighborhood.

Here's how:

On a vacant land, create an imaginary square 188 x 188 ft.  At the center of the square, put a pole with the height of 150 ft.   This center pole which can either be wooden or steel should be grounded on the ground.  Dig a hole on the center and place the center pole.   You can either cement it or just bury it with rocks and soil/dirt.  Ideally, the pole should be more or less 200 ft.  with the 150 ft.erected from the ground up to the sky while the rest of the pole is under the ground.  This will ensure that the pole will stand firmly in place.

Next, from the center, create a cross which will divide the 188 x 188 ft square into 4 equal parts measuring 94 ft. each. (see diagram).  Make sure that the cross is a 90 degrees right angle, meaning its 1/4 of a perfect circle. 

After that, at the four corners of the square put four pieces of at least 2 ft. wooden sticks.  Nail all of these four sticks to the ground at the four corners of the 188 x 188 ft square, leaving a few inches or so above the ground.

Get a copper wire and connect each of these four sticks to the center top of the pole creating a pyramid.  Make sure that the connection is secure and tight as possible.

And then, add at least six more copper cables/wires around the pyramid. 

Once you have all these setup, the copper wire pyramid will act as a 'Tornado Repellant' as tornados and violent storms will literally avoid going through this structure and will make your neighborhood safe from natural disasters.

By the way, for those who cannot afford to setup this structure; my advise is to not close your windows and doors.  Yes, in the event of a Tornado hitting your land, have all the doors and windows of your house OPEN.  This will equal the air pressure from the outside of the house to the inside; which will significantly reduce the potential damage to your homes/properties, as the air pressure of the tornado that pulls the house can be re-directed outward by opening all the doors and windows. By doing this, it will lessen the air suction force of the Tornado, leaving your house intact.

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