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Hollow Earth Networks Saturday Radio Show - Jan. 11, 2014

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Conference Call Recorded Audio 
Hollow Earth Networks "Every other Saturday Show" facilitated by Anne DeHart and Jane Stevens with Billie Faye Woodard channeling his Father Zorra and Prime Creator.  Also present on the show was Kathryn May channeling Ashtar.

Topics Discussed:

* Twin Flames
* Ashtar was El Morya, the third person with Jesus
* Message from Ashtar
* Prime Creators Message
* Peter Olsen
* Lady Athena revealed herself - Ashtars Twin Flame
* Zorras Explanations on varied subjects
* and many more....


Zorra is from Hollow Earth - a world inside our planet Earth! The Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights is generated by a Light source which is the small central Sun which floats at the center of the Earth.  The small central Sun inside the Earth is powered by Cold Fusion, which is why it is not hot there.  The diameter of this small sun is about 600 miles and it change colors every few minutes which is why the Aurora Borealis changes also in colors as seen in the Northern skies. When the light of this small central Sun hits the ice crystals it forms a dazzling display of lights which dances in the sky known as the Aurora Borealis. The scientific explanation about the actual formation of this phenomenon is wrong. The Northern Lights appears in the sky because there is a "LIGHT SOURCE" which is coming from the center of the Earth. Without the small central sun; we will never see the northern lights (see the diagram below).

Yes, unlike what we've told scientifically; the Earth is not solid but rather it is completely hollow!  It is empty inside just like the ball of table tennis.  The crust/shell of the Earth is only 800 miles thick.  At the 400 miles is where the center of gravity is located, where most of the lava/magma is stored and not at the very center of the Earth. Just a few years ago during the last earthquake in the southern hemisphere; scientists in Australia had detected that the Earth could be hollow inside through and through its diameter as the Earth vibrates with a resonance like a 'gong' or a buddhist bell when the earth move from the earthquake.  And we know that a gong or a buddhist bell is a hollow object which when tapped from its surface produces a sound that vibrates allover its entirety.  The soundwave that is produced bounced back and forth on its interior because of its hollowed space.  The same thing happened with the Earth as detected by various scientist that Earth vibrate in a similar fashion.  This means the sound and vibration that was generated from one side of the Earth, its resonance can be felt on another side of the Earth.  This is again because of the natural composition of the Earth, as it is really hollow inside just like a metal Buddhists bell.

Not only the planet Earth is geometrically hollow but also all the planets in the Universe.  This includes all the planets in our solar system are all hollow, including the Sun and the moon.  All civilizations are residing inside the hollow interior space of their planet and not outside.  Our planet Earths surface civilization was an experiment managed by the Galactic Federation of Light.  Soon, they will be broadcasting news informing us about the conclusion of this experiment.  

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