Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mother/Father God Introduction - Part One

I thought I should write a short introduction about Mother/Father God to inform those who are wondering who they are and what they mean for the world.

Thought is the Creator God.  Just like water, light, fire and air there is an energy known as the "Source" who is the source of everything that ever existed.  Matter came into existence not because matter smashed with one another to create a new matter.  No, matter exist because it was thought about and intended and then expressed and the whole line of series of creation came into being both inanimate objects and materials into living things that were combined the materials and spirit.  A spirit can be likened to an electro-magnetic energy. This energy is the spirit that is not a material but a small part of the Source.  Every living thing contains a portion of the spark of the Source God.  The light that we see is literally based on that Source energy regardless of the material used to conduct light.  If you examine the geometric shape that appears when we look directly at a light source either when we use a camera lens or just plain view from of our eyes; we see the formation of the Hexagon shape.  This shape is like a vector math that can be scaled into a very tiny microscopic sizes or enlarge into cosmic size in an instant.  The hexagon which is a six sided shape has a centerpoint which is the starting point of the light energy source. And then protrude outwardly creating the hexagon shape, which is the essence of the spark of light or what other calls as lens flare. 

The same thing when you observe this energy source phenomenon in the form of water.  When water is affected by either heat or cold, a reaction takes place.  When heat is applied the water evaporates and becomes part of the air which is like oxidation.  But when the oxygen in the air is affected by cold temperature, it reacts and form ice crystals.  Majority of snow flakes when observe closely do have variety of shapes but has a standard form which is again the hexagon of six sided geometry.   It starts from the center and grows outward forming the hexagon snow flakes.  This principle is also can be observe on plants and animals where hexagon formation is standard.  What this means is life has a source and this SOURCE is GOD.  The goodnews is God is also a person but more than just a person as He/She is the sum of everything and everyone.  At the moment of creation the THOUGHT of the Creator God can DIRECT the shape of the spark from a centerpoint and fashion it in whatever expression He/She chooses to do.  And so everything that we see in all creation is a handiwork of the Great Creator as literally everything is an expression of intention of his creative and inventive mind.  

The very first persons that was created as a spark from the source (keep in mind a spark has a centerpoint of origin -growing outwardly into a being.)  The first woman and man that was made even before there was a Galaxy in voidness of space was the one we called as "Mother/Father God" a male and female.  Yes, they are the first people/couple that God (also known as the Prime Creator) ever created from his heart/thoughts that was expressed from the centerpoint of Gods heart.  This spark that became known as the Mother/Father God was the one that created the "Milky Way Galaxy".  They are also the first Twin Flame.

To be continued...........

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