Wednesday, January 29, 2014

President Obama's State of the Union Speech 2004

In my humble opinion, President Barack Obama is the most impressive President, America has ever had after President John F. Kennedy.  Just like JFK, he is the President unlike the others before him who is NOT afraid to do what is RIGHT for the world and his nation and people.  Unknown to the rest of the world this President is winning the fight against the worlds secret Elites evil activities.  This is the President that truly cares to his people.  He is the President that Americans should be proud of.

Based on the plan of the Galactics; President Obama will be the last President of America as we go through the final years of his administration and the REAL Republic of America is reset and restored.  The Galactics will award the continuance of his Presidency and leadership to lead the world to transition to the New Golden Age.  In time, the plan of the Galactics may or may not change.  But if it does, he will be succeeded after his tenure of office by someone who is like him. A person of the LIGHT, whose heart is for the care of the people and not war.  

Obama is the "Disclosure" President and it will happen during his administration period.  He will disclose what JFK was prevented from doing in which he will not only reveal the secret Space Force America have had for decades but will also tell the truth about the existence of extra terrestrials or ETs as well as the reality of Federation of Planets in this Galaxy.  And that Planet Earth will be the new 33rd member of the Galactic Federation of Light in this Milky Way Galaxy.  And he will be one of the President of this world that will welcome the Galactics to land En Masse on Earth.  

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