Saturday, February 15, 2014

Channel Panel - February 13, 2014

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Kathryn May's weekly Channel Panel
Co-Hosted by Anne DeHart

Participants in this Radio Show: Father God, St. Germain and Sananda (Jesus).
St. Germain discussed about twinflames and mentioned the truth that the Federal Reserve is already defunct and the IRS will be disbanded. NESARA implementation will be next in line.  The RV was being delayed by Big Banks who denied that the revaluations are true but in reality they were TRADING secretly with the new Contract and Market rates hidden from the knowledge of the people as they don't want people to enjoy the revalued rates.  In their greed, they were trapped by the new laws in place.  There will be a massive arrest of these big bankers from presidents, vice presidents, CEOs, managers who actually violated the new laws in which their transactions are tracked with the help of the Galactics. They thought they are untouchables and will not be caught but they are wrong and will be arrested. 

A plan was revealed by Father God which is to apply similar strategy to the people who are minions of the Dark.  They will send Masters to the body of these minions and will influence them to steer them in the right direction.  This will create an avalanche of INFORMATION of people who are in governments, large corporations and bankers who are minions of the Reptilians as they will be occupied by another being in their own bodies by powerful spiritual Masters.  They will help in making these people to reveal and admit the evil secrets they have been doing for decades.

Sananda (Jesus) also talked about his plans for creating a Sunday workshops gathering people online for a Fireside Chat.  

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