Friday, February 28, 2014

Channel Panel - February 27, 2014

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Kathryn May's Channel Panel radio Show

Participants: Mother God, St. Germain and Father God.

Manuel: Announcement was given that the currency revaluation has started. Next week will be the beginning of the release of the Prosperity Funds for everyone on Earth. Approximately it will follow shortly after the Banking Sector RESET. As they will SHUTDOWN next week the worldwide transactions of the current banking system to restart it afresh into a new asset backed currencies along with the new revalued foreign exchange rates. It is advisable to keep some funds with you while the system is rebooting or restarting as it may take a few days or ten days or so. They will cut/off line all the connections of the Cabal controlled banking system and make it free from corruption and manipulation.

I think it will synchronize with the United States Treasury as it will make a maiden printing of its asset backed new currency notes away from the defunct Federal Reserve who operated privately and independently from the legal government who for many decades printed FIAT dollars that are worthless paper. As this happens, then the Prosperity Funds will be released to the world including the NESARA.  A few days or so after all these then the ANNOUNCEMENT will be given about the presence of the Galactic Federation of Light who in the background have helped to make all these changes possible. Within 'Ten Days' the Galactics will land on Earth. Their sheer number far surpasses the human population on the surface of the Earth. The whole changes cannot be possible without their presence and assistance. They are cloaked encircling our planet. They will be coming - into what is called as the "Mass Landing".

The Galactics shall take over the Mass Media of the world. The worlds Mass Media is a well organized controlled mechanism by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and their minion Rupert Murdoch. They have been in the business of disinformation and keeping the worlds populace asleep from the truth and broadcasted nothing but cover up, lies, fabricated news in which they are the ones who architected the whole thing including crimes and even wars by making themselves innocent and put the blame on others. Their Mass Media is their number one tool for fear mongering purposes, insinuating and sensationalizing threats in which they are the mastermind of it as they are the financiers to these things. Which means, North Korea is part of their tactics to create artificial drama/threat as the government there is controlled by them.

The Dark Ones/Cabal are desperate to start a World WAR in order to regain their power and control back to themselves. As their efforts to start a world war in Syria and Iran did not materialize they funded the unrest in Ukraine by giving bribery to groups of people in order to draw Russia to a war with Europe and the U.S. But, with the DECREE from HEAVEN; that they are no longer allowed to do so. Their time is over. The Galactics is here to stop them from every evil move they will make. The Cabal already know that they are being watched closely by the entire Galaxy and beyond but they just don't care. All they care about is the continuance of their evil dark ways.

The Galactics are more powerful and more technologically advance than them as they are ahead by several thousands of years in knowledge and technology. All the wars in the world in the past were funded by the Dark Ones/Cabal for profit with a complete disregard for human life. Worldwide arrest of the Cabal shall take place. And with the coming worldwide broadcast of the Galactics; the dark secrets of the Kings and Queens of Europe including the owners of the Big banks there will be revealed.

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