Monday, February 17, 2014

Custom Made Weather

Dashing through the snow.  In a one horse open sleigh. O'er the fields we go. Laughing all the way.  Bells on bob tails ring. Making spirits bright. What fun it is to laugh and sing. A sleighing song tonight.

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells.  Jingle all the way.  Oh, what fun it is to ride.  In a one horse open sleigh.

The Christmas season is already gone, but the snow relentlessly continues to fall on the eastern part of the US.  It may have subsided a little bit a few days ago and people cant help but wonder how on Earth did the weather became weird these days.  A lot of Americans took samples of the snow as the word gets out that there is indeed something extremely weird about the snow that keeps on falling on their land.  This phenomenon is not unique in the US alone but also to a large part of Canada.

By the way, Snowden of course is not responsible for these snow being experienced in North America; instead the snow is brought to you by the courtesy of the Weather Manipulation Activity that is actually being done to the world for several decades.   The world does not know that there are group of people who have underground residential communities that controls the world, who owns the banks, mass media and the worlds largest corporations including some of the worlds governments.  

The snow that fell in America is of course artificial.  It appears as if it's a hybrid synthetic material.  

The real MOTIVE of the group of people who perpetrated this weird snow is to make the people of North America to suffer from a massive sicknesses, to somehow reduce the population so that it will be easily controllable and bring out their new pharmaceutical products that can partially heal the new disease/sickness that they have showered on people and earn profits from it. 

But the Galactics detected their secret plans and so they neutralize all the chemicals even before the airplanes dump them into the air and create artificial weather precipitating snow through Chemtrails.  Which means the intervention by our friends from on HIGH in the sky helped to remove the toxins out of those chemicals.  And so by the time it precipitated as snow, the intended problem had been removed. Which is why the snow is harmless but strange in its form. Yes, it's been the favorite hobby and activities of these group of people for so many decades to modify not just the food supply of the world but also the weather of the world.  Not just the Russians, Germans, Oriental people who noticed that the weather are being manipulated but also by the South American nations particularly Brazil.  Intelligence from South America were able to tap into the secret plan that these secret group of world manipulators who owns the big banks and largest corporations to bring "Destructive Storm" into the land of Brazil several years ago.   The storm that hit Brazil was a direct result of weather manipulation.  It really was artificial and intentional.  

The same group of people are the ones responsible for the Storm or Typhoon that hit Asia particularly the Philippines and China last year.  The airplanes are coming from the islands of Guam and Saipan (US Territories) which are very near the Philippines that are releasing the chemtrails into the sky of the Pacific which are custom made mixture of chemicals/toxins to artificially stimulate the atmosphere/sky to force it to produce weather disturbance such as storm and cause diseases. Along with some electronic instruments in the ocean and in the sky are the ingredients they commonly use to accomplish this INHUMANE weather manipulation activities that they have been doing for a long time.  In the Pacific ocean they have been doing this activity for decades.  As revealed by Father God - Zorra these people are the INCARNATES of the Annunakis.  They do not have any remorse into how much trouble and suffering/deaths they will cause to humanity.  All they care about is the ultimate control of people everywhere. They can make anywhere on Earth to either rain, snow or experience drought, extreme cold or heat, violent storms, etc.  

What should we do with these kinds of people?  It is time to be united and do something!  We should not allow this to continue forever.  You see, these group of people who are situated around the world but their main operation or headquarters are in the US and Europe, they are not invisible we can catch them from the evil games they are playing.  These recent snow that fell in North America is the "UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE", that this is no longer a conspiracy theory.  Everyone in the eastern part of the US have seen and felt the snow.  To get the evidence all they have to do is scoop some of those snow that are everywhere in their surroundings.  

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