Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Edward Snowden Interview

Recent Interview with Snowden by a German Television.  

Manuel:  Edward Snowden is one of the many Whistleblowers who is disclosing the secret wrongdoings of the Corporate Government of America called "The Washington D.C. Corp." owned by a private company based in Europe, massively collecting not just private data of companies but also from private civilians/citizens around the world through the use of their local subsidiaries such as the NSA.

The Snowden revelations demonstrate that this private corporate government have no sense of right and wrong.  The abbreviations D.C. stands for District of Columbia.  And it is connected to the some Reptilians from Orion who inhabited and came to the Italian lands way back during the time of the Grecian Empire.  The Reptilians first set an empire in Babylon then in Persia, after that is Greece and then the Roman Empire.  The world at large does not know that Reptilians infiltrated the Italians as well as much of the worlds society back in the ancient times who became rulers as well as bankers.  And thus, much of the worlds government today are still under the dominion by the Roman Empire.

Also unknown to the rest of the world - that since there are secret private corporations who manage the many governments of the world.  The American President is not the highest official in the Whitehouse.  He has superiors above him whom he have to take orders from these private corporations.  This is the reason why many things that was done by this corporations are done not because President Obama approves them but because he has no choice but to obey, just as all the other previous Presidents before him.  To mention some example:  the drones that kills scores of innocent civilians were originally ordered by them and the President just have to nod in agreement even though deep inside he knows it is not right and he's against it.  But lately, President Obama is fighting back, which is goodnews.  He is refusing to obey his superiors.  

Obama is a being of Light.  Although, at times the things that he did was contradictory; but rest assured he was just obeying orders. He is doing now what President Kennedy did in the past when he started to question the validity and the evil doings of these private corporations.  And this kind of situation in the government is also true for much of the world including the nations of Canada, Australia and many others.

Not just data they are collecting but also the taxes of the people of America because the taxes are unconstitutional.  The True Republic of America had been REPLACED SECRETLY long time ago by this private corporations who are connected with a group or network of companies around the world and is based primarily in Europe.  All of these taxes are gathered and sent to Europe to this private company.  And they are the founders of the DEBT BASED SYSTEM from the very beginning, in which in its core is actually slavery. There are now people around the world who are about to disclose the hundreds if not thousands of secrets of their own governments who are intricately controlled by an outsider corporations doing basically the same thing. 

Although, the Reptilians are all gone and forgiven but the remaining minions are nonetheless are still clinging faithfully to the teachings of their former masters.  There was a time especially back in the 90's when several Italian Priest actually saw 'Reptilians' walking in the Vatican, who have scales on their skin and have fangs!  But again, rest assured just like President Obama is a being of Light, the person inside the body of the Pope is also of the Light!  This goes to mean that the Forces of Light is fighting back against the forces of Darkness and is winning the battle!  Perhaps I will write a few revelations about the True Identity of President Obama and where his SOUL came from and the Great Master in the body of the Pope Francis in the future articles.  

May God the Prime Creator, as well as the Company of Heaven protect and ensure the safety of the people who will do these revelations to the world including Mr. Snowden; in shining a light, exposing the obscure reality in which it was tightly hidden from view through layers of lies and cover up, in a world filled with darkness.

The goodnews is, the people of the Light is gaining momentum allover the world.  Soon, Darkness will be overtaken by the Light!

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