Friday, February 7, 2014

Hollow Earths Special Call - February 4, 2014

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Hollow Earths Special Call - Requested by Father God.
Hosted by Anne DeHart and Jane Stevens

Present on this Radio Show: Zorra from Hollow Earth, St. Germain which is channeled by Dr. Kathryn May - explaining the major massive 'Sting Operation'. The Elites including some government officials were caught doing double or triple DIPPING to the gravy sauce of financial matters and in the process violating some rules and regulations. And because of that a lot of the rich elite people who did this are liable for arrest.  Some of them even managed to transfer their funds to Swiss banks, as they thought they will not be tracked down.

In this conference call, it was emphasized and reiterated once again the words and warning of the Prime Creator declaring that "IT IS DONE" referring to the Global Currency Reset and Revaluation.  And if there are groups of people who are going against this declaration who are either delaying it or taking the funds selfishly for themselves shall have to face the consequences.  The Prime Creator is the Most High God that was mentioned in the bible.  He is the "Source" known to all the Masters and He was the ONE who issued the warning.

The Great Creator God is a loving God and can forgive anyone who relent from the error of their ways, but for those Elites who have been given sufficient time to change and enough amount of patience, kindness and grace by the Creator and still continue in their defiance to do good things and would not stop from being greedy and selfish, then they will have to face the consequences of their actions.  This is a serious matter as it involves their eternity.  Those who persist in doing evil things will be transferred to another planet and those who are extremely bad, who have no remorse whatsoever shall be sent to the Central Sun of the Galaxy where they will be dissolved as though they never existed, meaning both their bodies and soul shall be gone for eternity.

We better take heed to the warnings of the Most High God - The Creator.


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