Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jason Liosatos in London interviewed Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes is once again interviewed, this time by Jason Liosatos of Outside the Box.  Excellent information being shared by Karen regarding the history of the gold held by the Federal Reserve who issued bonds to several countries from Europe to the Far East in exchange for their gold supply. This is one of the reason why there should be a GCR and currency revaluation because for several decades the US Dollar have been artificially pushed into high rates and printed enormous amount of dollars even when it does not have gold reserves to support its operation because much of the gold in its reserves are not from them but from other countries - into what Karen says as Global Collateral Accounts. The GCR must happen and the currency revaluation in order to fairly reflect the real value of the worlds currency based on the real assets and the nations GDP and industrial productivity output and not from "FIAT" printing of currencies.  Based on the Basel III agreement that the worlds currencies should be assets backed by precious metals (silver, gold etc).

Part One

Part Two

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