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Hollow Earth Networks Saturday Radio Show - March 1, 2014

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Comment from Manuel:  Father God and the Prime Creator gave messages that are very enlightening, eye-opening as well as surprising.

They once again reiterated the coming Event which is the Mass Landing of the Galactics.  Along with it, is the reset of the global finances.  It appears that the "Best Universal School" called 'Earth' has finally reach it conclusion.  Graduation has arrived.  We were all not just here to bring light to a dark world but also to learn, experience and most importantly for "Soul Development" purposes.  Not only the system of this world will change and have a reset but also the physical planet as well including its inhabitants.  The Earth will be Teraformed to bring it back to its pristine state as it was way back when it was not corrupted and polluted by mankind.  This means, all man made objects, structures, roads and cities will be dissolved.

But before all this will start all of the Earths population including the animals will be relocated either inside the Hollow Earth, Inner Earth or the orbiting spaceships.  The combined make up of the worlds population came from various star systems.  We were all sent here to wear a physical, biological, living garment called "Human Body" also known as the Creators Race.  Which consists of various designs such as black (negro), white, yellow, brown and etc.  But the basic premise are all the same in terms of construction and etc.  which make up the human race.  This human body is not the REAL us, inside of this body is the real you and me.  A something like a spirit/etheric form that powers the body; which acts like an engine and fuel source of the physical body.  A removal of the spirit can mean the body will die.  Just like a car will not function without an engine and fuel. But the soul/spirit is IMMORTAL for we are part of God, each and everyone of us.

From various regions of the Galaxy including from far away Galaxy sent in their people who volunteered to undergo a learning experience called "Soul Development" and helped in the restoration of the planet from the darkness it has gone into by bringing light into the fallen world.  The Soul Development Project on Earth is officially OVER!  The development of souls continues on other world.  But the Earth was a special designated place in that this is a place that can Fast Track and accelerate the process of growth and learning of every individuals involved.

This is why billions and billions of soul came here from allover the universe to partake of the soul development (this reflect the current population of the Earth), to take on the greatest challenge of living in a very dense lower dimensional world having a physical body known as the Creators Race which is an experimental biological entity that combines some of the physical traits of various beings in this Galaxy and beyond; to live in a world where the basic premise of the society is GOVERNED by Darkness of Non-Loving attitudes/systems and philosophies.  It was a great challenge because unlike from their own worlds; on Earth the prevailing, culture and systems of life are based not on love, but that of selfishness, greed and etc. led by the Cabal and their minions where darkness reign everywhere.

Soul Development qualifies every individual to upgrade or what is called "Evolution".  This is a special GRANT that God will give to those individuals who advanced in their soul development as they mature from their learning and experiences as their CONSCIOUSNESS are further improved.  This means a graduating soul will qualify for a higher dimensional entry.  Yes, we move on from one dimension to another based on the development that we take.  Some advance faster and some are slow.  It varies from person to person. The evolution gives the individual the right to move on to another dimension while retaining access to the previous dimension in which they came from because they are able to keep the former physical body in which they inhabit and then obtain a NEW BODY that can glide and operate into the new and higher dimension.  Going to Higher dimension means the privilege as well as the divine capabilities of those evolving individuals will advance as well.  Meaning as you move to higher dimension you will get new capabilities you did not have before from your previous dimension and etc.

Soul Development therefore is the GAUGE to measure whether an individual deserves to move on to a higher dimension or not.  The move from the present dimension into a higher dimension is called an "Ascension".  As I said Earth is special than any other place in the Universe in that it makes the soul development a lot faster.  However, the Soul Development Department on Earth is done and nearing completion.  Therefore graduation has arrived.   Large Motherships from various star systems are now moving into closer to Earths orbit.  There will be a Mass Landing ten days or so after the Global Reset takes place.  As they land here, they will first conduct healing ministries for everyone on Earth as they will try to heal all kinds of sickness and diseases as well as remove the technological implants that was given by the Dark ones/Cabal through injections/vaccinations, food that we eat, water that we drink as it contains all kinds of their invented ways to make the people suffer from various sicknesses and a way to further control the populace.

Each and everyone of us will meet our own mentor from the stars who will come to make us remember who we truly are and where we came from.  And once all of these are done.  Then, the Teraforming of the Earth shall commence.  Some of us will earn recognition as the heroes who persistently forge the light into a dark world.  While others will have to be transferred to another world where they can continue their own development.

And so the future of this planet is already divinely written.  As said by Jesus/Sananda in the bible: "Immediately after the Tribulation of those days, then the SIGN of the Son of Man shall appear in the sky and stars will fall from the sky".  That Sign is the New Jerusalem City of God, a mothership in which we thought was the planet Venus were in fact a mothership which was stationed there in front of Venus since time in memorial.  If I remember correctly, this mothership is about 2,000 miles in length and 1,000 miles in width. The New Jerusalem also appeared in Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Jesus and that baby Jesus was then occupied by a Great Master called Sananda Kumara from Venus but originally from Arcturus.  This Mothership along with all the other ships from allover the Galaxy and beyond will grace the atmosphere and land on Earth.  The star that will fall from the sky as mentioned in the scripture are all spaceships.

An actual photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in the early 1990's  of the New Jerusalem.  After the adjustment and the repair work being done at the time to the Hubble, the first images that appeared on its lenses was the picture of the New Jerusalem.  They aligned the mothership and the telescope in order to get a glimpse of the New Jerusalem.  

A few days after the Global Reset then we shall hear an announcement given by no other than Sananda himself.  And will announce that the Soul Development project on Earth is officially DONE and introduce the arrival of the Galactic Federation of Light!  After ten days or so Spaceships will come to Earth and after some mentoring time given to the populace they will then pick up their own incarnates that they sent here long time ago.   And that is everyone of us on Earth.  We are not from Earth, we all came from somewhere else in the cosmos.  In other words, we are all E.T.s!  And the time of Gathering has come.  Then there will be GRAND CELEBRATIONS in the streets of the world!

Eventually, once we are returned to the world we originally came from.  We can then come back to Earth for a visit.  By that time, the Earth will become the Universal Gathering place to meet all kinds of people who studied on this beautiful planet Earth.  As we learned from various lessons on Earth, we will then brush those dark ways of the past aside and forge friendship, cooperation, harmony, love, joy and peace here and throughout the cosmos.

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