Sunday, April 13, 2014

Daily Meditation to raise vibrations and build up energy toward the Event

Manuel: To help in bringing out the coming ascension and the arrival or landing of the Galactics.  Here are some Meditations that are recommended by Sananda and the company of Heaven that we can use to meditate upon everyday.

First of our daily meditation:

"I envision our beautiful Blue Planet, Mother Earth, shining in the Light of the Great Central Sun. We give thanks to our Creator and the entire Company of Heaven for the blessings of prosperity and peace which have been created for us to enjoy in this New Golden Age."

Second of our daily meditation:

"I give thanks for the all life-affirming experiences I have encountered in this life regardless of how challenging it felt.  I give thanks to all people who came into my life who raised my consciousness.  I give thank to the celestial realm for the love, support and guidance they provide.”

Third of our daily meditation:

"I AM in complete alignment with my Higher Self, my soul, and with the loving and serene source, Prime Creator.  I AM the creation in his/her image and I carry within me the qualities of my Creator -harmony, wisdom, peace, joy, creativity, compassion, forgiveness, purity and love! I AM that I AM! So be it"

Fourth of our daily meditation:

"I live in Faith; I live in Love.  I am one with All That Is.  I stand in the Light as a child of the universe, the embodiment of my Creator.  This brief life is the gift I am given to experience myself in Love.  I reach for Love in all my thoughts, feelings and actions. I accept the gift of Love I am given.  And so, I AM LOVE."

Fifth of our daily meditation:

Repeat this mantra 3 times every hour.  This will raise your vibration to create harmony within and without.  As you speak this mantra you will create the reality of your ascension:

"All of my Thoughts,  All of my Feelings,  All of my Words,  All of my Actions are in complete alignment with my Ascension."

Sixth of our daily meditation:

"Now is the time to LIVE the vibration of the fifth dimension.  Mother Earth has achieved her Ascension.  She is showing us the way as the nourishing mother she has always been.  Let yourself be lifted out of duality to achieve the completion of our Great Plan."

Seventh of our daily meditation:

"I fill my heart with the Infinite Love of Prime Creator.  I AM a child of the Universe. Now I AM the pure expression of loving kindness and compassion.  I AM gifted to see the loving pulse of lifein everything my eyes rest upon, as God sees the loving pulse in me. This is my Ascension."

Eighth of our daily meditation:

This is a mantra that will help you align with All That Is and bring you Peace.  Feel the warmth in your heart as you are seen, heard and loved.  Repeat this mantra 3 times every hour.

"Creator I know you hear me, that I AM heard, so I may hear and listen to others.
Creator I know you see me, that I am seen, so I may see clearly the one in front of me.
Creator I know you love me unconditionally, that I am loved, so I can love unconditionally myself and others. 

Creator because YOU hear, see and love me I know all is well in my world and all is well in our world."

Ninth of our daily meditation:

"Envision the celebration of your Ascension - the grand finale. Feel the accomplishment, the culmination of lifetimes of conscious loving effort.  You made it! Visualise and feel the joy!  Picture who is with you, hear the music you are dancing to, see the friends surrounding you.You are a shining light. God is your friend embracing you.  This is why we came."

Tenth of our daily meditations:

Twin Flame

The time is being shortened
Our days apart grow less
Cross time and space I call to you
Come fill this emptiness
With your sweet caress
You are my destiny

I long to have you hold me
To feel your warm embrace
To taste your kiss upon my lips
Trace the contours of your face
Sweet surrender totally

The You of You and Me of Me

I’ve known you for a thousand years
And countless more as well
We’ve lived and loved and faced our fears
Known both heaven and the hell
What more is there to tell
Of such a love that so compels
The two of us as One

Born of God twin flames are we
Conceived, ignited in His heart
One breath, one soul, one love
Forevermore, eternally

-   Maitreya

Eleventh of our daily meditations:

Love is a state of being, from within to without.  It is the greatest force in the universe.  Love is a choice as much as it is a feeling or a decision.  I command to live in Love every moment.  When I act from a place of Love I create with great power.  Use the Language of love in the beginning of every thought and sentence you express.  Use Love in every action you take." 

Twelfth of our daily meditations:

It is now the moment for surrender.  In the fifth dimension there is no time, therefore no planning.  There is only manifesting your dreams with the energy of your heartmind, in the glorious flow of life.  Large events require many heartminds working together.  This is what we are doing to create new Earth.   I now join my love with others; I expand my mind and expect to be astonished as the bigger picture unfolds.  The love, the faith and the hope I am sending now to the collective comes back tenfold.  We are the World, we are One.

Thirteenth of our daily meditations:

"I am the responsible steward of my thoughts.  What I dwell on I bring to myself.  I choose to live free, to release worries and fear, and to create my own well-being. In the powerfully  uplifting energies of the coming full moon, lunar eclipse and Cardinal Grand Cross, I join with the energy of God consciousness.  I respect and nurture others and embrace Love.  It is the science and frequency of God.  It is the path of Ascension."

Fourteenth of our daily meditations:

"Here behind the veil I have no conscious memory of my past lives, but in my heart I remember.  I remember Sananda and our deep connection. I remember my pledge to Mother Earth and to all humankind, my beloved brothers and sisters.  We pledged long ago to overcome all adversity, to rise together to fulfil our destiny of love.  We call that destiny Ascension.I have accomplishedmy mission.  Now I am ready to reunite with my beloved family in higher dimensions."

Sananda’s Meditation

Now, everyone, breathe deeply. Deeply, deeply. Breathe into the deepest place in your heart, further than you’ve ever been before. Breathe into the secret room in your heart, where the connection to your soul is. And there you connect All That Is. Feel the depth of that connection. Once you forge that, in your heart, it can never be broken. And once you forge that connection, you know that you can never be alone, and you can never die. You go on, as does everyone else. All of us, together, create All That Is.

Now breathe deeply. Feel that place in your heart, where there is no boundary, there is no barrier, there is no separation. When you go to that place, you feel the electromagnetic energy, of all those beings around you, of all the beings that have ever lived, of all the consciousness in the Universe today, this moment. All consciousness, past, future, present. And through it all, the great loving energy of Prime Creator. In that state, you are God, you are Love, you are Light. Feel the depth of that connection.

Breathe deeply. Send that Love that you feel in your heart down into the Earth. Connect, deeply, right into the center of your dear Mother Earth, that is your anchor, that will steady and maintain you always. And now upward, through your crown chakra, reach, up through the Pillar of Light, up through all the layers of all the dimensions, to our great Creator. There is no barrier, no disconnection, you are always connected, able to experience, able to feel our Creator, to absorb pure Love that is so nurturing, so comforting, so peaceful. In this state, beloved ones, you can create anything.
And now use that power, feel the passion of your heart, the will that you experience in your solar plexus, hmm, unnamed feeling, “I Can,” “I Am”.

And now combine that, with the thoughts, the images, the dreams, that are your fondest wish. Lightworkers always say, “I wish for world peace.” It was not possible in past lifetimes; it is possible now, because everything has changed. It was not possible for us to create world peace, out of this deep place, we were not able to manifest it before; we can now.
And so envision, there in that deep place in your heart, envision the entire planet, at peace, where every brother embraces every other brother, every sister smiles on every brother and sister and child; where Prime Creator’s energy imbues and enriches every encounter, every thought, every action. See it, see the peace and camaraderie, and see every table laden with the most glorious fruits and vegetables, flowers, the Elixir of Life for everyone.

Picture it, no person on the planet will go hungry, every single being will feel the protection they need, whether it be a forest for the squirrel, a lovely house for a human family, a field of beautiful grass for a horse or a cow, a blue sky for a bird; all will feel nurtured and protected.
This vision, beloved ones, you must create every day. And when you do, the vibration of planet Earth will rise. The more of you do it, the more it will rise, until we create a crescendo of joy that will ripple around the globe without obstruction, without end. Hold that in your mind, hold it there always. And so it shall be. 

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