Sunday, April 27, 2014

Divine Intervention

Manuel:  I'm reposting this from HENs website as the content is very important for public awareness.

Col. Potter and the militia leader, even though they were extremely exhausted when they did this video, they were still able to express their intense feelings and insights about how they suddenly realized how they had been tricked and set up by the local sheriff, Gillespie. And how they “felt the presence of God” that had protected them from acting in such a way that would have caused the exact outcome that the cabal had planned for them to do, of firing their weapons at the small group of BLM agents that were standing in the area below them. Even one bullet fired at them would have caused the gas tanks in the vehicles parked beside them to blow up and the agents would have been killed instantly from the explosions.

The militia was not planning to do this, of just indiscriminately firing at the agents, unless they were fired at first, only to defend themselves. But what neither the several hundred militia members, or the small group of BLM agents knew at the time, was that there were several government black op snipers hidden in secret locations (with silencers on their guns), planning to fire at the BLM agents. This would have been officially, publically blamed, of course, upon the militia, and their deaths were planned to be the excuse that the cabal wanted, to have then sent in the military to massacre the Bundy family and kill as many militia members as they could. This was to also have been the excuse to force official “martial law” upon the entire U.S. and start to arrest and round up all “extremist domestic terrorists” like the militias, and anyone else who believed in defending themselves and upholding the 2nd Amendment. At least this was their PLAN. And as the old saying goes, “there’s plans….and then there’s life.”

But it wasn’t just the more “normal” guns that these black ops were planning to use, in order to “guarantee”—or so they thought, of blaming the deaths of the BLM agents upon the militia. For they were also using, in conjunction with their normal guns, some kind of “exotic”, psychotronic weapons system, that once it is pointed at their target, or in the general area of their target, in this case, the militia, they would suddenly start “acting out of character”, in very violent and paranoid emotional ways, and they would also start firing their weapons as well.

But, our “Friends Upstairs”, the Galactics, have also been given much more recent mandated authority to Divinely Intervene, to stop any and all plans and agendas of the cabal, especially where loss of life and the loss of our freedoms are concerned. And they waited right up until the hidden snipers started firing their weapons at the BLM agents and militia.

One could imagine their sudden surprise and total disbelief, when as they pulled the trigger, which were aimed at the BLM agents (and the gasoline tanks of the vehicles beside them) by the cross hairs of their scopes on them, to discover that no matter how many times they pulled the trigger, their guns would not work. And then to their even greater surprise, as they then observed a number of militia members start to suddenly walk straight to where they were hidden from sight. They continued to attempt to then fire their guns at the militia members who were walking straight toward them, but to no avail. The fully armed militia members all walked up to each of the hidden snipers and calmly pointed their own guns at them and firmly told them to get up out of their hiding place and to go with them back to where the larger group of agents happened to be. These snipers, being too shocked at what had just occurred, of none of their weapons even being able to work, just meekly got up and allowed the militia to take them back to where their main encampment was, and they dropped them off and turned and returned peacefully back to where their fellow militiamen were.

Col. Potter and the militia leader, in this video, despite them both being extremely exhausted from not having had much sleep, still were able to convey how they had suddenly “felt the strong presence of God” over them.

One of the things that Col. Potter also shared on this video, was that all of a sudden, in the midst of these events, as they suddenly “felt the strong presence of God” over them, they observed a whole swarm of Canadian geese fly overhead. What was significant to them and the Bundy family, was that they had never seen Canadian geese ever flying over that area of the country before. But it was not just this point that made this incident so “unusual”. As the geese suddenly flew overhead, they were also flying in a prefect “V” formation, and that after they had flown over this way, they actually came back more than once and repeated this same formation, as this was, in fact, some significant “sign” that they were all supposed to see.

Ashtar told me that there were definitely several cloaked Light ships hovering right overhead, who were “Spiritually Overshadowing” all of the militia, which to the men on the ground, who did not know this, but they did feel very strongly this Higher Spiritual presence of the Light ship, and just interpretted it in a more orthodox religious sense, of “feeling the presence of God”. And Ashtar confirmed, also, that they had telepathically guided those Canadian geese to fly many miles way out of their way, to purposely put on that little “V for Victory” sign, for Freedom and of the upcoming “Victory of the Light”, as the people of Earth are freed up from the forces of the cabal.

Thank God our Galactic Friends Divinely Intervened to “head off at the pass” the corrupt federal government and their evil plans.


Note from Anne:
We have been told many times, by our Galactics, that they are not here to "do it all for us."  They are leaving some parts up to US to do!  WE have to assume our own responsibility for bringing this planet "to rights" as well. 

Here is Michael's and Laura's suggestion:

I wanted to share something that my girlfriend and I are very excited about, which will help to cause this overreaching of the cabal’s control upon us all, to be stopped and turned around by “we the people”, as was intended for the citizens to participate directly with the lawful constitutional process, and force Accountability back upon all “public servants”, from the corrupt judges, police and anyone else who has broken their Oath of office.

This has to do with what is shared in the other forwarded email, about Laura and I just signed up to become members of the numerous citizen’s Common Law Grand Juries that are in the process of being formed all over the 3000 counties in the U.S., and already 136 counties have signed up in recent months to form these citizen Common Law Grand Juries. Check out the organization, National Liberty Alliance, at:

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