Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mass Landing and Ascension April 2014

Starting from April 15, 2014 (Lunar Eclipse) and onwards will mark the transition point when the Galactics (Celestials), Company of Heaven and God himself will openly intervene in behalf of Humanity and the planet Earth.  There will be a major “Announcement” to be made by Galactics headed by Ashtar, Jesus Sananda and others.  All electronic communication device that we use on Earth shall receive the announcement message.  They will take over and override the broadcasting of all news networks on Earth.  They will then inform us about the real history of the Earth and that most of us humans are from the stars from various parts of the Galaxy and beyond.  Landings will take place within 5 to 10 days after the announcement. They will come down and mingle with us and will help and assist us improve on some aspects of our lifestyle and way of life on the surface of the Earth.  Once they land they can make all manmade weapons that we have on Earth to become inert or will not function.  They will help us heal our incurable diseases.  They will give us gifts of technologies that will alter the way we power our homes.  Free energy devices will be given and distributed to everyone for free which will free us from the dependence on fossil fuels. 

Rest assured that this is not an invasion, not at all!  Instead, they will be here because they care and want to help us from the problems we have on Earth.  In addition to that they will be here to help usher the Promised Prosperity that will be showered as a blessing for all mankind.  They are the long lost brothers and sisters of humanity.  In other words, all of us on Earth are not really native to Earth we are all aliens and that all of us regardless of our race came from elsewhere in the Universe. Let us therefore welcome them with open arms as the era of war, lack, darkness is officially OVER! The Day of the New Golden Age has arrived.  It actually already started back in January 20 of this year as mentioned by the Prime Creator but because the company of Heaven were willing to give some time for the Dark Forces to change their minds, and so divine patience was given to them.  But now their time is up. 

I encourage everyone to remain calm when the Galactics will start to be seen in our skies in full view of everybody, for the beings that will land on Earth are beings of LOVE and LIGHT.  Aside from the announcements it will also be the start of the First Wave of ascension amongst those who are ready to ascend to the higher dimension.  After the ascension of the first batch they will choose to come back and help their fellow man in understanding the process of ascension so that they may ascend as well.

This is indeed will be an era of total change and worldwide celebrations.   We will be reunited to the long lost relatives of humanity from the stars.  Exciting times ahead of us.  Thanks be to our God and Creator and to all the members of  the Company of Heaven especially to Our Mother/Father God.