Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jesus Sananda: The Energy Grid That Supported Darkness is Gone, Today


Something fantastic is happening right now.

Everything you thought was real is shifting, evolving, changing.  We are protecting you in new ways.  The first step has been to send higher dimensional beings to Earth as walk-ins to lift the vibration of all Cabal members.  You are going to see the Dark Hats suddenly changing their tune, and they will be as surprised by it as you will be.

Think of it!  It is a wonderful plan, a reverse play on what the Reptilians did for generations on Earth, subduing and sickening the brightest Lightworkers by inhabiting their bodies.  We are doing the same, with the goal of en-lightening the darkest of those who were brainwashed and controlled by the dark thought-forms which linger from the thousands of years of mind control.  All this will be defeated by the presence of the Light beings who are joining us this very day.  The evidence will reveal itself as the days pass.

A new era of reconciliation and joyful cooperation has already begun.  You have seen the trading partnership which Russia and China have newly established.  This has been presented in the U.S (by the cabal media, of course) as a threat and a disaster.  It is not true.  Although the petrodollar will lose its grip on world trade, and the U.S. dollar will indeed drop in value, it will create a new freedom from the Cabal control of the financial markets and world trade.  This is a good thing, and will unfold to allow great freedom of movement and trade throughout the world.

It truly is a time of reconciliation and movement toward new systems, new methods, new ways.  Humankind is very flexible, capable of changing direction quickly.  You can look back at old movies and be amazed at the level of dichotomy you can feel, between men and women, black and white, socially powerful and powerless.  Look how quickly things have changed in the last 60 years.  It will change now at warp speed compared to what you have seen before.

You will notice how quickly the incidences of unrest and violence disappear, and how quickly everyone is able to shift their consciousness into higher level thinking, acclimating to the new atmosphere of harmony, trust and cooperation.

Yes, many of you have been compromised at times by interference from the Dark Ones.  They can be destructive, obstructionist, and sometimes dangerous.  It is their purpose to defeat you, our beloved Lightworkers, because their purpose is to defeat God.  As you know, that is not just an impossible pipedream.  It is just plain silly.  Nothing can win over the power of Light.  The entire Universe is designed, by architecture and intent, to preserve and increase Light.

It is as silly to always bet against "the House" in this card game as it would be in Reno.  The Dark Ones have tried over the ages to infiltrate, to co-opt our members through abduction, implantation or physical illness.  They have discovered over and over (but never believed the obvious) that you can torture, maim and kill, but you cannot do away with a soul - especially one that has lived many eons in service to God.  The soul may be seemingly subdued for a time as it works to heal and sustain the body, but the soul itself goes on.   So, you see, no matter how difficult the life, no matter how troublesome the conditions, the soul cannot be defeated.

You, Beloved Ones, are now on the forefront of creating the New Golden Age.  You are establishing the feeling tone, the social conditions, even the beginnings of the new governance.  As you go through your days, interacting with one another, you are laying the groundwork for what is to come for others.  You understand deeply how to preserve your own peace of mind and the peace of others.  You are working out ways to understand and express the meaning of freedom, justice, and equality.

We are constantly impressed and gratified to see the creativity with which you carve out new pathways.  You are original and unique, and you hew to the path of Oneness at the same time.  This is new ground for all of you - something you harbored in your heart, tried to shape into reality in your minds, but there was no template, no present day experience to rely upon, and yet you feel your way with confidence and joy.  It is wonderful to behold the way you nudge and comfort each other simultaneously.  You have become such Masters of communication, even with the limits of your language and your electronic aids.

Continue, dear brothers and sisters.  Keep going.  You are forging new pathways, as you celebrate your newfound closeness and Love.  You are not afraid to express that love, regardless of the circumstances.  Strangers, partners, new friends or old companions, you build the bridge of affection and understanding.  We admire your courage and your light-heartedness.  This combination of simply forging ahead regardless of the challenges, regardless of the requirements being new and unfamiliar, and your joy at the prospect of creating anew is a precious human quality.

This quality alone - the ability to be explorers, adventurers and leaders while maintaining your heart deep and abiding connections - is the essence of why humankind was created to be the leaders of the New Golden Age.

You have "cut your teeth" on millions of years of unending challenges, and here you are, seasoned warriors of the Light, bearers of the flag of God under which we all sail.  We celebrate now, throughout the Cosmos, for it is truly a new day.  All is evolving, changing daily on the surface of Mother Terra.  Soon the waves of change will be acknowledged across the land.  You can feel it creeping day by day toward real change, real recognition that things have indeed changed!

When the law enforcement people begin to realize that they have little to do but rescue kittens and lost children, record fender-benders, and help old people carry their parcels; when teachers begin to see their children for the angels they really are; when the soldiers all come home to the loving embrace of their families, it will then dawn on everyone that the world is no longer what they thought it was.  It is coming, Beloved Ones, it is here.

Your blessings will be bestowed upon you with great joy, and when you receive the economic blessings, it will be without worry for its being stolen or taxed or in any way interfered with.  You will find newfound freedom with these gifts, since many of the terrible traumas you have suffered will be easily resolved when you have the means to take the needed action.  Now, let me explain how we envision this transition.

You live still within the conditions which were created by the Cabal, where everything depends upon money, because money represented power.  You, my dear friends, are the new power because you are going to be wealthy.  You will have the means to pay for the help you need legally, for instance, to overturn the travesties of justice which have imprisoned political prisoners and innocent bystanders, because it has been obvious to all that money can buy you freedom.  So, buy your freedom, in any form you see fit, and do the same for your loved ones and fellow humans.

This will be the transition time, when all the rules which were established by the Cabal will be used to overturn the very rules which enslaved you.  You will be the ones who "beat them at their own game," so to speak.  Yes, it sounds a bit conniving, doesn't it?  You must learn to recalibrate your thinking.  The rules of the game which the Dark Ones established are not sacred, neither are you like them if you play within the framework of their established practices for the time being.  It is simply a necessary part of the shift, that those who see the corruption and greed should defeat it by coming out on top, thereby changing the game.

Many of you developed the mentality that you must remain outside the system, suffering terribly in the process, in order to remain "pure."  It served a purpose; you kept the fire alive by refusing to be co-opted by the system.  We admire those courageous ones who have offered themselves to be arrested, to even be imprisoned for a principle.  It was a necessary step in keeping the hope alive, but it will no longer be necessary to pay with your lives to preserve freedom.

We have given you the means to create a bridge to a new life.  Money in the hands of Lightworkers in great numbers is a completely new phenomenon.  Do not underestimate the power you will have when you organize now.  Your political system in the United States has been completely overtaken by the back-room money handlers who simply elect the people who are most willing to be bought and who will cooperate in their schemes to gain power on all fronts.  The protective screen of corporations and banks, and the power to write laws to protect themselves is the system they have used to rake in billions of dollars and use it to promote their own agenda.

It is not a complicated system, really.  They have designed complex systems of book-keeping and subterfuge to hide their actions, but the whole matrix was built on the simple idea that once money could be used to regulate every area of life - food, shelter, transportation, energy, medical care, education, entertainment, and everything else you can name in your "civilized world," the game was fixed.  Now it will be your work to unfix the game, dismantle their power, and gain freedom for all humankind.

Your first act of storming the Citadel will be to either buy out or turn your backs on every form of graft, inequality, extortion or blackmail-backed system in existence.  If you don't like the educational system in your town, create a new one. If the police force is brutal and arrogant, stop the flow of money to it and create your own neighborhood crew to help and assist rather than "police" your streets.  This will now be possible because of the dismantling of all weaponry.  The dangers you have faced in the past will no longer exist.

The possibilities are unlimited.  If you don't like the government, form a new one, along with the intelligent and dedicated souls who have already began to form your new Constitution-based governments.  When money is no object, and no one can buy out your dream from under your noses, the resistance will drop away.

There is yet more good news.  As this message is being written, a new world is beginning.  The energy grid around the planet that supported and protected the Forces of Darkness has been dissolved.  No soulless or heartless being will be allowed to continue in their devious work.  All will now be given "walk-in" souls to lift and humanize them.  No more will assassins and ruthless abusers be allowed to exist, walking freely among you.  All will be reconfigured, because humankind has now reconfigured the rules by which life on Earth will be governed.

I send you my blessings and my endless Love, Dear Ones.  You are heroes, all, and now you will be free to act on your Love, your inspiration, and your feelings of Oneness.  It is truly a new day, and we are here weeping tears of joy for your triumphs.

I am your Sananda, your brother, in Love and Light.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, May 26, 2014, 10 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sananda: Life is ONE


This morning we gave an image to Kathryn in her morning meditation which we want her to describe to you here and on her radio show. I will ask her to describe what she saw, and then we will give you the piece of the information that you can apply for yourselves.

I saw the Earth, beautiful in her blue, green and brown coloring, a few white clouds like a shawl draped here and there around her. She revolved, as she does, and I felt her presence, her lively consciousness. As she turned, I saw souls ascending to a place somewhere above but not separate from her. These souls, however, were each deeply connected to me - I felt such a magnetic attraction to them.

My heart filled with joy as I recognized our great love for one another. They are my family! my great friends, my One. We joined with one another, forming an organic whole, like a flower with many petals. In fact the picture that came to me was like a rose that had dropped its petals, and now the petals were rising up, rejoining the flower and forming a new rose, as I watched. But I was not just watching. I was a petal rejoining my flower, and I felt such overwhelming joy, it was like relief, happiness, enormous pleasure, LOVE!

I was aware that I was rejoining my 64 friends who had known each other forever. We shared everything - memory, feeling, experience. I felt the number 64. I was being told we are all coming, every one. We will all be together again as the One we have known for so long. The feeling of joy is indescribable.

I was also aware that this vision is to be shared, and that each soul has their own "64" family, their own unique collection of beings who will rejoin in overwhelming joy as we all ascend to higher dimensions, but for each of us, the feeling was: At this moment, I only have eyes for my own flower recreating itself. WE belong together. WE are One.

Then, as my flower is complete, a flower of souls, hugging each other so closely we become one organic whole, I am aware of an even greater joy. My self, my flower, are immersed in the energy which joins all flowers together. We are an enormous bouquet, but it has no single form, like a vase full of roses. It is an energy form, ebbing and flowing, moving, alive. I am aware of my deep love for Terra, her mountains and oceans and sky, and the reaches of outer space, endless Universes, wrapped comfortably around us, an integral part of our feeling of comfort and relief at being reunited with our true essence.

Ahhhh....YES....We are ONE! but this ONE is a feeling, an experience, a sense of knowing, pleasure, belonging. We are home.


Yes, this is the vision we shared with Kathryn as she greeted us in her morning meditation. It is what all of you will experience in your own Ascension. This is what you have to look forward to, Beloved Ones.

Every soul is a unique being, and at the same time a part of a larger whole, and a larger whole, each level of belonging exquisitely felt, simultaneously and separately at the same time. It is as if you are swimming in a glorious lake, and with each stroke you feel the gentle currents, temperature changes, now warmer, now cooler, all interesting and pleasurable, all a part of the lake which is you, your ongoing experience of life.

You see, there are no words to adequately describe the feelings of Joy, Happiness, Harmony and Love we feel for each other and for you. We can only offer you these images, painted with words, to express what life truly is, when you raise your consciousness beyond what Peter Olson has described on his www.ManyOfOne.com website and radio shows: This experience on Planet Earth in a human form is 1% of who you are. This is a very important 1%, but nevertheless, it is a tiny part of the whole.

It is now the time, Beloveds, to acknowledge the 99% of you which is your connection to All That Is. Use your intuitive abilities, your Faith and your greater sense of knowing - those resources of your HeartMind - to feel your way back to your connection to LOVE. Feel yourself swimming in the energy which contains/expresses/creates LOVE.

Find the quiet place in your heart. Focus on being present, quiet, the essence of Harmony which synchronizes you - your 1% - with your 99% which is embedded, swimming in the energy of Harmony and beyond that, LOVE. This is our natural environment, the culture in which we grew to our present state of consciousness. The more you align your present 1% with your Higher Self, the more you will feel the serenity and joy Kathryn described above. The petals here on the surface are the 1% of your soul which is returning to higher dimensions to merge with the flower of life which is you, and which then merges with the family of souls who are your soul mates and fellow travelers. In turn, your soul family is a part of the teeming life in the Universe.

With this image held gently in your heart, how could you ever feel alone or abandoned? We are here with you always, guiding and raising you up, as you complete this present mission. The path you have taken has led you invariably to where you are now, closer every moment to the completion of the Dream of all humankind, which is to ascend together to the 5th dimension.

As you ponder these thoughts and feelings, be aware that what you are feeling is Truth. You need no philosophy, no arduous work with formulas and figures. You only need to go to the small, quiet place in your heart where you can connect with directly with your SoulMind in the center of your brain, and from there to All That Is. It is the simple, essential design which makes it possible for humankind to create reality with the force of our thoughts and feelings, even as you live moment by moment.

Yes, Beloved Ones, you are indeed made in the image of your Creator. You have the power to create, and to raise your Planet Earth and all its inhabitants to a higher vibration. You can do this by raising your own vibration, for our interconnectedness means that all are One. All humankind will feel the effect of your movement to a higher plane.

There is another important element of Creation which it is helpful to understand. Here on Planet Earth, we created the elements of Time, the landscape which suggests finite space, and the experience of duality. By duality, we mean many things, because it expresses itself in many ways. We experience up and down, light and dark, in addition to high and low feelings, light and dark moods, hope and despair, unity and separateness. These are the differences we will leave behind when we rise to higher dimensions where there is no war because there is no experience of separateness or competition or alienation. There is no hatred because there is no sense of you-opposed-to-me, or have and have not.

There is no better or worse, no higher or lower, no separation one from another in the higher realms. So, you see how utterly different this experience is from all the rest of existence? It is a rather brilliant design, in terms of the ability to experience something you could not find elsewhere in the Universe. Is it any wonder there was a great lineup of souls who would have liked to join you here on the surface of Planet Earth for this last, glorious moment before all is lifted into higher dimensions?

It is difficult, even arduous at times, yes, but it is an invaluable process by which all of us have learned to appreciate our own strengths, hold closely the precious love of our soul partners, and treasure the exquisite sensations of life as a 3-dimensional being. Even more importantly, it is the process we asked for, with the understanding that it is an honor and a gift to be here. This is the time of triumph, of celebration and joy, because we have succeeded, Dear Ones. We have lived the ascension of humankind, one soul at a time, and all together.

We are now at the portal which will carry us all to the Dream we created together. Planet Earth - Terra, as she calls herself - will join her soul family in higher dimensions, for she is a petal in the flower of life as you are, as all planets, stars and galaxies are.

Use these last days, Beloved Ones, to savor the experiences you are living now. It does not matter if that experience includes life in a tiny hut or a palace, old age or new birth, alone or with others. Enjoy the breath you take at this moment. Feel the breeze on your skin, the taste of your own being. You will take this with you, and you will grow from every moment you have lived fully. Your Higher Soul rejoices in your awakening, for it means you are expanding as a being, and that is the destiny of all conscious beings.

Rejoice, my beloved friends, we are on the verge of the New Day we have envisioned for millions of years. This is our moment.

I love you beyond words. I am here with you, our hearts joined as One.
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 14, 2014, 2 PM, New York

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Portia, May 14, 2014, 4PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.