Tuesday, May 27, 2014


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Zorra gives comprehensive healing pulse - Planetary vibration now at 5.6. Do you know what this means? - People finding their small arms no longer function! - Fighter planes' arms, all countries, don't work - from Prime Creator as of today - No more wars! Peace! - Constellations appearing in "wrong" part of the sky; what does this mean??? It means our solar system is relocating! - How Nature assists with our Ascension - Twin Flames no longer on New Jerusalem; they are here on surface locating their Other Halves! - Getting Mother/Father God's help - Expectant mother: "Why would soul choose to be born now?" - Loved one in prison 30 years for crime he did not commit - Mer people talked about on TV - Giving birth in body of water - Chemtrails? Japan radiation? - Honey bees coming back! - How to purify food/beverage with hands - Surface campaign with business cards, movie ads - Adama's ships part of "Peek-a-boo!" - Daylight sightings, how to respond.

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