Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sananda: Life is ONE


This morning we gave an image to Kathryn in her morning meditation which we want her to describe to you here and on her radio show. I will ask her to describe what she saw, and then we will give you the piece of the information that you can apply for yourselves.

I saw the Earth, beautiful in her blue, green and brown coloring, a few white clouds like a shawl draped here and there around her. She revolved, as she does, and I felt her presence, her lively consciousness. As she turned, I saw souls ascending to a place somewhere above but not separate from her. These souls, however, were each deeply connected to me - I felt such a magnetic attraction to them.

My heart filled with joy as I recognized our great love for one another. They are my family! my great friends, my One. We joined with one another, forming an organic whole, like a flower with many petals. In fact the picture that came to me was like a rose that had dropped its petals, and now the petals were rising up, rejoining the flower and forming a new rose, as I watched. But I was not just watching. I was a petal rejoining my flower, and I felt such overwhelming joy, it was like relief, happiness, enormous pleasure, LOVE!

I was aware that I was rejoining my 64 friends who had known each other forever. We shared everything - memory, feeling, experience. I felt the number 64. I was being told we are all coming, every one. We will all be together again as the One we have known for so long. The feeling of joy is indescribable.

I was also aware that this vision is to be shared, and that each soul has their own "64" family, their own unique collection of beings who will rejoin in overwhelming joy as we all ascend to higher dimensions, but for each of us, the feeling was: At this moment, I only have eyes for my own flower recreating itself. WE belong together. WE are One.

Then, as my flower is complete, a flower of souls, hugging each other so closely we become one organic whole, I am aware of an even greater joy. My self, my flower, are immersed in the energy which joins all flowers together. We are an enormous bouquet, but it has no single form, like a vase full of roses. It is an energy form, ebbing and flowing, moving, alive. I am aware of my deep love for Terra, her mountains and oceans and sky, and the reaches of outer space, endless Universes, wrapped comfortably around us, an integral part of our feeling of comfort and relief at being reunited with our true essence.

Ahhhh....YES....We are ONE! but this ONE is a feeling, an experience, a sense of knowing, pleasure, belonging. We are home.


Yes, this is the vision we shared with Kathryn as she greeted us in her morning meditation. It is what all of you will experience in your own Ascension. This is what you have to look forward to, Beloved Ones.

Every soul is a unique being, and at the same time a part of a larger whole, and a larger whole, each level of belonging exquisitely felt, simultaneously and separately at the same time. It is as if you are swimming in a glorious lake, and with each stroke you feel the gentle currents, temperature changes, now warmer, now cooler, all interesting and pleasurable, all a part of the lake which is you, your ongoing experience of life.

You see, there are no words to adequately describe the feelings of Joy, Happiness, Harmony and Love we feel for each other and for you. We can only offer you these images, painted with words, to express what life truly is, when you raise your consciousness beyond what Peter Olson has described on his website and radio shows: This experience on Planet Earth in a human form is 1% of who you are. This is a very important 1%, but nevertheless, it is a tiny part of the whole.

It is now the time, Beloveds, to acknowledge the 99% of you which is your connection to All That Is. Use your intuitive abilities, your Faith and your greater sense of knowing - those resources of your HeartMind - to feel your way back to your connection to LOVE. Feel yourself swimming in the energy which contains/expresses/creates LOVE.

Find the quiet place in your heart. Focus on being present, quiet, the essence of Harmony which synchronizes you - your 1% - with your 99% which is embedded, swimming in the energy of Harmony and beyond that, LOVE. This is our natural environment, the culture in which we grew to our present state of consciousness. The more you align your present 1% with your Higher Self, the more you will feel the serenity and joy Kathryn described above. The petals here on the surface are the 1% of your soul which is returning to higher dimensions to merge with the flower of life which is you, and which then merges with the family of souls who are your soul mates and fellow travelers. In turn, your soul family is a part of the teeming life in the Universe.

With this image held gently in your heart, how could you ever feel alone or abandoned? We are here with you always, guiding and raising you up, as you complete this present mission. The path you have taken has led you invariably to where you are now, closer every moment to the completion of the Dream of all humankind, which is to ascend together to the 5th dimension.

As you ponder these thoughts and feelings, be aware that what you are feeling is Truth. You need no philosophy, no arduous work with formulas and figures. You only need to go to the small, quiet place in your heart where you can connect with directly with your SoulMind in the center of your brain, and from there to All That Is. It is the simple, essential design which makes it possible for humankind to create reality with the force of our thoughts and feelings, even as you live moment by moment.

Yes, Beloved Ones, you are indeed made in the image of your Creator. You have the power to create, and to raise your Planet Earth and all its inhabitants to a higher vibration. You can do this by raising your own vibration, for our interconnectedness means that all are One. All humankind will feel the effect of your movement to a higher plane.

There is another important element of Creation which it is helpful to understand. Here on Planet Earth, we created the elements of Time, the landscape which suggests finite space, and the experience of duality. By duality, we mean many things, because it expresses itself in many ways. We experience up and down, light and dark, in addition to high and low feelings, light and dark moods, hope and despair, unity and separateness. These are the differences we will leave behind when we rise to higher dimensions where there is no war because there is no experience of separateness or competition or alienation. There is no hatred because there is no sense of you-opposed-to-me, or have and have not.

There is no better or worse, no higher or lower, no separation one from another in the higher realms. So, you see how utterly different this experience is from all the rest of existence? It is a rather brilliant design, in terms of the ability to experience something you could not find elsewhere in the Universe. Is it any wonder there was a great lineup of souls who would have liked to join you here on the surface of Planet Earth for this last, glorious moment before all is lifted into higher dimensions?

It is difficult, even arduous at times, yes, but it is an invaluable process by which all of us have learned to appreciate our own strengths, hold closely the precious love of our soul partners, and treasure the exquisite sensations of life as a 3-dimensional being. Even more importantly, it is the process we asked for, with the understanding that it is an honor and a gift to be here. This is the time of triumph, of celebration and joy, because we have succeeded, Dear Ones. We have lived the ascension of humankind, one soul at a time, and all together.

We are now at the portal which will carry us all to the Dream we created together. Planet Earth - Terra, as she calls herself - will join her soul family in higher dimensions, for she is a petal in the flower of life as you are, as all planets, stars and galaxies are.

Use these last days, Beloved Ones, to savor the experiences you are living now. It does not matter if that experience includes life in a tiny hut or a palace, old age or new birth, alone or with others. Enjoy the breath you take at this moment. Feel the breeze on your skin, the taste of your own being. You will take this with you, and you will grow from every moment you have lived fully. Your Higher Soul rejoices in your awakening, for it means you are expanding as a being, and that is the destiny of all conscious beings.

Rejoice, my beloved friends, we are on the verge of the New Day we have envisioned for millions of years. This is our moment.

I love you beyond words. I am here with you, our hearts joined as One.
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 14, 2014, 2 PM, New York

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Portia, May 14, 2014, 4PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

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