Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hollow Earth Radio Show - July 26, 2014



(New Jerusalem is a Mothership that is stationed infront of planet Venus.  Recently, this ship is on the move and it is getting closer to Earth. NJ Motherhip is much older than Jerusalem in the Middle East. The NJ Mothership is about 2000 miles in length and 1000 miles in width).  If this is hovering just above either Australia or the USA it can be seen from East coast to West coast.

From Manuel:  According to Father God also known as Zorra that President Obama will announce the RV/GCR and other issues right inside the New Jerusalem Mothership which is right now cloaked in High Orbit near the Earth.  It will be like the Airforce ONE and the Oval Office transported inside the NJ Mothership!  I encourage everyone to listen to this call, just click the play button.  Exciting times ahead!

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

What an extraordinary call! Zaraya gave so much NEW information about the history of Atlantis/Lemuria and the civilizations now living within our planet! We met Larry Hurst who lives near Mt Shasta/Telos and heard of his extraordinary experiences, as well as receiving his direct channeled message from High Priest of Telos, ADAMA! Zorra tells of meetings now going on on The New Jerusalem ... Summit Meetings ... Obama, Iraq, Switzerland, Moscow, India! Discussing GCR. Our movement into the Milky Way Galaxy and 24-hours of of sunlight for twelve days! "People on the surface will be "freaking out." - What government says about the Sun energy? "Poppy-cock! They are using this ploy to explain blackouts caused by their activity!" ("They are listining!") Saryya: Many are doing what must be done now, for self and others ... do NOT observe lower density illusion! Zorra: Learn about Telos from - order her books direct! The trees TELL real history. Why Obama did not make his announcement, and now he WILL... from The New Jerusalem! The importance of us speaking to others and what to say. Order HEN business cards. Galactics tightening their orbit, decloaking for cameras. DON'T LISTEN to media propaganda! It weakens your focus! What to DO! The large underground crystal moved from Iceland to Israel/Palistine border bringing peace. How we can help. What to do to get your RV.

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