Saturday, August 2, 2014

About RV by E. Jacque John

I just want to give a crash course on the RV, especially for those who don’t know what it is, why it’s here and its significance for us as Lightworkers. If there is a portion I may be somewhat off on please feel more than free to add to this.

RV stands for Revaluation of currency. In short, it has been a process used for centuries by the Cabal in order to make money to keep their cupboards full and launder their dirty money to make it clean. How is that? They create a situation to instigate war which devastates a country – one with much sought after assets—fund both sides of the war, causing the country to become bankrupt.

The bankrupt country then becomes a member of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and an insolvent corporation because of the high interest they will have to pay back (this is the fate of all 198? Members/ victims of the Elite). Once the bankruptcy process is complete (10 years), their currency gets revalued and put back in circulation. Normally the Elite are the only ones to know about this and rack in the dough secretly. REMEMBER KUWAIT.

This is precisely what the plan was for Iraq, however this time there was a major glitch in the process. The Company of Heaven said enough is enough. No more Elite control over the world. Thanks to our beloved Galactics the general public and many lightworkers were alerted to partake of the “cheddar”. Even though Iraq’s bankruptcy process was completed the summer of 2013 the process has been delayed and drawn out because the Elite have been in denial that the end is come from them (until recently).

They have tried numerous times to try to figure out a way of excluding the general public and even tried to develop means to electronically siphon the money once the general public get the go ahead to exchange at the banks. But our dear St. Germain backed by the Galactic Federation has thwarted their plans every step of the way (see archives of calls or the current messages under and Sheldan Nidle’s PAO newsletters).

Realize how monumental this is AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT of earth’s history. We must understand what this means for all of humanity: the end of corporate enslavement, limited consciousness, and no longer being subjected to the 3-D manipulations of lack. It is the end of the Cabal. Thanks to the cooperation of the collective consciousness of Lightworkers and the Company of Heaven we have jumped timelines of destruction and New World Order into the Golden Age.

If there is one lesson to learn throughout our lifetime it is that we should never underestimate the Company of Heaven or even try to predict the manner in which events and timelines are fulfilled. We have to remember to keep our minds open and constantly expanding. The process is simple yet intricate, especially when Free Will is involved which is ultimately respected and protected by our heavenly host (unlike the former landlords of planet earth). Our Galactic family has assured us that NOTHING will interfere with the ushering in of the Golden Age which has already taken place in Heaven and to be bound on Earth.

The RV is just the beginning of this momentous occasion, the Golden Age. It is to precede the prosperity packages, the Global Currency Reset (which has nothing to do with the New World Order), NESARA, and St. Germain Trust (all precious metal backed, not like the fiat money we have today). Even the funds of the RV are precious metal-backed. I hope this helps those who are new or not quite sure what the RV is and explain what the hype is all about. Lightworkers being involved is not by accident, it is by Divine design. We have a work to do to transform the machinations of the 3-D world, targeting corporations, educational institutions, media, governments, politics, and restoring our ecosystem. This is why Ascension is so important and maintaining high vibrations.

This is not a fairytale, this is really happening. Do not despair or be overtaken with impatience at the process. Collectively we are bringing the RV rapidly into play through meditation and using the Divine rays and Violet Flame to transmute all lower vibrations of fear, greed, limitation for the entire world as many times a day as possible. So DREAM BIG, for the highest good of all! New Earth is our goal with prosperity and peace for all. This is to be shared, not hoarded. It is to be used to dismantle all institutions that do not promote “prosperity for the highest good of all”. It is to change us from living in survival mode to the life we were always meant to live, giving, sharing, and exploring. Imagine what life will be when there is more than enough abundance for all and hold on to that feeling. The Universe is backing us. And finally Love conquers all. Namaste! - EJJ

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