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From the Office of Poofness: September 25, 2014

ZAP Says:

Hi all,

As of today, all global funds have been released for various payments of bonds, currencies, and trades. The F&P (Stephen: fines and penalties) and PP (Stephen: prosperity packages) are now getting to the point of reality and are also said to be released (but I do not know this for a fact yet).

The funds releases have impacted us greatly as we have received notice from the paymasters involved to prepare for receipt of funds early next week. I would assume starting October 1, 2014.
All this coincides with the finalization of the big meetings and the meetings being held at the UN this week.

Since the new Bretton Woods meetings, the new treaties and agreements now in place, the amelioration of the new systems, and the reduction of the idiots that would rape and pillage, we seem to be poised rather well for the new beginning.

I have heard that we are about a week away from things busting loose from many sources today, as there seems to be a great excitement building in the proper places. As always, I cannot say too much yet, but we are on the verge, and the pigs will be doing their job. I intend to have a bit of fun with some parsnips this coming weekend, and make a bit of veggie soup.

See you then, and again, thanks for all your wonderful support and your prayers.
In love and light in our service


September 25, 2014
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