Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hollow Earth Radio Show - September 20, 2014

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Words from Hollow Earth Network:

Zaraya told of his brother and sister in Hollow Earth and what they are doing with their lives. Zorra addressed fear, and how to manage it. Zorra's mate, Saryya joined (through Quazar) and reminded us of "the call" and how eager we were to come to the only planet with life existing on the outside surface! "What an adventure!" - The recent video ... showing our "2nd sun." - We learned about the Sirian ship, five times larger than our planet, parked (and hiding) in front of the sun. Are there MORE?? - Zorra told about Nibiru... is it destructive? - When can we look for Disclosure? - Listeners were ASKED a question, and had to answer before asking their own question. - We're getting personal mentors?? Where from??? - How will we know when we are in the Photon Belt? - What religions support these teachings? - Origin of Cherokee race? - How to make a spiritual headband. - Could we be tired and headachy because our intestines need cleaning???

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